10 Year Celebration!

Hello back home! What a remarkable day….just amazing and remarkable. At present we are all madly trying to get ready to leave at 5AM tomorrow morning and time is compressed….we will share our reflections on what has been an incredible day celebrating 10 years of relationship with Enaleni, Pastor Peter and Precious and joining in with her ordination. We are so grateful for this day.

For now…here are a couple of team members reflections on this final day as we prepare to make our journey back home.


As one of the Weekend Warriors I knew that I had signed up for a bit of a crazy trip. Four days of travelling for four days in Africa, with our friends in Eswatini. I was extremely tired when we arrived on Friday having had very little sleep. But from the moment we arrived at Bhobokazi, I was re-energized by the team and especially the children.

Pastor Todd asked us Weekend Warriors today if we felt it was worth coming for such a short time. I can honestly say that many of my experiences here in Eswatini with our care points on their own were well worth the trip. Combined, as a whole the experience has been incredible and beyond worth it.

The highlight today was the church service and 10 year anniversary celebration at Enaleni. I am one who normally starts to check the clock after worshipping for an hour or more. Today the service was over 3 hours and could have been longer. It was an amazing experience and was so inspiring to see the spirit and energy of everyone there, especially from the extremely well behaved group of children, the choirs and the youth. Pastor Todd’s message was emotional, inspiring, and bang on. He managed to sum up the story of our friendship with the folks at the care points, the journey to get where we are today, the love and faithfulness of the Lord and inspiration to continue this amazing journey.

We are lucky to have inspiring leaders like Todd, Jon and Carolyn who, along with Peter and Precious lead us all in this awesome journey. I could go on about more events, more experiences and more life changing moments from this experience but Jon does not want too much homework proof reading. Take care and remember that if you ever felt that you would like to go on this trip with the church to Eswatini, it begins with taking the first step through faith in God, into the river of impossibility. We are truly blessed! – Dave


Today at Enaleni Pastor Todd spoke about Joshua and the Israelites crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. As they stood at the edge of this mighty river, crossing seemed like an impossibility. But God had promised to see them through. Pastor Todd reminded us that even when we are facing an impossible task, God has not abandoned us. He sees us.

Last year leading up to my time in eSwatini I learned that the common greeting “sawubona” means “do you see me?” and the other person responds with Yebo (yes – yes, I see you). That was very meaningful to me as I got to know the kids at the carepoints – each team that comes brings treats and games and facilitates a big party day, but these are all just things. At the end of the day, the goal is simply to make each child at each of our carepoints feels like they were seen. Above all else I hope that we can leave these kids with the knowledge that someone is thinking of them, and praying for them, and loving them from the other side of the ocean. The rest is just details.

So today as I sat in this vibrant, energetic service amongst so many people, Pastor Todd reminded me that God sees me. This trip is a whirlwind of activity, but today in the midst of it all God took the time to remind me that He sees me. I have had the honour of meeting and working alongside so many amazing people that I have so much respect for, but despite how little I may feel I have to contribute, God sees me. – Kelly

5 thoughts on “10 Year Celebration!

  1. Deep Blessings…. thank you all for giving it all, allowing yourselves to be poured out and touched so deeply…. praying an adjustment cushion to the shock of transitioning to 2nd world, and 1st world, never mind Western Culture. Thanks to the care points, and Peter and Precious for letting us into your worlds and years of hard work, tears, trials, and sacred moments. Praying body and heart peace, safe travels.

  2. “Safe travels” home !…Thanks for being “an example” to us… of what serving others should be like… (So good to see Carolyn looking like she is healthy again)

  3. I’m sure there are all sorts of mixed emotions as you said your goodbyes. Praying that you will be able to relax and reflect as you take in the breath taking wilds of Kruger before heading home. Praying for safety and smooth transitions as you return from an incredible experience. Carolyn continuing to pray that you are feeling better!
    Thanks again Carolyn and Jon for leading!

  4. Oh Dolores! I am so eager to hear more of your experiences, and I am delighted to see every happy beaming face in this photo. Way to go team!

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