Enaleni Church…..a visit to the market….a wonderful day!

First of all, for those wondering about Bonnie’s marriage proposal….join the club….I too am wondering….as the story goes, Bonnie was on her way home from a home visit when she encountered this man.  Apparently it was love at first sight….he wanted a photo with her and this is what came of it…..

Oh Bonnie 🙂

Well….again…what a day!  We had a much needed evening off last night and just enjoyed connecting with each other, catching up on sleep, and watching some live music playing at the restaurant attached to the place we are staying.  We had a chance to sleep in a little bit today (leaving at 9:20AM) so that just helped everyone rejuvenate just a bit.  Then….we were off.  Off to church at Enaleni.  We were really excited and anticipating this experience of worshipping together.  We knew that so many of you were joining in this experience as we brought small portion of Riverwood to join them.

We found out yesterday that they were doing baptisms at the service and so we headed out a bit earlier to join them for this.  They do their baptisms before their church service and they have a baptismal tank built into the ground outside the church.  They had filled the water up earlier that day and there were 6 people getting baptized.  It was actually funny because the water was super cold….so they all were quite audibly experiencing the immersion in frigid waters….a fitting Canadian version I guess.  It was really fun to see these people mark their lives there and to witness this.

Church was awesome as always!  Lots of great singing…lots of rhythm and movement….some not so graceful by a few of us 🙂  We could tell how meaningful it was for them to have us together worshipping with them.  I had the chance to preach today and it was really fun.  I love preaching through a translator because you speak one sentence and then have a few minutes to think about the next one you are going to say…..but it was so good to be able to share God’s word with our brothers and sisters there.  I spoke on Ephesians 5  and Matthew 5, challenging us all to live as chidden of the light that were once in darkness….and that as those that have the light, we are to bring that into the darkness around us.  This is also what we have been talking about with the kids all week.

At the end of the service, they invited all of our team up on stage to put a Swazi flag on them as a gift of thanks.  It was really meaningful for all of us!  Then we served the whole church Chicken Dust!  So fun and they loved it.  We actually ran out and some of the kids had to share and our team just made some peanut butter sandwiches after because there were so many of the kids joining us for church.  It was such an honour to serve them lunch.

Following the lunch we all had the opportunity to head off to a much anticipated visit to the market for the afternoon.  Everyone loved shopping, and wished they had a bit more time….but they had a solid couple of hours so that’s plenty for me!!  I managed to do some serious power shopping and restock some of our market supplies.

We had a really meaningful debrief tonight.  There is so much God is doing in each of our hearts….lots of breaking…moulding…softening…and changes taking place.  It is really a privilege to witness this happening….and to be a part of it.

I had a pretty emotional day personally.  After the service I was talking with Precious (Pastor Peter’s wife) who is very connected to the children at our care points.  I asked her how my little boy was doing.  I have noticed his health has been better this year and his sores are healed up.  We know that he is HIV positive but I was really encouraged at how his health was thriving this year.  She let me know something that just broke my heart….our boy lives with his aunt and uncle because his mom is not really in the picture and neither is there a dad around.  His aunt and uncle have been such tremendous caregivers.  Well, Precious let me know that just two weeks ago his aunt (primary caregiver) passed away.  My heart broke.  I found myself welling up with the emotions of how real this poverty is….asking questions like when will the sad stories end?  It feels like it just is not fair….and today this was very personal for me.  My heart is breaking for my little boy and his sister who at such a young age are having to deal with these issues.

Yet I know that this means we need to have even more resolve to continue what we are doing….giving these children a place of stability, of love, of acceptance, and a place that they can discover God’s amazing heart of love for them.

It feels like such a short time ago that last year my wife and I were sitting with his aunt and uncle talking to them about how we are praying for them, how much we care and how much we love our little boy and his sister.  Yet in such a short time she has been stolen away from them.

One thing that was really meaningful is that Precious said that she brought some of the church members to their house right after it happened to process and care for them and to pray with them.  I am so grateful that the Enaleni care point and church has this heart to care for these children in need.  We must resolve to continue investing into these things we are doing!

