Filled with gratitude.

Well….we are home.  We arrived back in Winnipeg yesterday evening and we have now settled in back at our homes and have been reunited after two weeks away from our family and friends.  I woke up quite early this morning with my internal clock not quite being right and have been reflecting on the past two weeks as I sip on a coffee and wait for my family to roll out of bed.

My heart is filled with gratitude.  I am grateful to God for the way that he has orchestrated these past two weeks. I feel like he has honoured the hearts of 24 individuals that were willing to risk and be vulnerable in this experience.  I feel like he has honoured the prayers of so many to make these past two weeks meaningful for us in the connections we made and in what we were able to accomplish.  I feel like he has answered many prayers we had during these past two weeks.

Both Carolyn & I are so grateful for this team that has left it all on the field during this experience.  They invested all they had….they pushed hard….the were vulnerable with each other….and they loved on the kids SO much it was amazing to watch.  We are so proud of this group and the way that they opened themselves up to God to move, to shape, and to break their hearts.  Our prayer is that God would continue to do so as we settle back into home….as we return to routines….that the things that have marked us over the past two weeks would continue to shape our lives and would take permanent shape within our hearts.

Thank you for following along, for joining us on the journey, and for supporting and praying for us.  It has meant so much to us to have others share in this experience.  For now we say goodbye to Swaziland and good morning to Winnipeg.


Here are a few more of the safari photos….we couldn’t upload them all from the airpot 🙂



2 thoughts on “Filled with gratitude.

  1. AND we are all so very grateful to God for your safe arrival home! What a wonderful reunion with so many families at the Winnipeg airport! So glad Karl & I could be a part of that! Jon & Carolyn… a huge thank-you to you from us (the families left behind!) for your amazing leadership of this team, your correspondence to us waiting for news at home, and for your sacrifice in serving! Swazi team… I could tell that very strong bonds of love & great respect had been built on the trip just by the way you said good-bye to each other at the airport. So glad for the many seeds you have all sown in Swaziland with such love and joyfulness! Ingrid… what an incredible treat to see you re-united with your precious family!! It makes my heart glad!! 🙂 We love you!

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