Enaleni Day #3

Well….our last full day at Enaleni has come to a close.  It was a rich day!  It was a day of great connecting again.  It was a day of continued hope and encouragement of the changes we are seeing there.

We continued the work on the garden today putting in the fence posts and digging the trenches for the irrigation system.  We also had Bryan and his crew start some decorative painting on the new kitchen today….it looks great.  You can see some of the pictures on this blog.  We distributed all of the care packages to the kids, had the celebration day with them and they all watched a big slideshow of pictures from this past week reminding them what we have been learning through the children’s program.

We had 6 different people go on home visits today to see their sponsor children (or a sponsor child of a friend) and there were some very rich experiences there.

I had a chance to sit down with Peter, Precious and Jumbo and hear their hearts for the future of Enaleni and some of the possibilities still to come there.  It was so exciting to see them so full of vision!  They have such a heart for the Enaleni community and they are dreaming big.  I love it.  I had the opportunity to voice on behalf of the church how much we cheer them on, how much we value them and love them, and how inspired we are by the work that they do.  They are such amazing people and wonderful pastors to the community.

We have truly loved our time at Enaleni.  It is a place so close to our hearts and we can just feel the depth of connection we have there.  It is hard to believe we have but a few short hours left there tomorrow before we have to leave.  We will cherish those moments.

Tomorrow, in the early afternoon we leave for our overnight safari before driving back to Johannesburg.  We are excited about spending this time together as a team and capping off our experience here.  We all still have so much to process through.  Our team sharing has been rich, emotional, and so life changing.  What a great group of people we have here.

There will be no blog tomorrow as the place we are going is in the middle of a game reserve with no electricity.  So, the next time you hear from us will likely be as we wait for our flight in Johannesburg.  What a privilege to journey with you all through this experience.  We will post a few more stories and some details of our last day at Enaleni….and of course any animal sightings we happen to make on our safari.

Now….for me its off to pack…at 2 AM :-)….then we have a small group of people leaving a bit earlier to try and do a bit of early morning work on the garden for our last day there…..we’ll give all the kids extra hugs for all of you tomorrow.  Today there is not such a wide variety of pics because most of the day I was tied up….but I’ve posted a few nonetheless!!

Till Jo-burg….

Team Posts

Dear Jackie & Ashley Walker,
Wow! What an interesting day. It has been a great trip so far, but I was very sad that I couldn’t meet my special friend because he has moved away. Pastor Jon & Miss Carolyn gave me a big surprise today. I got to go on a home visit to Pathu’s house!! We had a great time visiting with her Go-go (grandmother). We hugged and danced when we arrived. She was so excited that we came to visit. Pathu’s aunt & sister also lives there. Her Aunt is one of the leadership team members and will be going to South Africa to train and then come back and work at Enelani. I gave Pathu the picture that you coloured. She loved it. Pathu loves to colour. Her favorite colour is pink. We made sure that she a nice warm “hot” pink blanket to take home with her care package. Pathu also loves to sing. One of her favorite songs is “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. Pathu also really liked the pictures that was included in the package.

Thank you for the pictures of snow. They couldn’t believe that is gets so cold in Canada. Pathu keeps your Christmas card in a very safe place, and she showed me how much she loves getting cards and pictures with sparkles. Pathu’s grandmother loves Jesus. She is so full of joy, and loves you both & your Mom & Dad. She is so excited that you are praying for her everyday when you say your prayers, and sends many blessings to your family. We had a very nice visit, and said a prayer before we returned to the carepoint. I have lots of other stories, pictures, and videos to share with you when I get back to Winnipeg.
Lots of Love,
Miss. Amy (Mamy) Roebuck



Dear everyone,
Today was an amazing day. I finally got to paint on the kitchen/classroom. I had an amazing crew to help and everyone put a lot of themselves into the little characters on the walls. It was so much fun as we were surrounded by curious little faces. I was also able to be distracted enough to not have to think about leaving our little boy behind at Bhobokazi. As I walk around the carepoint I hugged kids and they are still calling me “team Bryan”. I consoled myself by telling myself that we have one more morning before I have to say good bye.

