Frankfurt has been schnitzled!

IMG_4457Well….we arrived in Frankfurt about an hour and a half late….but still managed to pack a solid 5 hours of touring in downtown Frankfurt.  A couple of us stayed behind with all the carry ons in a day room booked at the hotel while the rest of us jumped on a train and hit the town.  We had schnitzels in a lovely old cafe while it drizzled outside….then it cleared up enough and we took a few kilometer walking tour.  Jordan and Allison renewed their vows and had a old tradition here of locking a padlock to a bridge and throwing the keys in the river.  It was a sentimental moment….we were all in tears….okay well, maybe not quite that emotional….but fun!

The picture you see on the escalator is mere seconds before I almost tumbled down the escalator backwards.  If you look close you will see a young man with his feet on the rail….not mentioning names….but it rhymes with Mandrew.  Anyway, his foot hit the kill switch for the escalator jolting all of us….close call but we are all fine.  So….keep your feet off the rails I guess.

We took a long walk to an old church where we were able to catch the end of a beautiful mass and had a chance to admire the history.  We had fun….goofed off…did some photobombing on other tourists…..and had a chance to stretch out before boarding our 10 hour flight to Jo-berg in a few minutes.  We are all in good spirits….all very zombie like at the moment….and hoping to get a good overnight sleep on the plane before landing in Jo-Berg in the morning on Monday.

We’ll see you all in Swaziland!  Good night from Frankfurt.

7 thoughts on “Frankfurt has been schnitzled!

  1. Brings back a lot of memories from last year. Congrats Allison and Jordan…that is way cool!! Try to get some sleep!
    ‘Til next time…God be with you all!!

  2. Haha! Having fun already! Perfect! Sounds like you already have memories in Frankfurt. More are coming. I’m excited to travel with you on this journey

  3. I so wish I could be there with you so instead I will send up prayers for you all and continued healing for those who are sick. That picture on the escalator was so funny and probably funnier to watch, glad no one got hurt. Hey Bon while you were in Frankfurt I hope you picked me up some chocolate, hint, hint! Miss you and I know that you can’t wait to see your little girl and sing that song to her that you taught her 2years ago I bet she did not forget it. Go Jetsy go!

  4. What a fun time in Germany!! I’m glad that no one was seriously hurt on the escalator escapade 🙂 I am praying for you all and if there is anything specific that you’d like covered in prayer please mention but otherwise I will let the spirit guide me. To Cheryl and Brian specifically – sending you both my love! I pray that you cheryl will have a healing touch from our Lord and Saviour as you pour out onto so many in Swazi that as much as you pour out you will be filled back up with. Brian – pray that the Lord will continue to pour into you as you pour out into everyone there as well. I know that your heart is so connected with Africa that I pray Jesus will fill you to overflowing so that it is from Him and not taking so much out of you. I pray that your marriage will be strengthened more as the weeks unfold. AMEN I look forward to reading about your journey this time around. LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL!

  5. Praying for all of you on this exciting journey! May the Lord bless you richly as you bless our Swazi family!! Bryan & Cheryl…your vehicle made it back safely to your place! 🙂 🙂 What a blessing you will be to our family in Swaziland! Soak up EVERY moment, as it flies by SO fast! 😦 BIG HUGS to all….from me!!! (especially our little girl “Thul’ Sile Nkomondze).

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