Meet our 2013 SwaziTeam!

Anne & Andrew Ying


I have just retired from teaching Grade 1 and am so excited to be joining the Swaziland team.  It has been my dream to go to Africa for a long time and I look forward to spending time with the kids at the care points. – Anne

Being born in South America and now living in North America, I wanted to visit Southern Africa.  My wife is even coming with me 🙂 – Andrew

Dave Park

ImageI am the father of two amazing boys.  I am blessed to be travelling to Swaziland for the second time.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the changes that have taken place at our two care points over the past 3 years.

Cassie Ralph


I am a 20 year old full time university student at Providence.  This is my first time going to Swaziland and I am eagerly anticipating meeting the people there and seeing how God is working.

Yvonne Jobse


I am thrilled to be going to Swaziland for the second time.  This time I am going with my husband Erik.  I am very excited to spend time with our special friends and all the rest of the children.

Erik Jobse


Hi, my name is Erik.  I’m excited to travel to the carepoints for the first time with my wife Yvonne.  I look forward to meet our “Swazi daughters” (our special friends)

Cheryl Peters


I have watched my husband go to Swaziland for the last 2 years and I am very excited about going this year.  I have 2 amazing daughters and 2 great son-in-laws.  I have been attending Riverwood for 3 years.

Bryan Peters


I have been to Swaziland twice before and this year I will be blessed to have my wife Cheryl with me.  I am looking forward to introducing her to all my friends at the care points.

Kailey Hiebert


I am so excited to be going to Swaziland this year for the 2nd time.  I can’t wait to see the kids again.

May de Groot


My name is May and this will be my second trip to Swaziland.  I have a passion for the community ministry and am excited to be able to extend this ministry once again to Africa.

Kimberly Loewen


My name is Kimberly, and I have enjoyed watching the videos over the past few years.  I am excited to get the chance to go to Swaziland.  I am currently going to school and live with 6 other siblings.

Katrina Schroeder


I have been thinking about coming on this trip since calling Riverwood home, 3 years ago.  I am excited to be part of the team and I look forward to meeting the kids.

Nicole Shack


My name is Nicole Shack and I am very excited to be on the Swazi team this year.  This trip has been on my heart for a few years now and I finally get to go now that I have completed my schooling to become a CGA.  I am married to my wonderful husband, Paul, and we will be celebrating 3 years of marrage thousands of miles apart this year.

Mary Snyder


Hi, my name is Mary Snyder.  I have been attending Riverwood since it was Rothesay.  I am a mother and grandmother and I am so excited to meet my sponser child!  Going to Swazilandhas been on my heart since Riverwoods’ first trip and I am so excited to be able to go this year!

Jos Gatien


I have been dreaming of walking under African skies all of my adult life.  I chose early retirement to allow me time to serve the Lord in whatever way He presents.  I am also the president of my community centre because I want to make the world better both locally and globally.

Allison Penner


I am so excited to return to Swaziland and reconnect with all the wonderful people I met there last year!  I live with my wonderful husband Jordan and lots of animals.


Brenda McAdam


I am blessed to be travelling to Swaziland for the 5th time.  My 3 wonderful daughters are used to me leaving each spring to participate in the amazing adventure and reconnect with my Swazi friends.

Sarah Kissel


I am a 32 year old Radiation Therapist that has recently fought the battle against cancer and won! God healed me and I am still amazed! I felt Him calling me to go on the Swazi trip and decided to follow Him whole heartedly. After seeing the amazing work that God has done in my life over the past year and a bit I am beyond excited to see what He has in store for me in Swaziland. I have never felt closer to God than I do right now and I know He has great things planned for my life…I cannot wait to see what they are : )

Carolyn Petkau (Team Leader)

Swazitrip 2012-701

I am excited to co-lead another team to Swaziland – a country & people close to my heart! It is a privilege to not only lead the team in caring for & teaching the children about God but also seeing the impact that such a trip has on the lives of our team members.

Jon Courtney (Team Leader)

Swazitrip 2012-731

Nothing excites me more than seeing God move in people’s lives bringing the truth of his Kingdom alive to them.  During these experiences I see so many impacted with God’s heart for the vulnerable and how much we have to learn from the faith of those that truly depend on Him.  I am excited to see how God will move in our team this year and in journeying with our church as we spend some time with our precious friends at Enaleni & Bhobokazi.

6 thoughts on “Meet our 2013 SwaziTeam!

  1. hey- where’s Sarah’s profile? seriously- forget the empire ad- Sarah’s taking it on- want to learn about her! blessings to all of you… mountains of strength and courage and health as you prepare!

  2. Dear Jesus,

    Thank you so much for this great group of people. I pray that your blessing would be upon each one. May you lead and guide each of their steps as they are in Swaziland. May they be open to all that you have for them. Cause them to be a unified team that gels really well together. Change and transform them each in there own unique way. May they feel our prayers as we cover them throughout their trip. Lead and guide those of us who stay back with what to pray for the team at the time that they need it. When they come across different situations and they are not sure what to do would you show them the way. Thank you Lord for all that you have already done for this team and all that you will do. You are an awesome God and we give you all the glory!

    Blessings Deborah

  3. I am so exited for the Swazi Team 2013! I can’t wait to follow along with the blog and see what’s in store for you guys this year! Missing Riverwood very much. Best of wishes and God bless you all in preparation for the trip!


  4. Dear Swazi team, wishing you safe travels to your destination. May our dear Lord and Saviour protect you on this journey. Praying for health, energy, strength, joy and excitement as you meet our “riverwood kids” and the adults there. Blessings and Peace. Prayerfully, Peter & Maria Wilms.

  5. Hey Job, had al eerder bericht gestuurd maar kan hem niet meer terugvinden.
    We gaan jullie op de voet volgen hoor !
    Gisteren zijn we opa en oma geworden. Prachtbaby. Lynn Sophie.
    Mike en Denise zijn zo trots als een Pauw.
    Veel plezier nog daar in Verweggistan.
    Liefs Henny en Co.

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