Shocking Wake Up in JoBurg

DAY 9 – Saturday

Approx. 5:00 am  While we are sleeping a gang of four thugs hold the parking security guard at gunpoint and steal Jumbo’s LandCruiser SUV.  We’re in what appears to be a decent part of town…but this is a dangerous city.  Lots of auto thefts and car jacking’s carried out by crime syndicates.

6:03 am  Jumbo and Kriek get the call that their vehicle has been stolen

6:41 am  i wake up with stomach issues…i will lose track of how many times i visit the washroom throughout the day…but it’s got to be somewhere around 20.  Yuck.  Three or four others seem to have the same thing.

Route 33/66 Bible reading.  Shower.  Get ready for the day.  Skip breakfast.

8:30 am  The team meets and loads bus for Summit Day 2.

9:00 am  Summit 2012 Day 2 kicks off with some awesome worship.

Cam and i are both finding the intensity of the last 10 days are beginning to take their toll.  We are ready to come home.  Cam spends his day editing videos while i take in the sessions with the rest of the team.

It’s another awesome day of teaching, worship and special moments.

We shot and/or edit three videos today…

–  A ‘Shout Out’ to Willow Canada that we’ll send to them via Vimeo

–  A Sunday Morning Report from Africa video that Cam will send for this Sunday

–  A Summit Offering Video  that we may use at the Winnipeg site along with the other stuff Summit sends.

4:17 pm  Summit ends and it’s been an awesome day.  Many of our Swazi friends are saying they really loved yesterday but thought today was even better.

4:28 pm  Jumbo hands 200R to each person and explains they can use it to go to a movie and buys supper or just use it on supper.

4:52 pm  Arrive at the mall.  Jumbo, Kriek, Clara and i find a restaurant we can sit in for a few hours and have a meeting.  i bring 10 key questions for them regarding Children’s Hope Chest and system operations on the ground, however, before we get into them, Jumbo thanks Riverwood again and reflects on some key learning’s he is walking away with.

We have a really awesome conversation for three hours and i walk away with a much better understanding of CHC, Swaziland, the missionary operations and how child sponsorship works…as well as the current challenges the ministry is facing.

8:05 pm  We leave the mall to head back to the hotel.

8:32 pm  Pastor Peter, Precious and i sit in the lobby as i show them photos of Riverwood, my family, some of my projects and pictures from our first Swazitrip.  There are some good laughs.

10:22 pm  Cam is uploading videos while i write the blog.  We have to pack and be down at the bus by 8:15 am.

Tomorrow, Riverwood is providing another ‘first-experience’ for lots of our Swazi friends:  we’re taking them to a theme park called Gold Reef City…

…then they hit the road back to Swaziland around 3:30 pm after dropping us at the airport.

Our flight leaves 8:30 pm from JoBurg … 16 hours to Atlanta.  Then it’s a flight to Dallas…up to Minneapolis and finally Winnipeg.

Gonna miss our beds tomorrow night…but really looking forward to getting home.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Todd & Cam

5 thoughts on “Shocking Wake Up in JoBurg

  1. What a rough start to the day for Jumbo and Kriek! Glad that there were still moments of leadership impact for them and the rest of the team. May God refresh you both as you rest tonight and keep you strong for the long journey home.

    Can’t wait to see you on Monday!

  2. You probably won’t get this till you’v run the “‘air” gauntlet over the ocean (so glad you ran the gauntlet during the day and had rich moments)
    praying for Jumbo and Kriek- Lord may your angels be city/ highway patrol and stop the van remotely – let it be found…. immobilize the thieves- incinerate and vanish their motivation- – danke!)
    praying deep deep peace on bodies and rest, time to process all that you have taken in – and also same for Swazi-wood team Ps 23 and Jer 33 – oh, and quiet plane/ seat mates 😉

  3. Oh my. What an incredible trip! How wonderful that so much was accomplished through all you both did and through the opportunity the leaders had to attend The Summit. God will do much with all that was invested. It was especially awesome to read that you were in Sheila’s home, helping her and even seeing our cards there! Reading that makes Swaziland and the precious people there feel close and personal.
    Praying for safe travels home and sweet rooster-free, dog barking-free sleep! : )

  4. Also, so sad to hear about Jumbo and Kriek’s vehicle being stolen. It’s no surprise that the enemy will be trying to discourage them. We will keep them all in our prayers.

  5. So sad about Jumbo and Kriek’s vehicle being stolen. But we will be praying for them. Also for you Todd and your health pray you are back to your normal self soon. I am so thankful to every person who made this possible. What a blessing this will be on them all. Wow a theme park?! That is so smokin awesome! Way to go in blessing them to the max! Thanks so much Todd and Cam for all you did. May you come back and be able to have a time of rest and reflection.

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