A safari to remember!

We are back on the radar after a couple of days taking in a short, but amazing safari experience and then beginning our travels back home.  After an incredible week and a half on the ground in Swaziland, and a team that had invested so much into every day, IMG_5853-2we cherished the opportunity to slow down a bit as a team and to take in a pretty special safari experience for half a day at Kruger National Park.  We were very fortunate.  We encountered lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, hippos, and rhinos.  It was probably the most sitings I have ever seen for any team we have taken.  It was pretty special for our group to drive up on a pride of lions….I think we counted 7 of them.  They were quite far off….but still and awesome encounter.

I’m so grateful for our team to have had such a special experience.  We spent the night at a lodging that IMG_2280backed onto Crocodile River, which is where Kruger park begins….and got to have another incredible evening together eating supper, overlooking the river and then having a couple of pretty personal encounters with hippos and elephants as we ate.  Just amazing.

God has been good to us this trip….we have tasted a remarkable sense of community amongst our group, and as happens on every one of these experiences, we left as a group of individuals and are returning as family.  We find ourselves on a 4 hour layover in Paris, lounging at our gate after a long 10 hour flight from Johannesburg, and anxiously awaiting our return to our family.

Enjoy a few samples of our safari for now.  Home is on the horizon 🙂


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