Paris in a day…with some adventures!


Had a bunch of fun and a little adventure in Paris today. The good news is we are all here, through security, and waiting at our gate for the overnight flight to Johannesburg 🙂

We landed this AM in France in relatively good spirits and after a quick freshen up we jumped on a train for a day visit in downtown Paris (‘pear-ee’). We clocked upwards of 10km on our feet trying to see as much as we could in a few hours. We saw the Notre dame cathedral, the louvre, the arc de triumph, the love lock bridge, and of course the tour Eiffel.

Ironically we had a hard time finding food and after a slight threat of group mutiny from the hunger pains we finally found a beautiful little district to enjoy some crepes for lunch.

It was on and off rain that grew into a more steady cold rain that kept us huddled together for a good part of the afternoon.

Our excitement came when we sent two tired team members (our married couple) ahead on bus to the Eiffel Tower to have a break while we grabbed lunch and finished our walking tour. Well….when we went to meet up with them they were not there. We waited an hour in the cold rain before deciding that they MUST have returned to the airport ahead of us. We headed back but could not find them there either!

Turns out they were stuck in the Eiffel Tower for almost 3 hrs. After some panic we finally saw them as they came up the escalator and reunited from their 4 hour little love journey in Paris without us !

So….we are all exhausted after a long but god day and ready to hopefully sleep for 10 of 10 1/2 hour flight we are getting ready to board.

Can’t wait to be back on Swazi soil! Good night….Bon soir!




8 thoughts on “Paris in a day…with some adventures!

  1. Sounds like your having adventures already! Enjoy the journey! Jon, can you tell Ben or Zac that we need a password for the planning Center to get in on the iPad. Can you PM with it? Thanks.

  2. Greetings Swazi Team!!

    What an adventure and a bit scary– that married couple trying to steal some alone time!! They will need a talking to!!
    Glad all is well!
    Praying that you were able to sleep on the flight and have a great start to the Swazi journey!
    Please know I am with you in prayer and thought!!
    Have been reading the blog in between time with my new grandson! Jayden came into the world Sunday April 26 at 0932. He weighed 9lbs. All are well.

    Looking forward to journeying with you!
    Love Maggie Magpie –aka Brenda

  3. Bonjour!!! Thanks for taking the time to post – I love following along on the “details” on your adventures 🙂

    Leigh! We (small group) love ya! We’ll miss you Tuesday night as we begin our new series. We are praying for you daily and also for your Mom’s care. And of course, for the Jake-man. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    Blessings – and we look forward to writing on the blog LOADS!

    Chantel and all!

  4. Happy to see you all arrived and are having a great time in Paris. Praying that the next leg of your journey will go smoothly. Thanks for the picture and to see my lovely daughter Johanna

  5. Wow … quite the adventure! Jon … it might be time to reconsider those FABULOUS double decker “hop-on” – “hop-off” – “stay together” bus tours … great way for a group to see the city … so I’ve heard! 🙂 But … I hope the usual 10km “see all the sites” – “walking strategy” paid off this time, as that natural sleep aid in giving everyone the hoped for – 10 hours of precious rest on theJo-burg flight !
    Thinking about you Swazi Team 2015 … and praying for safe travels into SWAZILAND!!!

  6. Been praying and thinking of you all (all thru the night) Trusting you’re safely in Africa by now! Thx for the update and very cool pic of the team! Glad that you re-united with “the romancing couple”! (LOL!) May God do “above and beyond all you could ask or even imagine” in and for all of you! Looking forward to hearing all your God adventures!

  7. Mama Holder
    I love the pictures and will show it to all my colleagues at school. I will be praying for the team as they complete this great endeavour. God bless!

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