Unpacked & ready to go!


It is so great to be back on Swaziland soil again! We all carry a sense of gratitude to finally be here…and our sore bodies are grateful to stretch out and have the prospect of a flat & horizontal bed tonight!

Our travels from Frankfurt went about as smooth as they possibly could. It sounds like most of us were able to get some sleep during the 10 hour flight to Johannesburg. After collecting all our bags (yes ALL of them showed up at the airport hooray!) we boarded the bus and took the five hour road trip into Swaziland.

Our bus was filled with the sounds of laughter, snoring, & conversations of re-united friendship with the team here in Swaziland. For those that hadn’t been before, there was a sense of wonder and excitement about finally discovering what this country looks like.

After a bit of delay on the road, an off-road detour with two buses and trailers to get around, and a bit of a longer boarder crossing, we arrived at our guest house around 6PM or so. This is our first time staying here and it is actually a team guest house that the Swaziland ministry now runs. It is amazing! Feels like home the moment you walk in and best of all, the program here is using it to continue their dream of developing and training the children at our care points. It is now staffed by previous care point attenders that are old enough to work and providing income and job training to them. Very cool to see that stuff happening!

We had a delicious supper, had our team orientation with the Swazi staff here gettingswmonday-1 us ready for our days ahead, and then spent the rest of the evening unpacking, sorting, and checking on all our cargo to make sure everything survived.  We also had a wee bit of excitement as one of the ladies came running out of her bedroom with a defined shriek…turns out one of these lovely critters was in her covers!  How fun :

One by one our team members disappeared to their rooms to crash for the night….and now the room is quiet….just me and the soft glow of the screen remain. Proud of this crew already. They are ready to serve at every corner, optimistic, & watching out for one another.

Tomorrow we will open our hearts up to Enaleni and can’t wait to be with our friends once again there. Thanks for the support, the prayers & the encouraging messages that are coming in. We love having you along with us!

Good night from Swaziland!

Jon & the team.

10 thoughts on “Unpacked & ready to go!

  1. I’m so glad that everyone made it safe and sound. The team guest house looks amazing. Go out and share your hearts with all the people of Swaziland. You are making us proud.

  2. So excited for you all! Give lots of hugs from us back here at Riverwood! Pace yourselves, eat, drink lots of water and rest. We will be praying for you all.

  3. Team! You made it! As you read this you’ll have finished your first day at Enaleni. I’m sure it was full of emotions. Don’t those kids just steal your heart? Adam, I hope being reunited with Busi was awesome 🙂 As you all rest from a long day I pray that you get a good night’s rest and have some time to soak in everything you’ve experienced. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure!


  4. So glad that you all made it safe and sound and had a good trip. May the Lord use you in many ways and may He give back to you in many ways as well. What a blessing to have you there giving from you hearts on behalf of Riverwood. Will be praying.

  5. I am so full of anticipation!!! I can’t wait to see the pics and read about how the Lord works through and with you all there. I just love seeing the smiling Dow sisters. You are just gonna rock this! Praying for all of you. I can’t believe how hard it is waiting for an update on the blog…do they have a guard dog at this place Jon?

  6. Hey Team! So great to hear you all made it there safe, healthy…but i’m sure exhausted! You are all sleeping right now…and know that even as you sleep…we’re praying for you and your mission! Personally, i thank God for calling each of you to serve…and to stoke up Riverwood’s love, connection and friendship with the precious people at Enaleni and Bhobhokazi! Thanks for daring to obey God’s nudge! There is no doubt that it will cost you…(serving the Lord always does)…but may He give you all you need to serve well! i love your ‘grit’! You have passion…and i pray that you discover perseverance you never even knew possible! We’re cheering you on and can’t wait to hear all your stories over then next couple of weeks! – t

  7. Sorry Jon i was wondering the same thing as Leigh about the dog. Now thats way too funny, Yes Jon boy i am rolling all over in laughter. Glad to hear that you all got there safe and sound including all of the bags ( Brenda) and luggage. Praying for a super natural peace that surpasses all understanding for ya all. I can only imagine the joy and happiness on those precious faces of Enaleni, on top of maybe a few sad moments also for some of their staff members and you guys our awesome 2016 team members. Jon did you honestly have to plant that extra special guest in Carolyn’s bed? I told you last time to behave, hopefully you will listen soon. You are starting to act a lot like me out there. Eish. Brenda, i seen you hiding behind Carolyn, don’t be camera shy now. May and Agnes, i am so proud of you 2 doing this journey again and really look forward to seeing you both in more shots. Play hard, love outrageous and rest well ya all. Love, thoughts and prayers.

  8. Day one on the field is nearly over. You’ve all planned and prayed for weeks for this … trusting your experience was amazing as you served these sweet friends in Swazi. Thinking of you often and praying when we do.
    Looked up the weather there …. raining …. here too! Hang in though, Thursday promises to be 27C and sunny!
    (Missing FaceTime Rachel!)
    D/L Ingels

  9. Good reading, and the love and bonding shows everywhere. Bryan, quite a piece about your response to housing and praying for families…felt the emotion.

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