Skip forward to supper. Over supper I had a great conversation with one of our D- Team women. She told me that my little guy is very shy. Normally he stands on the outskirts and does not participate unless told to. She was amazed when I told her that he was singing and dancing with the group when they sang for us. I was moved that we could begin to bond that quickly. She also assured me that they will take good care of our children while we are away (back in Winnipeg). They see the kids every week and monitor their health and home conditions. I thank God for the D-Team and their love for the children of Swaziland.

Morning will bring a new day and the tough reality that we are heading home. Saying goodbye will be hard and we will be stretched to the edge of breaking. Please pray for the staff and all the others that care for these beautiful children. Their lives depend on it. Also pray for us as we begin our journey home. There are many miles and many hours of sitting on planes and waiting in airports. Pray for Pastor John as he orchestrates moving 21 people halfway around the world. Please forgive us when we get home and wish we were back here.
Till we get home, Bryan


Today was our last full day and what a day! Care packages, singing, hugs and laughter filled every moment. I needed a day like today. Yesterday, I found out first thing in the morning that my grandfather passed away. It has been difficult to deal with this loss while being away from my family but I feel so blessed to have my church family here with me. I know I am right where I am supposed to be and I feel that this year God has revealed to me how grief stricken and just how much loss is felt in the communities. There is a couple staying at Asante where we are staying who help kids at the care points deal with grief and loss and teach them about healing. They are such a wonderful couple and are doing amazing things with the kids! To all the Canadians who have a special friend here in Swaziland, these kids love you and appreciate you so much! Thanks for being a reliable source of love and support for these children. God really knew what he was doing when He planted these care points in our hearts. To my family, I’ll be thinking about you and praying lots! Love you and see you soon!
Amy Robertson 

20 thoughts on “Enaleni Day #3

  1. Hey Swaziteam,

    Much strength for tomorrow as you say your final good-byes. Have a great time on the safari and we pray for your safe return to all of us. We can’t wait to hear all your stories.
    Amy R., Erik and I are praying for you and your family. May you feel God’s loving arms around you and carrying you through these tough days ahead. We love you.
    Take care team. See you on the flip side.

  2. Hi Bryan, praying for you all as you say your goodbyes & for a safe trip home. I know you’ll be leaving part of your heart behind again. See you soon, Love Mom

  3. Praying you are all having a restful sleep and will have strength and courage for your goodbyes and until next times. Quite a few sad faces in this group of pictures. Tomorrow will be difficult for you but try to remember the impact you have all had on these children, their families, the gogo’s and Makes, Pastor Peter, Precious, Jumbo and Kreik. God is at work and you all have had the privledge of joining Him on the journey and transformation that is happening on both sides of the world. How cool is that? I would love to be able to participate the way you have, but I think I will have to remain an armchair quarterback.
    Have a wonderful time on your safari and take pictures Bren, I may want to change up my animal pics from last year.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Love Cheryl

  4. Wow! It’s hard to believe that you’re in the homestretch. I have loved following the blog and seeing pictures of those beautiful people. Enjoy the safari and hopefully those spiders stay on the outside of the nets and NOT on the inside:)

  5. Hi Monica. We’ve been following along with your time in Swaziland. Thinking and praying for you and the team. Have a safe journey home. Can’t wait to hear all about your time there.

