Swaziteam 2018!

Introducing your 2018 Swazi Team….21 + 4! Twenty-one Riverwooders will head off for two weeks of visiting with the children at our carepoints and will be joined by Todd & his weekend team to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our partnership with Enaleni Church and participate in the ordination of Precious!

8 thoughts on “Swaziteam 2018!

  1. I will be praying and sending long notes… Like ones to rival Zach 🙂 I know that you all will be changed by this experience and I’m so sad I can not be with you this.

  2. Hey Swazi team 2018 … I appreciate very much that you are all sacrificing money and time to visit our ‘sister’ communities in Swaziland. No doubt that you will be a noticeable blessing to the people you meet. (and they to you)
    So, continue to boldly draw close to God (snuggle up to Him), relax, keep your eyes open and just be you. Then, cool things will more easily happen —- for sure!. I pray for a wonderfully inspiring and encouraging time for you all. God bless you all … and don’t be nervous about eating ‘smiling eggs’ — if these happen to turn up at your accommodations. 🙂

  3. Hey Swazi team, I am pretty excited for you all and will be cheering for your good. Whether you feel it all the time or not — you were allowed and chosen by God to go on this trip. This is cool because all you have to do — is walk close to God and be yourself. He will take care of the rest. God bless you all. And, p.s. — don’t be nervous to eat the smiling eggs. 🙂

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