We are in Toronto! Safari photos!

Wow!  Travel home has been smooth but very tight.  We haven’t had the opportunity to even post an update cause we just keep running from gate to gate.  However….we are currently in Toronto and about to board home to Winnipeg…..arriving on time as of right now.

As a bonus we just ran into Hal Anderson & Joanne McLoed…you remember BODY BREAK!  They are being filmed as a part of the amazing race Canada….there were a few competing teams here with the whole film crew and all 🙂  So remember….keep fit & have fun.

We will post some finals stories shortly but travels have been good….most of our sick team members have stabilized…..safari was incredible & such a great wind up for our team.  I’m posting the photos from our final half day at Enaleni & a few from the safari.


One thought on “We are in Toronto! Safari photos!

  1. Happy to hear everyone is home in Canada safe and sound – thanks for the final pics it gives us a chance to say good bye and thank you all again for sharing your travels and experiences with us folks back home. I am going to miss the daily updates it was great fun for us as I am sure it was for you. God Bless -take care – see you at Riverwood with Cassie someday – Gramma & Grampa Ralph

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