Halfway there!

Well….our journey has been somewhat eventful, pretty smooth and a lot of great fun and laughs so far.  We are right now sitting at our gate in Frankfurt waiting to board our 10 hour flight to Jo-Berg.  We actually just found out that our airline is going on strike tomorrow….but thank goodness not today 🙂

Our journey from the Winnipeg airport began with a few twists and turns….but we all got off okay in the end 🙂  We even met up with Pinball Clemons and flew with him to Toronto.

We had a 11 hour layover in Frankfurt and so 21 out of 22 of us hit the old Frankfurt downtown to get out and stretch our legs and see a few sites.  We had a blast….walked who knows how many km’s and had a bunch of Schnitzel’s sitting outside on the patio.  Apparently Winnipeg is getting hit with yet another snow storm….sorry guys….it was 15 degrees and wonderful out here.

We are now pretty tired….hoping to get a bit of sleep in on this flight….we land in Jo-Berg at 8AM local time which means after this flight we jump into a bus and drive 5 hours into Swaziland.  We are all very excited to get there!

So….rest easy….we are all doing great.  We may look and smell like a rag-tag bunch already….but our hearts are eager and we are all in great spirits.

Until tomorrow….enjoy the snow!

Jon & the team

photo 2 copy photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

20 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. I can’t believe that I’ll be going to work tomorrow morning and you’ll still be en route!
    And what’s the story with the giant chicken?

  2. Hi Allison! It was great seeing you in the video at church this morning (You popped you head into the frame just at the end). Love you so much!

    Hope the rest of the traveling continues to go well for all of you.

    – Jordan

  3. I am glad to hear that you are all doing great. The Schnitzel looked delicious 🙂 We are all thinking of you here and wishing you the very best.

    Tell Carolyn that Todd told the church the story about the passport in nothing but good taste 🙂

    LeeAnn and I will be thinking of all of you and I know you will do absolutely fantastic work over there – we wish we were there too – poor family planning on my part really 🙂

    Talk to you soon and all the very best!!


  4. Good to hear you are halfway (or by now, three-quarters of the way) there.
    Todd told the story about the Aeroplan registration, and we did see the video and noted Carolyn’s passport issue.
    It’s not really much of a snowstorm. It’s 3 pm and it’s stopped, and nothing new on the ground since it melted as it touched the Earth. Just enough to make walking outside miserable!
    Tell Dave we had lunch with Connie and managed to restrain her from spending too much at the Children’s Hospital Book Sale at St. Vital Centre. (Don’t ask about our own purchases.) (Yes, more Bibles.)
    Anyway, God Bless, and we’ll look forward to more updates!

  5. Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn . . . I must confess that in the third service I told the congregation that I was already looking forward to your return so that I could ‘talk to you’ about forgetting your passport. But since that is such a long time to get some ribbing in, I authorize Brenda to act as my ‘humour agent’ in Swaziland and joke on my behalf! Because, really, this is too good of a thing to waste! For everyone, enjoy your time in Swaziland! To everyone I heartily say . . .Sa-woooo-ba-na! Wayne

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Wayne you are SOOOO funny!!! What a great memory!!! 🙂
      Carolyn…what??? You forgot your passport? You obviously got it somehow….b/c we saw u in a picture! 🙂 Miss you my friend!!

  6. This is to the M&M in the group (Mary & May) I promised that I would be supporting you in prayer and I just want you to know that is exactly what I am doing…for the duration of the trip you will be known as my M&M team…I which I could be there with you but you know I am there in spirit…leave a lot of “love prints” on those little ones for me..and know that I am praying for you and your families and the whole team while you are away…Love Nutty Nancy…

  7. Hey Team! Praying for you and cheering you on! This never get’s old…watching another team go to such lengths to share their lives and God’s love with our friends in Swaziland. Give it all you’ve got! Work hard. Love deeply…and let God use you every day. Carolyn…what a thrill to be your greatest cheerleader! You go girl! Love you guys! – todd (Ps…Carolyn it was Munich in 2011…not Frankfurt. Sorry…no glockenspiel in Frankfurt…as you discovered).

