All packed up and ready to go!

We met for our final time as a team before boarding the airplane together. What an air of excitement in the air. Twenty-two of our Riverwood family ready to hit the air and make our way back to connect with our family at Enaleni & Bhobokazi. We have been praying a ton and preparing ourselves for this coming two weeks for many months.
Now, we have 27 duffle bags loaded to the brim and full of all of the care packages, dresses, soccer jerseys and many other supplies we are bringing with us for nearly 300 children that are represented at the care points. How inspiring to see all of the time & love that has gone into preparing the care package for the children we sponsor!

Something we can also celebrate is that we got word from Delta, the airline we are flying with, that they have waived the fees for the extra bags we will need to bring. This will save us more than $1500 in cargo. Thanks Delta!!

At this points, I imagine that most of us are busy scrambling to pack our own suitcases, run last minute errands, and double check our lists before meeting at the airport tomorrow morning. We can’t wait!

Jon, Carolyn & the 2017 Swaziteam!

10 thoughts on “All packed up and ready to go!

  1. God bless you folks. Have a great flight and a great time. If you see my child. Lulimile. At enalin please take a picture or 12 for me.

  2. So good to see all your faces! I celebrate each one of you as you embark on an amazing journey together.

    Lord, I lift up my friends, and church family members and ask that You would prepare their way ahead of them, bringing them together in unity, forging them into a team, and powerfully impacting those around them with Your Love.

    Lord with every package that is delivered, every baby held, every Gogo helped – please bring Hope. May Love flow freely from you to the people through the leading of Your Holy Spirit – may my friends walk in obedience as they serve with their whole hearts. Lord, show Your power, and write Your stories! We delight in Your great works, and are grateful to be a part of the stories You are writing.

    Teach us Lord, and protect each of Your people from the enemy who would discourage, distract, and divide. I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen..

  3. Hello Swazi 2017 Team!
    I am so excited for all of you. I know God is going to (well already is), going to do incredible things in each of you!

    Looking forward to the posts!
    Sure miss Swaziland!

  4. We Pray each and everyone has an amazing experience to feel Gods love and to share with each of your sponsored child or each soul you touch. May you have peace safety and happiness in your journey wherever it may take you. We pray for your safety and happiness to bring back stories of adventure for generations to rejoice in. May God Bless the team that shows its love and kindness to all Safe travels and safe return for all.

  5. SWAZITEAM 2017 have a great time!! My heart aches to be with you, but it was not the Lords timing for me. So please keep the pics and posts coming. I will be waiting patiently for them.😀 Enjoy your time and take the time to just absorb as much as possible. The lord has and continues to bless the people in and involved with Swaziland care points.
    Gods grace wisdom and strength be with you all.

  6. So excited for you all! Looking forward to the updates and pictures!
    May the Lord bless each one of you, as you Yourselves, bless the children , make’s, gogo’s & D-team.

  7. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news, proclaim peace, bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation and who say our God reigns”. It is unbelieveble how many precious feet are bringing that good news to these lovely people in Africa. God bless all of you richly for your time, love and sacrifice!

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