Enaleni Day 2!

What a day!  A great second day…..we had a few early risers (10 of us) that headed off to Enaleni a bit earlier to try and get some extra trench digging in and got straight to work.  We had a fun new tool today….a shovel jack hammer….and it sure helped (well mostly helped).  We got busy working on getting the main supply line dug all the way to where the garden will be….as we were digging we new we had to watch for a buried water line that supplied the tap that the gogos and the kids use to cook….and we were careful but thought we had passed the spot where it was.  Unfortunately as our lovely jack hammer was digging we struck water!  Not in a good way….water came bubbling up from underneath and we had pierced the line….and by we I mean me 🙂

All is well though and we had the pipe fixed by the end of the day.  Seriously though….our trench crew did awesome today and we got the main trench finished.  The irrigation installer was there working on installing the new tank that will supply the system.  How exciting!

Connecting with the kids today was so great.  We have just LOVED our time with them and it is so full of laughter, smiles, screams and giggles.  We had a few people get to meet their sponsor children and to go on home visits with them today.  How precious that is for them.  God really is stirring and working in our hearts as we continue to let these kids know how much they are valued and loved.  The little ones are being held…the older ones playing games with us….and you can just see it in their eyes how much this lightens up their life!

Children’s ministry was so fun today.  They had different stations they moved around in….and the games were hilarious.  Adam is doing a great job telling the story and allowing these kids to know the truth of God’s love for them.  And today we did a very special craft in which they decorated a bag that they took home with them.  The wrote on it that they wanted to share God’s light with others and they packed the bag full of matches, candles and soup mix….three things that are very valued here.  The were then to bring it to their families and neighbours and let them know they wanted to share God’s light with them….so neat to see them walking home with these packages.

The team is doing great….they are investing themselves so fully into this experience….drinking in every moment with the kids.  If you have a special friend here (what we call sponsors) please know that they are being loved on like crazy.

Also, we are getting really excited about Saturday’s party day….the plans are coming together.  We have arranged for a few big things….we are going to serve Chicken Dust for lunch….we have 3 big bouncing structures coming, we have rented ATV’s that are child sized that the kids will get to drive on (4 of them) and today a truck showed up loaded full of tires to build the track that they will run with them!  Carolyn thinks I’m crazy for letting the kids run a course on a motorized vehicle…..but I think it will be pretty fun…..we’ll see 🙂  There is going to be a pile of kids there!

Very proud of the team we have here.  Had a great day….you will see another post later with some of the team members blogs for the evening….I’m just posting this blog a bit early as we are having an AMAZING Bbq supper hosted at Jumbo and Kriek’s place tonight….and they have faster internet….so today I don’t need to be up too late uploading pictures 🙂

Thanks for the continued prayers….and all the comments are so encouraging.  The team loves hearing from their loved ones and we love having our church following along.

Until tomorrow….and our first day at Bhobokazi which we are so looking forward to…..blessings!


22 thoughts on “Enaleni Day 2!

  1. Looks like another amazing day! Once again the pictures give us a glimpse of what you are up to and the beautiful kids. Love them – keep them coming!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying a bbq – hopefully some if it is gf. Bonnie – your smile and your hair cracks me up – you fit right in with those kidlets. Love the 3 girls on the swing – the more the merrier. Carolyn and Kailey – hope your getting enough sleep – praying for you. Sounds like Saturday will be a banner day – keep having fun and sharing the hugs. Oh Kailey – and remember – you are a 30 cow wife!! No bartering. love you lots honey – so glad you’re having such an amazing time.

  2. I love seeing all the pictures and the fun you all are having with the children. I am very glad that everything is going well and the party sounds like a lot of fun. Danielle you look like you are still working hard! Praying for you and the team that everything continues to go well and that God blesses you all in the work you are doing. Take care.

  3. Wow Jon – great photo’s…..sitting here at my desk at Riverwood in tears…..how precious are those little faces…….
    Hey – where’s Carolyn? Did you lose her? or is she avoiding the camera! 🙂 Have a good sleep and and AWESOME day 3!

  4. As I sit here, and read your posts and look at the pictures. My mind is flooded with memories of my time in Swaziland. I pray that you will have a life changing experience. I love looking at the pictures and seeing the happiness in kids faces knowing that they are getting a glimpse of God’s love through your time and hugs. I am praying for all of you and specifically for the team members I know personally. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s pictures as well. My special friend is at Bhobohkazi so it’s exciting for me that you are going there tomorrow and hope that everyone will have a special day. I guess a part of me is also hoping that someone will know where Zhodwa went as I know she doesn’t attend anymore and I get an update on what she is up now. I still pray for her as she comes to mind.

  5. I’ve just read your post and am awed at how God is working in eveyrone’s lives! Bonnnies seems to be in her element with the children! To see all the children and how much fun they are having with the tires and the team is so special. It was heartwarming to see our sponsored child in a couple of pictures. I would hope that someone could give her a hug from Ken and me. Enjoy your time in Swaziland, as you continue doing God’s work andbeing blessed by all the children!

