An intimate safari experience.

Well….we could not have scripted a better ending to our experience.  We seriously feel so fortunate to have had the final day of winding down and enjoying a pretty incredible safari experience.  Our team enjoyed a spectacular game drive seeing elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, crocodiles, baboons, monkeys….aaaaand seeing a bit too much of the lions.  We had a pretty remarkable experience with a few lions and they put on a show for our team….let’s just say spring is in the air 🙂   At one point we were within 5 feet of the lions staring straight at us through and open to the air jeep.  Some of our team were a bit nervous 🙂

img_6371We then had a chance to enjoy supper overlooking the Kruger river, a swim in the pool, and getting caught in a torrential downpour and lightning show.  It was a well deserved wind-down by a team that has invested a lot.  We thought we’d share a few highlight photos of our drive.

We said goodbye to a couple of our team members in Johannesburg as they headed out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and our team now finds itself awaiting our final flight back to Winnipeg in the Toronto airport. img_6375We are a tired bunch….but head home with our hearts so full & with a sense that we have become fmily over these past couple of weeks.  We are grateful to God that he has gifted us with the last couple of days and a smooth journey home thus far.  Hopefully we will be on Winnipeg soil in a few hours giving our families giant hugs at the bottom of the escalator!


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