On the flip side, afterwards I had a breakthrough with my little guy and his 3 friends.  Our little guy is very shy and  a bit reserved….and in all the previous trips it takes a couple of days for him to feel like he feels confident enough to fully play…..but today I sat down with him for lunch and as he got up I caught his eye….and it is the same look that I have with my two little boys….that look that says, “I’m gonna get you”….I proceeded to chase him around the playground, with him hiding behind posts, running way from me as best he could all the while hoping to get caught….his friends joined in and pretty soon I had four little boys I was chasing all around the care point catching them….and hiding behind cars, bathrooms, and in the big pile of tires left over from our ATV track.  It was a solid 30 minutes of pure fun and laughter and it was just as I experience with my own boys at home.  I am so grateful.

Anyway, it has been a great day.  It has been a sad day….it has been a rich day of experiences that will mark me for life.  I feel incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to lead and guide this team alongside Carolyn through these experiences and even more grateful to walk through this personal journey with them.  I miss my family today….wishing my wife was here to share these emotions with.

We look forward to the next few days.  We appreciate you journeying with us.  Back to Bhobokazi tomorrow for a great day of connecting with our children there!

Below is our team members thoughts from the past couple of days….there has been a lot of experiences so there is lots to share today!

Till tomorrow….


Just want to send out a huge thank you to all my family and friends who have been posting on the blog. I can’t tell you how much your words mean to me at the end of a long day. I came down with a cold shortly after we arrived here, and that has really been my greatest challenge so far. I can’t cuddle with the little kids, and it’s really taking a lot of self discipline to stay away from them! It hasn’t been quite as difficult to keep myself away from the work projects ;-), but I really WAS looking forward to that too. Please pray that I will recover in time to get in some more cuddles before we leave. Even so, this trip has been amazing so far. Church today pushed me WAY outside my comfort zone, and it turned out to be well worth the initial discomfort! We sang and danced and hugged (yes, I actually did all those things!), and at the end of the service the Enaleni ladies presented us each with a Swaziland flag. I got to see Mthandazo today too, and meet his mother (when we went on the home visit, the lady who I thought was his mother was actually an older sister). Sorry this post is a bit jumpy. I have so many more things to say, but I really need to go to bed, and turn this computer over to someone else. Can’t wait to share stories and pictures with you guys in person, and hopefully on the blog again too!

Church was so much fun today. I love how welcome we are and how we are encouraged to be so involved in the service. Jon gave a great message about shining God’s light which fit in perfectly with our VBS program. I could tell that it had a huge impact on some of the Swazis attending the service. Jon asked members of the church who were experiencing darkness in their lives to stand so that members of the Riverwood team could pray over them. That had to be my favourite part of the service. The two women I prayed over were overcome with emotions and were so grateful. One of the women requested prayer for her daughter Happy who is extremely ill. It was heartbreaking but such an amazing way to connect and serve out here. We got to hit the market today as well which was very successful. Knate I saw Noncedo and talked with her a bit. She is totally coming out of her shell. Mom, Dad, and Beau I have been having a hard time getting my e-mail to work out here and only sometimes get reception to send the odd text but I miss you!! Yvonne I have tried to track down both girls but I think I only have pictures of one so far! Thank you all for the prayers!
Amy Robertson

I am so sorry that I have not been In much contact with you folks but I have been very busy making wedding plans. It was honestly love at first sight and we are both very wild over each other. Pj has offered to marry us.  My big day is on monday. I have my wedding dress, it is a Canada flag. Now onto other issues in my life, church African style is out of this world. We have a lot to learn from them, you all thought that I could never sit still in riverwood well you should of seen me let loose today. I did my best to behave but you know me it doesn”t last too long. I also want to say a HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone who loves me so much to of blessed me with a love offering to help me to bring the love of JESUS from ya all out to the people, children and my true love of Swaziland. You have no idea of how beautiful and precious These souls are. I came on behalf of you all. Evie and Joshua and all of my precious kid zone gang thanks for your love and prayers. I feel them all the way out here to Africa.Thank -you to everyone who has sent a blog to me or Carolin, they mean the world to me.  Cheryl it was so cool to hear from you and you are so right you can never have to much fun in life no matter where you are. I love and pray for you also.  Any chance of a coffee date when I get home? I am also open to any other coffee dates to anyone else.  Please everyone pray and blog pj (pastor Jon) to bless us his favorite (as he says) with more shopping time. I have really seen a totally different side to him….I kid you not he has made me earn points for even the smallest favor like 1 hour of shopping time.  Our amazing leader Carolyn who really does know Jesus has made sure I get at least a bit more shopping time.

