A single word.

As we drive into the sunrise early this morning on our way out of Swaziland, I had each team member choose one word that would best describe their experience here.  Clearly there is some inappropriate hyphen use, but here is our team’s experience in a single word….but don’t be fooled…behind each of these words is likely 100 stories to tell.

Kailey – love

Jos – bodacious

Ben – stellar

LeeAnn – thoughtprovoking

Leigh – overwhelming

Zach – transformational

Hailey – community

Karen – relationship

Mark – unexpected

Jo – kingdom-glorifying

Cheryl – life-changing

Sharlene – new-appreciation

Agnes – blessing

Cherry – positively-unexpected

Stacey – friendship

Bryan – heart-changing

Jon – gratitude



7 thoughts on “A single word.

  1. What a great way to sum things up! All 17 words and photos make great “word pictures”!
    Praying for your travels!

  2. As you leave that beautiful land, your thoughts will no doubt be a jumbled mix of what you have done, what you have experienced, what you have learned. There may be some things that already seem distant and foggy, and others that are clear and definite; perhaps there is one in particular that is seared into your mind. So my word is this: remember. The one moment that won’t leave me was when my special friend met with me at church in Enaleni. He had with him a bag containing every note and letter I had ever sent to him, so that we could go over them together. He said “I wanted you to know that I remember.” Know that what you have done here is important. You may be leaving Swaziland, but it will not leave you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey with us. I am humbled and amazed by the depth of love. I am also overwhelmed again by how amazing God is. The fact that we are God’s children connects us to fellow children in other parts of the world at such a level leaves me awestruck Praying that you have a safe trip back.

  4. I like those words you used to described your trip ! may God bring back to your remembrance everything that was of him and allow you to saturate people around you with this experience with God – like the community they live over there / we need this / I ! need to learn this —thx !!

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