And we’re off!

IMG_4438Well….the journey has officially begun!  We had a pretty smooth departure from Winnipeg.  The group was all there on time….we got ALL our baggage on!  There is a group of 22 travelling today (2 are meeting us there) and we packed in over 1 ton of baggage (2350 lbs).  So quite literally we are bringing a ton of stuff with us 🙂

We all made it through security and we even found an extra guitar to bring along at the lost and found!  The group is ready for the experience….full of anticipation….and a bit worried about the many hours of sitting ahead of us on the flights.  All is well though.  A few are under the weather….we would appreciate any prayers to help keep the group healthy over the next couple weeks as there is a few flu bugs flying around these days.

We have a few hours to kill in the Toronto airport before boarding to Frankfurt where we will have some time for a schnitzel or two 🙂  We have a 10 hour layover in Frankfurt before boarding the last flight to Jo-berg.  So some travel ahead.  We are encouraged….looking forward to what God has in store.  We’ll keep you posted on our travels.  For now….we wait for our plane.


13 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. And then there were the two team members that got on a different flight to make sure someone would be there to greet the team when they got to Jo-Burg. Bryan and Kailey took a more direct route and don’t get to wander around Frankfurt. They just get to wander around the plane while it goes directly from Atlanta to South Africa. It will be way cool to join up with the rest of team Swazi 2014 and spend two weeks seeing what God has in store.
    See you all there.
    There are also two member ( Jason and Char ) who are already there to meet us with bells on. They flew in from India just for the occasion.

  2. Hi team just want you to know that I am holding you up in prayer that people will be feeling well and that the flu bug will not spread at all. Bonnie i just wanted you to know dad called to say he was sorry he and mom couldn’t make it to the airport for dad was not feeling well. Do not worry it is nothing serious, hope you are having fun and I pray you will all be able to sleep well.

  3. Hey Team…just wanted to let you know that your pastor-team (the one’s left behind :(…and your elder’s team are covering you in prayer and so excited that you will be representing the whole Riverwood-Church-Family in Swaziland! Serve well! Love deeply! Be Jesus to all you meet! Look after each other! Cheering you on! – todd

  4. Amy I hope you’re feeling a little bit better. I hope the NyQuil serves you well.

    Also who is your house insurance agent? No reason….

  5. Woke up at 4 AM drooling – must have been dreaming of those shnitzels!! Had peanut butter- doesn’t compare!!! Praying for health for the team and that you will all get some rest. May

  6. What a great team to see off at the airport yesterday! We are with you heart & soul! Praying everyday for you all!

  7. Bonnie Irwin:
    Just letting you know we played MT tonight and I won again, still the champ but as usual the others were bugging me. I told them “God loves me and wanted me to teach them how to be humble in their defeat.
    Marilyn wants you to pray harder for her as what she’s doing now isn’t working.
    Marlene says Hi and sends best wishes and is praying for your safe return.
    Carolin wants you to know even though she lost ( over 575 points) she is still has a smile and will do better next time.
    Doris (Mom) said to say hello. She wanted you to know you are missed.
    Take care, we all trust that God will watch over your team and bless your work.

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