  8. Hey Jon …hate to burst your bubble but we had a lovely light dusting of snow this morning….it was falling so pretty….ok…it sucked….but there was no storm to be had yay! 🙂 In fact I’m looking out the window right now and the sky is blue! Glad you guys are having a blast….hope you all get some sleep….and a shower……
    PS…Mary….you’re coming back right???

  9. Hey Team ~ it was great to see a short clip of you as you embark on this wonderful journey ~ praying every step of the way for you! oh…and snow….what snow…..Dean & I just got the pool opened and ready for the season, furniture dusted and ready to be shared………okay……..I’m lying again….I’ll really try to work on that! Have a great ministry time, looking forward to following along ~ be strong and courageous!

  10. Hi All!! Looking great guys..you all have my thoughts and prayers as the journey continues. What you guys are doing is amazing!

    Dave, what Chris says is true….showed great restraint during the book market….I know…..you are happy to have missed it! I am also happy to report that in spite of the mirror goblin’s attempt to steal the passenger mirror I managed to prevent it. So all of the mirrors are still attached. We miss you already!! And we are very proud of you!!

  11. Hi Team, Glad to hear you are doing so well. Brenda, just wanted to let you know that the garage door is fixed and it only cost $70. Ward had to call someone. So it won’t fall on your car. All is well here, I have talked with everyone.
    Hi Sarah.
    Can’t wait to see the photos of the kids, especially Nosipho.

    Love Cheryl

  12. Just got back from Worship night. So AWESOME! We are growing closer to God, and we trust that He is drawing you closer to Him in preparation for your amazing time of service. Cheering you on, and holding you in prayer. {{{{HUG}}}

  13. Hey Kimberly…Misssed you tonight as we celebrated our family April Birthdays…our thoughts&prayers are with you and your travellers…Grandma Jean sends her love…and of course you know we all love ya.!! Grandma Stanis&Grandpa Moe.

  14. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you all every year Riverwood goes to Swaziland! Cheryl I loved seeing you on the video in Frankfurt! I am so glad that you are experiencing this. I pray for you every time I think of you and CAN NOT wait to hear all about your experiences when you get back. Mary- have a wonderful trip as well I am praying for you too! I will miss seeing you at the retreat but I know that you are where God wants you to be. You are in my prayers as well. Bryan- I know that your heart is in Swazi so I am praying that God is filling you to overflowing. May God bless you all on this trip! Jon and Carolyn- I pray for a team that works as one to spread the love that is Riverwood!

  15. Hey guys! Just wanted to say a quick hi. Glad to hear you’re all doing well. We’ll be following along with you as journey through. Be praying for you!!

  16. Ben,
    As Im starting my day, Im thinking of what a great adventure lies ahead of you. take lots of pictures and no bad jokes.. 🙂 ken and i laughed when we read it at the Jets game the other day…this is an experience that will be unparalleled in your life for quite some time. Make it a you and God thing. Lexi also sends her love. looking forward to reading more about your adventure. K.

  17. Hey Team! Glad to see you have landed safely in Jo-Berg and are about to embark on you trip to the care-point! Hey Mary – Love your Yellow Feathery Friend you made in Frankfurt!! 🙂 Not so enamoured with your snow jokes!! The way things are going, we’ll still have it when you get back!! Special shout out to Mary, Eric, Yvonne, Cheryl & Brian – make sure you give lots of hugs to our little Mcolisi when you find him!! We’re praying for the entire team and send our love and encouragement! Pam & Vic

  18. Wow!!!! You have officially been in Jo-Berg for almost 2 hours, so hopefully you’re already on the road to Swaziland!!!! SOOOOOO excited for you guys!! Wish we can be there with you all, but we’re enjoying our time in “wintery Albetta” (drive through a bit of a snow storm 😦 ). Praying for you guys!!! Soak it all in!!! Please say sanibonani & give a HUGE hug to Elliott & the d-team & the leaders as well!!! Thanks!!!
    Love James & Shelley Kalimina 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Praising the Lord that your flight was not cancelled due to the airline strike. Are you booked on the same airline for the return trip? Should we be praying for a quick resolution so the trip home is not affected?

    With you in prayer,


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