Planes, Trains & Boats.


We made it to Germany!  Aaaand we were reunited with our 2 early travellers….so farnow we feel complete with all 19 of us!  Not much sleep was had on the overnight flight collectively between the group but we landed in Frankfurt ready to hit the streets. After some realizations that Carolyn’s life long dream of riding a double decker bus to tour the town was unattainable, we decided to hit the sights on foot. Turns out all bus tours have been cancelled because today is the big marathon in Frankfurt.

We headed downtown and found an old faithful spot on the patio to enjoy 19 schnitzels together for lunch.  I am not sure how it happened because we seemed to leave our winnipeg character behind on our flight…in my opinion it is a beautiful day to enjoy lunch on the patio…clear skies, 12 degrees, and music ringing through the old streets while the marathon runners passed by.  Apparently to the rest of the team it was WAY too cold out.

We hit the streets to see a few sights and made our visit to the beautiful St Bartholomew’s Cathedral.  This is where we need to take an internet poll….was our fearless leader Carolyn (A) fervently praying for our team….or (B) was she giving in to her weakness and dozing in the House of the Lord?


Apparently she wasn’t the only one needing to rest in peace as a few others joined in 🙂

After a bit more walking we found an alternative to our double decker bus and boarded a boat to take a sunset cruise down the Main River.  I think what it actually turned out to be a ticket to the snooze cruise…a warm cabin and the gentle purr of the motor was too much for most to resist.

We are now back at the airport and awaiting to board our flight to Johannesburg. We are grateful to have our entire team together and that nobody is stranded on top of a tower (not that that’s ever happened…AHEM Bryan & Cheryl) We are thankful to have had a great day together and now turning our minds and hearts to Swaziland.  We pray for good sleeps on this overnight flight.

We will see you all on African soil 🙂

Good night from Germany!


12 thoughts on “Planes, Trains & Boats.

  1. Praying for safe travels and much needed sleep (If you can). Love you all and wish we had snuck into your luggage yesterday!

  2. So glad it all worked out in Germany! Sorry about the double decker bus Carolyn! Bryan looks like you found some food.
    Jon just for the record Bryan and I were not stranded in Paris. And we knew where we were all the time ( ok most of the time).ok maybe we did get stuck in the tower.
    Glad you didn’t encounter any towers in Germany.
    Love to you all and sleep well in the next flight so you can hit the ground running.

  3. Hi Bryan– had a great time in P Coulee yesterday. Met a number of nieces & nephews we had not seen in years. Glad you arrived so far. Love, Mom

  4. Enjoy the journey and the hearts of our Swazi friends as to this day I wish I could live in Swaziland to be close to some of my dearest friends. If this is your first trip open your whole heart and let it all in! Don’t miss a thing!

  5. Looks and sounds like it was a beautiful day in Frankfurt. Jon it seems to me you made a multiple choice faux pas above by not including “C, all of the above”. In the spirit of efficiency I believe that Carolyn was both dozing AND praying.

    I trust that the African sun welcomes you all in good spirits even if not as rested as you would like.

    We’ve got things back here. Get after it and don’t worry about the scrapes and bruises I’m sure you’ve already started to accumulate. Swaziland tends to leave a few marks.

    With much love, excitement, and confidence I will keep praying and following you on your journey!

    – Jordan

  6. Jon boy. it might look like poor Carolyn was snoozing but it does not matter what it looks like because it only whats in the heart that matters. And i know her heart, she was definitely PRAYING and besides she is also a pastor’s wife. Shame on you for even thinking of picking on my poor fearless leader.Leave her alone. And even if she was sleeping, what have you done to her to cause that? LOL. I’m glad that you all had a great time in Germany but that is nothing until you hit Swaziland especially our care points. Now thats fun. 1 way also for you all to shine in Africa is = CLEAN TEETH. How are they all? Wishing you all a richly Blessed day serving God, each other and everyone else that God brings into your paths. Rest well. Jon behave yourself.

  7. Aw Carolyn…You are such a Prayer Warrior!!! I love it how you find time to squeeze in extra prayer while travelling. Anywhere! anytime! It’s so inspiring!
    I’m praying the whole team gets extra ‘prayer’ time before you hit the Swazi soil and get to work loving on those precious people. I’m so excited to see you all in action!

  8. I wish I could change my vote now. 🙏🏽 🤔
    Leigh’s Christlike attitude has inspired me change my attitude! I think Carolyn may have been praydozing for me‼️🤔 No. matter, I imagine that you guys are in J’berg now.
    Bren, love your animated pics. Kier is being a doll, taking Lucy to the vet to get her teeth looked at. I know, I know, first world problem. Pretty obvious when you guys are in the place you are.
    Love chery

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