Pure, genuine, untarnished happiness.

Today was a spectacular day. A day that we feel was marked by a form of happiness that seemed so pure, genuine and untarnished. We had two main events today and it feels like there is so much to tell! Read More

A Day Fit For a Princess!

Today was one that our female team members have anticipated for some time! We had two goals: first of all to shower love and attention on the girls; giving them the message that they are highly valued and deeply loved! Our second goal was simple….keep the boys away from the party. Both goals were accomplished today! Read More

Flowers, tractors & the greatest kind of gift.

It may sound like this blog is getting rediculously repetitive but we have had yet another extraordinary day filled again with a flurry of emotions. We were back for our second day at the Enaleni carepoint and had such an incredible time connecting with the kids today. Read More

A day marked by joy.

We had a remarkable day at Bhobokazi today. It was marked by joy & laughter. It was a day in which we saw the spirit of the care point in such a vibrant way that even those who have never been feel like they have a history with it after a single day. Read More

Hearts that are full & bursting.

It becomes a daunting task to attempt to put down in words the experiences of a day like today. There are so many emotions we have experienced in a day and each one of them could take a page to express. From the very first steps taken onto carepoint soil Read More