A sacred moment.

As we drove away from our final day on the ground here in Swaziland, we felt a sacred moment invading our hearts.  Just as we were ready to leave….after all the care packages had been handed out….all of the hugs had been given….every last minute had been taken in….and the children were now on their long walks home after a drawn out goodbye….we gathered together in front of Enaleni church and around Pastor Peter and Precious to pray for them.  They knelt down in the middle of our group and we offered up what words we could to ask for God to bless them…to provide…and to sustain them.  In the middle of that circle we felt a sacred moment of vulnerability.  We felt the welling of emotions of all that we have experienced in this last week and a half coming to an end.  We felt a sense of fulfillment of investing so much…..but most of all I think we felt a sense of gratitude of what God had done….of what he has allowed us to partake in together.  We are humbled by these people.  By their joy and faith in the midst of such difficulties….by their vibrancy and resiliency….and by their willingness to accept us as friends from the moment we stepped onto the ground here.  What a gift we have been given over the past days here.

Today was again another remarkable day.  Our final day at Enaleni and our final day on the ground here in Swaziland.  It was a day filled with laughter and singing….of conversations going deeper.  One of the notable things for me on this trip has been the significance of the connection between some of our team members and the older kids at the carepoints.  This has been something that has left a mark on many of their lives….and ours.

We took great joy again in handing out the care packages that were put together by each of you that sponsor.  The response of the children and their excitement to open their bags speaks of the great opportunity we have to connect with the almost 300 children from such a long distance.  To see their faces as they glance at the photos and personal notes that were written….ask anyone who has been on one of these trips and they will tell you first hand how significant those are for the children.

It has been a day well spent.  We are all packed up now….most are sound asleep and ready to awaken at 5AM tomorrow as we take advantage of a day here to take in a short safari experience before heading back to the airport and making our way home.  Our team has done an amazing job.  They have invested so much.  And they have risked and been vulnerable with one another and allowing God to move amongst their lives in a powerful way.  I’m very proud of them!

We will hopefully post some updates tomorrow if we are able to find internet.  Until then, I must go and pack myself before my alarm goes off to wake me up 🙂

Hamba Kahle. – Jon

8 thoughts on “A sacred moment.

  1. Jos … love the pictures of you from the last day at Bhobokazi – the “stocking head” is priceless; and the other picture of you playing cards with (Xolisile?) shows your heart for the vulnerable children of our world & the safety they feel with you!

    Karen … loved the picture today of you doing music with the preschoolers at Enaleni! I can just imagine their excitement & I love the effort you put in prior to the trip gathering those instruments!

    And to you all … Swazi Team 2015 …
    Mission accomplished!!! You have loved, and then loved some more … given and then given some more … AND you not only allowed God to use you but you left your hearts open for Him to speak to you … and teach you new things! So proud of you all!

    I know you will be coming home with many emotions … some that may take time to process! But for now … enjoy the Safari!!!

    Praying for safe travels to Jo-Burg ( hoping you ladies get some time in the “Out of Africa” store! ) and then continued safety … and some sleep on the flights home!

  2. Bryan & Cheryl – Praying for a safe trip home and for strength to cope with many mixed emotions I know you are experiencing. See you soon, Love, Mom

  3. Thank you for all the pictures! Every one I was thinking ,”oh this is my favourite” then I’d click next and repeat the thought again. Over and over I see the beauty of God’s work. Lord please do a work here with us too – may we shine as brightly as our church family in Swaziland. These kids teach us so much about true joy. The simplicity of life there throws in stark relief how our lives of abundance here in Canada blind us to the Joy God wants to give.

    Well those are my thoughts today – my prayer for every team member is that they too would have time to reflect and grow and learn from these amazing people. That they would become bright lights for us too as we welcome them back home. Lord please teach us what You would have us learn. Lead us and guide us to Love with boldness. Amen.

  4. I don’t know if i could go thru leaving them? i am soo glad you all went to fill them up for they are loved as much as us here. they are my children also !!!

  5. So inspiring!! You all have given so much of yourselves and in turn been given so much. I love all of the pictures, the true emotion and joy is so pronounced in every one of them! I can hardly wait until you are back Leigh and can tell me so many more stories!!! Safe travels home.

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