Today was also a very bitter sweet day for me as I was really missing my mom who I lost a few years ago as it would of been her birthday today. But it was an amazing day to of been able to honor her in different ways and to celebrate her by living out my dream of being in Africa.  She knew how much I wanted to have this experience.  I even had the chance to wear her last stick of lip stick to church.  It is PINK of all colours!  Love, thoughts and prayers.

26 thoughts on “Enaleni Church…..a visit to the market….a wonderful day!

  1. Wow–what a wonderful day you have had. you are such a blessing and being so blessed all at the same time– proud of all of you and so glad you are there to bring the love from all of us here to our sister church there. it is moving to read what you write. Jon–what a heartbreak to hear of what your little guy and his sister have had to go through. thanks for sharing your heart with us–love you lots. Sue (Mom).

  2. Congratulations, you are now a part of a select group of lucky people that have had the privelege of joining with our Swazi family for one of the most profound church services you will ever be blessed to attend. I remember the experience to be one of the most amazing and life altering of my life. I am so glad that you are all giving and leaving all that you can to our brothers and sisters in Swaziland. May God bless you all and keep you safe in His loving arms for the remainder of your amazing journey. P.S. Leanne, please hug Busi for all of us back home whose hearts she has stolen. Thanks and blessings to all of you for giving your time and your hearts to this amazing endeavor. Ronnie Bonani

  3. Great job Swazi Team! It has been a thrill following your adventure! The photos and stories are wonderful!
    Mom—We miss you very much, and are eagerly awaiting your return… Dad is starting to drive us nuts!
    Love you all,

  4. Hey Everyone!! I’m sort of speechless right now, and never really know what to say after reading the blogs. The things you guys are doing over there are so amazing and i feel so proud to be a part of a church that has people like each of you going out sacrificing their time and money to serve. Thank you!
    Well mama you wanted some posts and we gave them to you (although Amy and Carley were exaggerating a bit) I think we’re the ones driving dad crazy, and don’t feel bad for Carley about eating peanut butter sandwiches (she refuses to eat everything i offer to make her) But we still do miss you very much! The home isn’t the same without you here! Love you tons!

  5. Hey team! I can’t believe it’s already been a week. It feels as though you all have been gone for so much longer, though it might only seem like you’ve been gone for just a few days. Am continuing to pray for you all that you are kept safe and energized as you continue serving those communities.
    Jon – your story of yours and Kelly’s special friend broke my heart. I will pray for him and his family as they learn how to press on, and for you and Kelly as this has an impact on you two as well. God bless Precious! She is an amazing Christian woman.
    Hope you all had a great rest and another incredible day. If I could paraphrase Wayne Siemens’ (aka: Waybo to the 2011 team) prayer he said in church today, it would be: Thank you so much for saying YES to God asking you to step outside of your life and serve where you are needed. Your obedience and sacrifice is life-changing and inspiring to many.

  6. Hello Everyone!! Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse of what it means to be in Swaziland! I can’t seem to get the pictures of the little ones carrying their “loot” bags home after the party day. Although I was happy to see them carrying home the much needed cabbage and their candy’s the age and size of some of them just broke my heart to think that they have to walk 45 mins to get home some of them. which is why it’s so wonderful that you get to love on them when you are out there but also that we can pray for their protection and safety. Although there is this heartbreak there are all the smiling faces! The pure joy that the pictures show us well that can only be God’s light shining over everyone there. Including you. Debbie I chatted with Madeline today asking her how she was doing while you were away and how her dad was doing. She shrugged her shoulders and said alright with a shy grin. I know that she misses you but I told her that I was praying for you all. Bonnie!!! You can’t marry anyone out there and not come home. I miss you!! LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your smiling face in the pictures with the kids! I know they will never forget you because you are such a wonderful person. I can’t wait to hear all your stories!! I am sure that I could go on and on!! Enjoy your final week there…praying for you always,

