Ready to jump the pond!

We are all gathered together in the Toronto airport, huddled around screens & chargers making last calls to home and passing the 3 hours wait before jumping on the overnight flight across the ocean and into Germany.  One of our 3 flights is behind us….so I suppose we are 1/3 of the way there?

We had a ton of baggage (not emotionally speaking….actual bags) but we manage to squish everything into 40 bags….which is a lot for 17 travellers! (2 of our group are waiting for us in Germany).

We are all filled with excitement about what is ahead of us.  Our next flight is about 7 1/2 hours and then we will have a half-day to see the sights in Frankfurt before flying to Johannesburg.  Hopefully we’ll send an update from Frankfurt tomorrow with news of uneventful travels 🙂

Until then…good night to our friends and family and church in Winnipeg.  See you on the other side of the big pond!

4 thoughts on “Ready to jump the pond!

  1. Safe travels Swazi team!! Tilly, the girls and I prayed that you would sleep through all your flights and not get sick! Sweet dreams 😘

  2. I’m so excited for all of you! Isaiah 40:31 comes to mind as particularly applicable to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs as you embark on this journey. (Yes, I’m going make y’all look it up… or you can Google it like I did) Will be praying for all of you lots. Miss you lots already Allison! Eat a little extra Schnitzel for Russ and me. And if you have a chance, check to see if our lock is still there.

  3. Go team Go. Cheering you all on. Hi Agnes. You Rock Girl Thinking of you all. P.S. did anyone go swimming in the pond? LOL.How is everybody’s teeth, clean i hope!= JON.

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