Paris for a day!

We are now on board our last flight and sitting on the tarmac awaiting our departure for Johannesburg! We are a sleep deprived bunch now pushing almost 48 hours without any sleep but doing great after a fun day killing time on our 15 hour layover in Paris. Read More

The Journey Has Begun!

Our team of 21 has embarked on our journey and have safely made it into the air out of the snowy streets and skies of Winnipeg. We are currently at 30,000 feet headed towards Minneapolis before connecting to Paris and then on to Johannesburg. There is much flying and travels ahead that will eventually land us into Swaziland on Saturday.

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Swaziteam 2018!

Introducing your 2018 Swazi Team….21 + 4! Twenty-one Riverwooders will head off for two weeks of visiting with the children at our carepoints and will be joined by Todd & his weekend team to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our partnership with Enaleni Church and participate in the ordination of Precious!


We had a brilliant safari experience! It has been the first time we have seen Leopards in the 9 years we have been travelling. So cool! Our team has had a great couple of days as we have experienced some amazing sites and stayed in a beautiful place right on the game drive watching the Read More

Until next time Enaleni….

As we drove home from the carepoint today with the realization that this was our last day, we all shared the same emotion. We can’t believe it is over already. In some ways it seems unreasonable to think that we have shared so many experiences, so many emotions, and felt so many deep connections Read More