  7. Jon, we pray with and for you today. I’m praying that knowing you are making a difference in this little boy’s life even though he has other struggles will bring you strength. Swazi team 2012, you truly are God’s hands as you minister to the children in Swaziland. Blessings to you all. I love to read your blog updates and see how God is working in each of your lives. God is so good all the time isn’t he? Looking forward to hearing your testimonies when you return.
    Bonnie, have your met Thandolwethu Khumalo at Enalani yet? Just wondering. Bonnie, it is great to read your blog updates and tell the guy who is pursuing you, he can’t have you as you have to come home to us! lol

  8. Woo, woo Swaziland shirts for sale today! I’m gonna be rockin’ my Swazi threadz all week (If I can figure out how to work that cloths cleaning machine in the basement, if not I guess I’ll be stinky by the end of the week, j/k). Hey, Swazi Threadz would be a great name for a line of urban wear, XXL t-shirts only. Oh, and how ’bout some Swazi Snapbacks, the epic students would be all over that, pastor Jon you should look into it. Seriously though, it’s awesome to hear that you guys had a great Sunday, I’m pretty jealous, it sounds like tons of fun. Allison we here at the Penner zoo all miss you tons (yes i’ve been feeding your animals). The cat must really miss you, this morning she was sleeping right next to the dog, that’s how lonely she’s getting! I have pictures to prove it. My mom and dad send their love. Mom’s been following the blog and eagerly awaits any pictures of you that get posted. We’ve all been praying lots for you to get better. I’m glad to hear you’re still having a great time. I noticed Carolyn got a message from the dog. I tried to get Danny to do the same but he’s all thumbs with the keyboard, which is wierd ’cause he doesn’t even have thumbs, plus he mostly just tried to eat it. Anyway, he says hi. Love and miss you so much – Jordan

  9. Wow, another fantastic blog that gave me a glimpse into what you are experiencing there. There is so much excitement in seeing the pictures, seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, hearing about the great things that are going on…and yet, when I read about Jon and Kelly’s special friend, it’s a reminder of the stark reality of difficulties they experience. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your day Jon…it’s such a reminder of why the team’s willingness to say ‘yes’ is so important and how God’s love can have such an impact on their lives. Jon, I was saddened along with you to hear about yours and Kelly’s special friend. I can imagine how heavy your heart is feeling about that situation and will definitely say an extra prayer for your little boy and his sister, as well as for you as you give extra cuddles and love to your little guy.
    I know that all of you are pouring your heart into the work that you’re doing and I’m so proud of our Riverwood team…but I just wanted to encourage you as you also give a piece of your heart away by simply loving these kids…I know that what children remember most is the way that you make them feel…that’s what they’ll always carry with them. I love the example of chasing and hiding…a simple, fun children’s game but for that little guy and his friends it will have given them a few minutes of pure child like fun, a reason to laugh and a feeling of being valued. All the cuddles you are all sharing with them, the time you are taking to talk and really listen to them, to smile and get down to their level…God is truly working through you and that feeling is something that connects at the heart level.

    Bonnie, love the picture! 🙂
    Doug, Rod says a big ‘hello’ and we’re thinking and praying for you a lot! So great to see you there and we loved reading your individual blog…thank you!!
    Shelley, I love the pics of you! Thank you so much for getting a picture of Andile…I know that it’s hard to get a shot for everyone who wants one and I wasn’t really expecting that you’d get the chance but I absolutely love seeing such a clear, upclose picture of her! I got teary eyed seeing her and you together…I was sharing with Rod how glad I was that you took one of her but that you also took one of her and you because in a strange way it made it all feel so much more real for me…the two worlds meeting, my friend here hugging our special friend in Swaziland on our behalf. I continue to pray for you and love reading your updates!

    be blessed team!
    Rena (&Rod, Jayden)

  10. Hey Team! It looks like you guys had a fun day LOVE seeing the smiles on the kids faces…Jon ill be praying…Tell Amy Roebuck that i say Hello and also Sam and Kailey :)…Hope you all have a good day tomorrow and also you guys have a good nights rest!..Oh yeah Amy Roebuck i went to the fair today at the mall and i couldn’t go on the tilt a whirl cause it would not be the same without you it wouldn’t be fun! :D…Miss you guys Hope to see a post from Sam and Amy Roebuck and everyone else who didn’t post yet 🙂