    Tammy and family

  6. Hi Swaziteam: May God continue to bless you all as you bring His word to the children in Swazi. May He bless you with safe travel and good health as you make your way to the safari and eventually your way home. Hope too that you get to see some of God’s awesome creatures on the safari, the BIG 5!
    To our Amy, we love you and look forward to seeing you soon. You sound great. It gives us peace to know that you are surrounded by the love and prayers of your church family. You are very much in our hearts and thoughts Honey, much love Mom & Dad. Fais de beaux reves. XO XO

  7. spiders are coming in the dark… Haley conveniently reminded me of the spider song. 🙂 just for you Kailey. Hopefully you’ll get this before you set out on your Swazi safari. Amy R. love the picture with you and your special friend – so beautiful. Nice to see all the guys hard at work – building up some muscle! I bet those muscles are sore!! Love all the pictures – It will be hard to say goodbye – but I suspect you all are in need of a big long rest to re-energize. The safari will be a great time to enjoy nature – slow down the pace a bit and provide some much needed time of reflection alone and together. I hope you get to see the typical African animals – lion, elephant, giraffe, wildebeast, hippos, meerkats… you know the whole madagascar gang. make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the dieing holes – ok – corny i know – but i love the movie 🙂 Can hardly wait to give you a great big hug at the airport. Get lots of rest on the plane. See you soon. We’ll be praying for safe travels, health, sleep and good food. love you lots T. xoxoxox

  8. I love the painting you started on the kitchen. The bright colours and characters depicted are hopeful, and widely varied. Good job.

    Thank you for your faithfulness in posting. I’m so glad each evening when the kids and I look at the day’s pictures and discuss what you’re doing. Even here in Canada you are shaping lives as they see your servant hearts in action. Way to go team!

  9. Hey SwaziTeam 2012!

    Well done!!!!…and on behalf of your church family a half-a-world-away…THANK YOU!

    Thank you for all the blog entries and stories! (You have re-ignited our hearts for Enaleni and Bhobhokazi).

    Thank you for all the pictures! (In a small way…you brought Swaziland to us).

    Thank you for pushing yourselves! (To learn Saswati. To dig a little deeper and throw that pick ax a little higher. To serve when you felt sick or exhausted and to love those you have never met).

    Thank you for loving those kids and adults on our behalf! (For the extra efforts to connect us to our ‘special friends’.

    Thank you for allowing your hearts to be woven into the hearts of the poor! (and for allowing your hearts to ache and feel some pains that you wouldn’t feel if you hadn’t chosen to give your life away).

    But it’s not over yet! You still have a half day at Enaleni…a safari…a drive to JoBerg and a WHOLE LONG PLANE RIDE HOME! (Squeeze the joy out of every minute!)

    Looking forward to seeing you on on Saturday night! (and hoping i can get 2 weeks of dishes, laundry and house cleaning done by then).

    Carolyn…today i really missed holding your hand while we drive. Can’t wait to do that on the way home from the airport.

    Love you guys!


  10. Hi guys,
    Well this might be my last post before you get home. Fist I would like to say to Amy R how sorry I am to hear about the passing of your Grandfather. It is so hard to not be there with your family. I will be praying for you in a special way. Bryan and the painting crew you guys did a great job!!! It looks amazing I hope you get to finish it. And the picture of you Brysn and our little guy when you gave him his care package was sooo good made me cry. But the two of you looked so happy.
    Jon thanks so much for posting the pictures. Jon and Carolyn thanks so much for leading and caring for the wonderful group of people.
    Can’t wait to see you all! Enjoy your last morning there and enjoy the safari.
    Bryan see you in 3 more sleeps.

  11. Praying that the few hours left at Enaleni will be precious tomorrow! Thank you for sharing your days and hearts with us on the blog. We’ve appreciated the time it takes for you to keep us in the loop! Safe travels as you return back to your loved ones who I know have missed you. I do hope that our Machawe was around to get the pair of shorts Layla said he needed so badly… oh how she wishes she was there with you. She’s been at home for just over two weeks now, and the stories and memories she shares are so precious. Swazi has stolen her heart, as I see it has also stolen your! Thank you for giving of yourselves to our Swazi Family.

  12. Looks like you had yourself a young gaboon viper!!! how exciting but I’m sure Allison had it identified asap!! same kind of snake that bit that guy in the face here in winnipeg a few years ago. Thanks so very much for sharing all your stories and pictures!( the nerdy zoologist in me is living vicariously through them!) see you soon Allison!!! hope you are feeling better!!!


  13. hey Mom, sorry I haven’t written anything sooner, hope you’ve been having a great time, but you always do so I’m not worried. Gus and I are going to his first juvi class in about an hour so I am gonna get a walk in first. Also wanted to let you know i was offered a full time position which i accepted. (someone was fired)
    anyway love see you Saturday


  14. Hey team! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. As some previous team members have mentioned, it was bittersweet to follow along from home; however, am so thankful for the technology that allows us to cheer you on, see the pictures of what’s happening and being able to “like” Shelley’s facebook updates about this trip 🙂
    Have an awesome time at (Mhkaya? Mkhaya? Makhaya? Mhakhya?) the game park and on your safari. If you’re sitting on the back bench in the jeep, mind the golden orb spiders and their shiney webs in the trees.
    Amy Robertson – lots of love to you, my friend. Will give you an extra shout-out in my prayers. *hugs*
    Still praying for the team’s safe return and some peace of mind to absorb all that you have done, think about new friends you have made, and reflect on the experiences that have changed you. Also, will pray that your time in Chicago Airport is brief. But if it isn’t, you can buy $10 Chicago t-shirts at Hudson News that make for a great pajama top and souvenir. 🙂

  15. Hi Team,
    THANK YOU for sharing your hearts, energy, and love with the people at the care points!!! It helps us to feel more connected to our special friend and to the care points in general. Reading the blog is a great reminder of the amazing ways that God works in each of you and through each of you to touch the lives there. You’ve been writing on their hearts the truth of God’s love and as much as I wish I could be there in person, I’m deeply grateful that you are there representing us and taking the time to take us along on your journey. Your efforts in writing, keeping us updated and posting the pictures is something that has left me ‘wowed’, teary-eyed, and filled with prayer. Thank you. We’ll be praying for the people at the care points, Pastor Peter and Precious… but also for you as you struggle with your emotions in saying goodbye. Safe travels…looking forward to hearing so much more in person when you get back!
    blessings to each of you,
    Rena (Rod&Jayden)

    p.s. Shelley, I’m thinking of you in a special way as you say goodbye to the team and continue on in your journey…I’ll look for the updates and be in touch

  16. p.s.s.
    Amy, you don’t know me but I wanted to send a short note your way after reading your blog comments…I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry and am thinking of you as you grieve the passing of your grandfather. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be dealing with that when you can’t be with your family…I’m thankful that you’re surrounded by your church family and are being loved and supported. I’m thankful that God blessed you with the kind of day that you needed. May God give you strength, peace and wrap you in His love as you anticipate getting home and spending time with family


  17. Hey guys. Just wanted to say YA Team! Sounds like u guys had the TIME of your lives out there! Have been following all throughout your time there and been enjoying every once of it. I also thank you for all your efforts there in your works and amazing job well done. I am and will continue to pray for each one of you throughout the remainder of your journey. God bless.


  18. Deborah, Well done good and faithful servant. Will be praying for you and your teams return to Canada. God Bless.

  19. HEY SWAZI’S 2012!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re probably just getting to Joburg (OR Tambo) Airport right about now….if the drive went well!!! 😉
    I just wanted to say hi & I miss u already!!! I went to my room, had a good cry, then organized the first aid kits for the CP’s. I then got to visit w/ the d-team & leadership academy as they had their farewell at Asante….so that was LOVELY!!!!!
    I finally ate lunch/supper around 4:00 & now feel like crashing!!!!
    I’m excited to stay back this week, but wanted u to know I will miss being with y’all!!!! 🙂 🙂
    Praying for a safe journey & travelling mercies for all of you, as u head.back to Canada!!!
    LOVE YOU’s!!!!!
    🙂 Shelley

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