We are in Chicago!

Well…..it has been a long day of travel….but we are now sitting in a gloriously uneventful Chicago airport. We are very weary but also doing very well. We are more than excited to get home! We’ve got swollen feet, sore butts, and heavy eyes…but we are filled with gracefulness to be returning from such a meaningful experience…..so one last post as we get ready to board our final flight from Chicago to Winnipeg. We should be home by 8:38pm tonight!!!!!

Thanks for journeying with us. Sahle kahle!

Swaziteam 2012


4 thoughts on “We are in Chicago!

  1. May God bless you all with safe travels, thanks for all you did for the children and families at the carepoints. I WILL be praying for safety for you, and looking forward to hearing more about your God led adventure. 🙂

  2. So glad you are all home safe and sound! Shelly still praying for you!
    The pictures and stories are great so far!

  3. Can’t wait to see and talk to you all about your experience’s Bonnie and Carolyn. I followed everything on the swaziland blog. god bless missed you both
    Sue 🙂

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