  11. Jon, as I was reading your incredible blog something amazing happenned, I felt God’s presence right here
    in front of me & tears of joy, saddness, & incredible love for your special little boy and his sister over whelmed
    me. I’m still shaking, it’s amazing and scary at the same time. Your little guy and his family is so loved by God
    and all of us back here at Riverwood, as is everyone else there in Swaziland. I feel so blessed to be a part
    of this incredible journey God has sent us on. I am so proud of each and everyone of you for all you are
    doing for each and everyone you come in contact with. The pictures say it all. God’s light is shining so
    bright over our 2 care points right now that you can see for miles and miles and it will only get brighter.
    Well my prayer for all of you is that you can keep up your wonderful work and this next week is even
    more incredible, can’t wait to hear all the stories when you get back.

    Debbie Pook

  12. Wow Allison that is a great photo today of you getting a Swazi flag! Do you get to keep it?? What a souvenir that would be! We are sorry to hear you have had a cold and pray that you will feel better day by day! Mom is happy to hear you are singing and dancing in church – she tried to get me to dance tonight too but what’s new. We are having a very good time with Nicole and Tony and went to a R&B concert in a small place in Ann Arbor ( led to the dancing attempt). Jordan would have like this crazy guy on the guitar (James Hunter)
    Tomorrow back to Wpg. Love and prayers, Dad and Mom

  13. I’m so sorry Jon that I didn’t get a chance to talk with you in depth tonight with the company here. You seemed really heavy and burdened by lutketfos aunt’s death and the harsh realities for those children. It really scared me as I was explaining the situation to Conner and Aidan at bedtime. I couldn’t imagine the two of them without a ‘mother’ figure or worse no care giver at all. We are so blessed here in Canada. The boys and I prayed long tonight (and Aidan layed still for the whole prayer:)) for lutketfo and Thembuso, their homestead and remaining family and care givers, and for their health. If there is no one to make sure they both get their HIV meds, then what kind of life will they have? Yikes. We pray every night for you. Even though the boys don’t seem interested to talk on the phone with you, I know they are missing you lots. We look forward to your return next weekend and have started the sleep countdown. (maybe more for me then for them?:))

    Jon, enjoy your last week there and hopefully take more time to better connect than worrying about the details. More pictures of Shelley please. Is she even there? (j/k. I’ve been following her updates and pics on Facebook, but seriously, more pics of her with your awesome camera! I love you tons!…6 more sleeps!


  14. Hey Swazi team!

    It is a bittersweet experience to be on the other side of things this year. I find that every evening as I sit down and read the blog God re-breaks my heart …only to fill me up again. I also remember how encouraging and reviving reading these posts were last year so I feel extra pressure to make this post a good one 🙂

    Many of you don’t know who I am but I just wanted to encourage you all tonight as you are listening to Jon/Carolyn reading this… you are doing amazing work in this nation and God is doing amazing work in you. Be blessed tonight knowing that you are changing the course of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Every hug, prayer, act of kindness, bible story and awkward moment just sitting in silence with someone is making a tangible difference. You are the hands and feet of Christ. If you allow him too he will stretch you and grow you in ways you never thought possible for yourself.

    Matthew 25:35-40 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

    Be blessed everyone and know that so many of us are praying for you all! Keep pouring it out everyday because the Lord will surely fill you up again each morning. Thank you all for sharing your hearts with us and taking us along for the ride.

    P.s Amy I was so excited to read that you had the opportunity to pray for those women! What an incredible way to connect deeper!! I miss you and love you. Keep rockin’ it like I know you will.

    Hug some kids for me ❤

    -Steph Pohl

  15. Wow!
    Way to go Swazi team. I am sure you are tired from long days and emotions and more but sleep well and keep giving! Love the pictures and reading what you have been up to each day.
    Carolyn … You are dearly missed in your home as I asked the girls “how’s it going” they all say how much you are missed! 🙂 I am sure Todd is doing a great job but he is a wreck without you!!:)
    Keep the posts coming!
    Church was great today here but I did wonder how a service there would be!