  6. What great pictures!!! The children are absolutely adorable. Excellent work done as well. Danielle I hope you are learning how to dig a garden. I am hoping for your help this summer. Ha! Ha!

  7. JOY!!!I It’s very attractive, everyone, children and our team, look absoulutely gorgeous. Something is missing from your faces, or something is added, I’m not sure which. Don’t know if it’s the stress of living here,, or the pure joy of being there, in the center of God’s will, but team YOU LOOK MAAAAAVELOUS! BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME. I know Jon and Brenda take great photo’s, but I don’t think even you guys can do that. I went through all the pictures twice and I am convinced that the Lord Has given each and every one of you (and Jon) an extra measure or two of good lookin!
    Seriously, the joy and beauty in your faces jumps off my computer screen..

    Great work team and it’s only day 2.

    Thank you all very much.

    Love Cheryl

    P.S. Bren I just talked with Kier. Gus is doing great, only fatality is a cutie orange that he nabbed. She seems to be doing pretty well too. We decided to do dinner on Sunday.

  8. So many familiar faces, my heart is breaking but it’s also filled with joy because I know how much having you all there means to each and every child and they’re loving every minute!
    So proud of the job you’re doing, team!

  9. Beautiful Pictures! So fun to hear the stories and “travel” with you through the blog. You are all in my prayers. Amy Roebuck, you’ve probably already heard that the Sens won last night! We sure missed you on Tuesday evening!

  10. Hi everyone,
    What a great day you have had!! Glad you have the trench dug and are closer to them getting a garden with water! Bryan so glad to see you wearing a hat! I hope you have sunscreen on! Looks like you were doing some damage with that jack hammer. So glad you didn’t hit the water pipe and left that up to Jon! Seriously looks like you guys are doing a great job. The pictures of the kids are so amazing. I haven’t even been there but can see how much they have grown since last year.
    Loving and praying for you all! Take care of each other!

  11. Hi LeeAnn and Adam! I love the picture of you two with Busi Such love between the 3 of you. Have a awesome time a Bhobhokazi tomorrow. Try and see Thokozani and Melusi for us! Love you!

  12. It’s great to see the team having such a great time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all these pictures. Brenda, I miss you, Birthday Buddy. I am eager to reconnect with you. LeeAnn-I didn’t believe it was possible, but you are having a good time without me. Seriously though, it’s great to see you and Adam having such a memorable time together. I love the picture of the two of you in London. Amy Robertson, you look so happy being there. I’m really glad you had the chance to go again. Shelley, it’s nice to see your smiling face. Miss you, my friend. To the rest of the team, thanks for representing Riverwood so well. Praying for all of you.

  13. Just so great to see all these pictures! Those children look so incredibly happy!! Doug, seeing that pic with all those little dark faces around you just made my heart melt! I can see you are enjoying yourself immensely! We are praying that your back will hold up ok…such a bummer that its acting up when you so much would like to be pain free especially now.
    To the whole team…looks like you’re working hard, but enjoying doing so! Enjoy your time in Bhobhokazi, and looking forward to seeing more posts!

  14. Hey Swazi Team,
    Again, these pictures look great. Everyone looks so happy and full of joy.
    Seems to me that the Riverwood teams are meant to be digging every year; trenches for foundations, getting roots out of the ground, trenches for water irrigation, leveling shelter floors…… What’s next??? By the way, keep Jon away from the water pipe (that’s from Yvonne). Anyway, guys and gals, you’re doing an amazing job! Thank you so much for your time and effort. You truly let God do His amazing things through you. We pray God will strengthen your bodies and renew your spirits daily. You will start to feel overwhelmed emotionally at some point in the next few days, so remember to rely on Him for your courage and stamina to keep on going. God bless you all!!

  15. Thanks for sharing. Love the pics. Making me miss Bheveni Carepoint in Swaziland. Know what a great experience y’all are having

  16. Glad to here I’m not the only one who experiences “set backs” during work projects. Sounds like the trench was hard work. I’m so excited about the garden and glad to hear the pipe could be fixed so quickly. Alliison it was great to hear from you today. I’m missing you tons, but it just makes me work harder on the house so I can stay distracted. Love you!!

  17. Hi All
    I am so proud of you all! I can see the joy leaping off these children’s faces as they connect with all of you. I also see the joy of the Lord on your faces. I know He is incredibly proud of all of you too. May God continue to bless you with rich times with the children and their families, the Gogo’s, the D-Team, Jumbo and Kriek and the many others you will interact with during your time there. Love the pictures! What beautiful evidence of God’s love pouring out of you into these beautiful children. Great job! I wish I was with my friends there, I have quite a few of you there that I am living vicariously through. (May, Allison, Deborah, Bonnie, and Carolyn). Thank you 🙂

  18. Hi Allison! So wonderful to read your post earlier today, and see you in a picture! