Bonfires, Elephants & and 18 hours of travels….

Well…since our last post we have been offline together….which has been great as a team.  We arrived at our guest house in the game park last night….and we had an evening as a team to sit around a bonfire, enjoy an amazing BBQ meal, and to embrace an evening without any requirements but to sit and tell stories, hear Paul give us a mini-concert, and just laugh together….a lot.  The place we were at was beautiful….a real gift to experience.

We woke up at 4:30 AM for our safari drive and headed out to Kruger National Park for a 4 1/2 hour game drive. It was so great!  We saw a heard of elephants with a brand new infant that did some performing for us…..we saw giraffes, wildebeests, hyenas, rhinos, zebras and buffalo amongst many other pretty sites.  Lots of picture clicking and lots of fun.

We are now 18 hours into our travels and sitting waiting for our flight from Frankfurt to Toronto.  We will be on Canadian soil in about 10 hours from now…..I think we are all looking forward to being reunited with our families again!  We are scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg at 4:08 PM on Friday.

We will still load a few more updates….but for now we head off into the skies again and home is now in our sights and hearts.  We are doing well as a group….a couple of under the weather team members, but spirits are still high in the middle of our weariness.

Thanks for following along with us!  More pics to follow.



5 thoughts on “Bonfires, Elephants & and 18 hours of travels….

  1. Hi Team
    What an incredible gift to have been able to follow your journey! The pictures and personal thoughts help us feel a part of it and are so appreciated!! Its hard to explain the feeling of seeing a picture of our friend wearing the dress we bought for her…it helps to bridge the gap of miles between us. I have loved following along and praying for you. Every year the emotions get stronger as I look at faces that have now become familiar and the thankfulness for the heart of our church for Africa increases. Thank you for your servant hearts and for pouring yourselves out with God’s love. May each of you be richly blessed. Safe travels…enjoy celebrating with your loved ones soon!!

  2. You’re almost home, and it should feel like Spring when you arrive today! What a blessing it has been to journey with you through word and pictures.

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