  16. I must tell you the high point of my day is reading this before I turn in for the evening. So where you are, it’s 6am, and you are beginning to start a new day. 🙂
    I have had a day full of adventures, and lavish outpouring of God’s grace on my family. This is my prayer for each of you today. That God would use you to be Jesus to someone today, to shower them with love just because they are His children. Not because they’ve done anything to earn it.

    Thank you Bonnie for your obvious JOY!!! I love seeing the pictures of your amazing smile, and hearing your posts. I’m smiling with tears of joy right now as I write.

    Keep up the good work team, I am praying for your health, and that today would be a day full of grace, love, and fun.


  17. So good to be able to read each day what you are up to over in Swaziland. To Kailey and Danielle, we are gathered around the computer at small group looking for pictures of you guys and reading how your day was. Melissa says she loves the picture of you guys dazed out (in the background). Jason says please give Precious and Peter a big hug from him. Julia says “….squirrel!!!”
    Hi this is Julia… Char was typing too slow and making too many mistakes so I stole the computer from her 😛 muahahaha! Kailey how are you doing?? I had sent a message earlier asking how the gluten situation is going. Danielle!! Have you gotten any sleep? We are praying for you both (and Chimpu) and love you two very much. Char wants to know if Chimpu is being a good monkey… don’t be afraid to discipline him. He occasionally needs his timeouts.
    Hey, this is Melissa now! We miss you guys! House group isn’t the same without you. We all look forward to seeing you at Sunday group if your feeling up to it (except me, not that I don’t look forward to seeing you but I wont be there)
    Well we’re getting distracted now and talking about brain waves…….. not sure what that is. Well it’s 11:30pm now and Char and Jay are chasing us out with a broomstick now. Ciao
    Katrina says “Is there any work there?”
    Elizabeth says “hugs and drugs”…I think she likes that saying from our housegroup…..you will have to explain that to everyone else there….(please – no wonder why our group keep growing)….lol
    Love you guys!!!

  18. Hey Team!

    Loved being at Riverwood this morning…and you were each missed…but also wishing i was with you at Enaleni Church! Thanks for representing us so well…and thanks for refreshing our passion for the wonderful people of Swaziland!

    Praying you into your next week! Dig deeper! Give more! Build stronger relationships…encourage one another…and continue to let God flow thru you!

    Cheering each of you on!

    – t

  19. Dear Swazi team keep up your wonderful efforts at having God’s light shine on through you all.
    I was sorry to hear of the loss of the beloved auntie, it does sound as thought this family is feeling God’s peace and the support from those around them.
    Dear Amy Elizabeth, you sound awesome and like you are having a great time fulfilling God’s service to the folks in Swazi. Don’t sweat the email, thanks for the quick text update:) We miss you and can’t wait to have you back at home and hear about your experiences. It is so wonderful to read the team’s blog, just makes me feel closer to you. We are fine here, puppy growing + just being too cute! Peaches and Ruby say meow, woof. Keep well, eat well + get good rest, Love you, Mom

  20. hi swazi team great to hear how your day was hope you ave a good day at bhobokazi share the light of jesus with those beuatiful children. danielle and kailey home group was not the same with you not there. only Julia, Melissa, Katrina and I were there with charlene and jason. Hope to see you next week at home group. Miss you lots and give those kids lots of hugs.

  21. HI to all of the Swazi team , MY Prayers are with all of you. . i love all the pictures and the updates on both care points , Blessings to all of you .

  22. ADAM and LEEANN So proud of of you guys! Looks like you are having an awesome time! I am so happy you could do this trip together, what an amazing experience for a couple to share! I miss you and I hope the monkey’s aren’t getting you LeeAnn! hehe! Give Mlondi a big hug from us! Praying for you always!

  23. Hey Team,

    Great stories and beautiful pictures! Your days sure have been full! Continuing to pray for you all that the joy of the Lord will be your strength as you spend time with our friends in Swaziland.
    Amy Roebuck – the Sens head into game six tonight with a 3-2 series lead. Praying that they win and we’ll have good news for you tomorrow 🙂


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