6:50 am  Alarm goes off

7:18 am  Meet in lobby for breakfast

7:45 am  Leave the hotel, navigate traffic in this city of 8 million on our way to the church where the Summit will be held.

8:17 am  Arrive, register, grab a coffee and wipe the drool from the side of my mouth as i tour around this church campus.  The church is Mosaiek Church.  It seats about 2000 and i home to about 7000…and it’s breathtaking.

9:00 am Doors open and the Summit starts at 9:30 am

My S.A. Global Leadership Summit experience is an amazing one!

i enjoyed the live Summit in Chicago in August…but i loved my experience today.  i felt like God was speaking to me more personally today.  How ironic…this one being a DVD-driven Summit.

One of the benefits to doing the Summit after-the-fact is that you can mess around with the order and the elements.  The S.A. Willow team and Mosaiek Church did a prenominal job of weaving meaningful elements into the day.  There must have been 8-9 worship songs, a performance song, a scripture-reading-sand-art-thing, 4 facilitations that looked nothing like what i assumed facilitation to look like, quiet moments of reflection, ruckus moments of praise and, oh ya…the Summit sessions which were nothing short of powerful!

Much of my time between sessions was taking the pulse of our Swazi-team members and finding out what God was doing in their hearts.  i heard things like:

“I came here hungry for God to teach me…and He has!”

“I need to become a better leader, sowing more seed and I learnt that today.”

“This is my first time to JoBerg but more importantly my first time to a Summit and I’m so grateful I get to be here!”

“Today I learnt that I need to lead beyond my current situation so that I leave a legacy to those who will lead after me.”

…and on and on!

This team is drinking in every moment and every word.  They are talking about the difference it is making and how they feel more emboldened as leaders.  They are also loosening up and beginning to have a pile of fun together.

5:01 pm Day one of the GLS ends and we head back to the hotel to drop our stuff and freshen up.

6:19 pm We leave for the 10 minute drive to the buffet place.  It takes us and hour and 10 minutes in traffic.

7:29 pm We sit down at a buffet that has my eyes popping.  (i’m in culture shock).  It’s inside the MonteCasio…

…a Vegas style, family-friendly complex with 60 restaurants, theatres, etc, etc.

The buffet itself has 156 items…but remarkably created.   None of it tastes like its from a buffet.  Prawns.  Sushi.  Calamari.  Mussels.  Four kinds of chicken.  Liver (in a sauce like i’ve never tasted before).  Beef.  Pork.  Crocodile.

(And “Yes”…it actually does taste like chicken)…and 144 other items.  i’ve never eaten anything like it…let alone most of our Swazi team.  (All for $18!)

8:47 pm  We leave the buffet for a walk around this incredible facility.




8:56 pm  Cam uses the washroom.

Now, i’ve heard some of you think i’m just making up these times for effect.  The fact is, i’m recording everything…

…and this blog is ‘real time’…MANDY!!!

Anyway, everybody is pumped on an entire second day of learning and growing.

For me personally, i don’t think i experienced even one session without my eyes watering over.  (Ncobile…i’m getting to be such a ‘cheese-girl’ in my old age).  Seriously tho, i was so moved today.  Part of it was the content…the other part was that i was actually here in Johannesberg, having been used by God to get 25 leaders who have been strategically planted in a country that desperately needs strong, vision-filled, equipped, big-thinking to this leadership event…and i’m watching them grow right before my very eyes.

Willow Creek Canada…keep up the good work!  Keep calling us to think beyond ourselves!  Keep challenging us to get better and then keep giving us the tools to actually get better!

Riverwood Church…do you have any clue the difference you are making in this world?  You might have given to this venture easily and without much thought…or maybe you gave sacrificially…but either way, your given-money is producing Kingdom results!  You are making it possible for these people who give everyday of their lives away…serving the poor, the hungry, the uneducated and the orphaned to become better at what they do so they can produce even better (if not miraculous) results.  These 26 leaders wouldn’t be what God is making them to be here at the Summit…if it wasn’t for you.  Thanks for believing, answering the call and giving!

OK.  It’s late and it takes a lot of work to actually get these reports onto the web…so i’m going to sign off for now.  Please pray for another remarkable day tomorrow…and whisper a prayer for the GLS at Riverwood next week while you are at it!


Todd & Cam

5 thoughts on ““I CAME HERE HUNGRY!”

  1. Mandy wanted a snapshot of your watch to make sure the times were true! but Carolyn says you don’t wear one! ha ha…..we had a good chuckle at lunch yesterday. What do you mean you’re “becoming a cheese-girl”…. ha ha. Sounds like this trip is nothing short of amazing. God is using YOU both in such a powerful way. Praying you guys have an incredible last day at Summit – and a safe journey home.

  2. OK…I just couldn’t BELIEVE you actually knew ALL the times as you don’t ever wear a watch!!! haha. thanks for clearing this up.
    Sounds like it’s been a super duper trip and many many people impacted. BE BLESSED there.
    Cam…tell him to stop documenting your bathroom breaks!!!!! 🙂


  3. your experiences are amazing! I am South African and so these trips to Swaziland hit very close to my heart! I hope that one day I can be a part of the trip to Swaziland!

  4. Thank you for sharing about our beautiful kingdom in a positive light. We need more of such info on the internet about Swaziland. People must see that while we are going through our challenges we do smile and are a positive nation. Thanks again

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