A few years ago Riverwood connected with Children’s Hope Chest, a child-sponsorship ministry based in Colorado, and was partnered with a care point and a rural church called Enaleni in Swaziland.

Beginning in 2008 and expanding in 2009 when Riverwood sent our first team to Swaziland, this partnership has resulted in many different building projects and a growing number of children being sponsored. In 2009 Riverwood introduced themselves to a second care point called Bhobhokazi.

Today, Riverwood sponsors more then 200 children at Enaleni and Bhobhokazi. We continue to deepen our friendship and partnership with Pastor Peter & Precious Langa who pastor Enaleni.

This blog documents the journey of our Riverwood SwaziTeam, a group that travels to Swaziland each year to continue the work we are doing.