God can speak through a spreadsheet!

I hate data entry. Always have. Always will. I don’t know if it just that I have a short attention span or what, but dealing with spreadsheets and data entry is not what I consider a favourable task. Maybe that traces back to my years in junior high detention copying dictionary pages onto paper….who knows.
However…in all sincerity I have just felt God’s whisper to my soul through a few hours of data entry….in fact I would say that the process of copy-paste-cut-paste repeated about 1500 times has allowed my spirit to leap back alive with a renewed sense of appreciation for what this project in Swaziland represents.
In preparation for our time on the ground in a couple of days I have needed to take the data from an excel spreadsheet with all of the information on the children we sponsor and who their sponsoring family is and transfer it into a database that I can access on my phone. We are currently about 11,000 feet off the ground, flying over the Hudson Bay on our way to connect in Paris and I have spent the past few hours in what I would normally consider a task less desirable than going to the dentist….and yet God has spoken clearly to me.
As I read through name after name of individuals, families, couples, children….who have stepped forward over the years to invest and care for the vulnerable children at our carepoints….I have felt overwhelmed. Names of friends….names of people I don’t know….names of family….names of people who have travelled with me in the past…..names that represent financial sacrifice….each one of these hundreds of names that tell a story of responding to our call to use what we have to help those in need.
Behind each stroke of data there is something deeply spiritual about what is happening. We have been doing this for the better part of 8 years now and sometimes we can just settle into the routine and repetition and lose sight in the meaning of things…today I am reminded that every month when that $36 withdrawal comes out of hundreds of bank accounts, it is like a glimpse of God’s kingdom comes alive in the data….
In this moment I am humbled by the ownership and investment that so many of you have made. I don’t feel alone, or just surrounded by 16 others that are on this journey with me….but I feel an incredible and overwhelming sense of partnership with each of you.
I’m grateful.  I am excited and humbled to share this journey with you.
Well for now back to the grind of copy-paste-cut-paste….oh wait, supper is coming down the aisle….few 🙂

2 thoughts on “God can speak through a spreadsheet!

  1. Hey Jon,
    Thanks for your post. We are very honoured to have journeyed with you in person and through the blog with you when we are unable to be there. Thank you for your dedication to the children at our carepoints and your servant spirit for the children and people of Swaziland. We can’t wait to see your beautiful pictures of the children and the bomakes. We are praying for the whole group for safe travels and life changing experiences. ‘Til next time. Yvonne and Erik

  2. I agree! We also are honoured to journey with you to Swazi! May you all know God’s protection, His strength and His amazing grace as you give yourselves for the things that really matter to His heart!

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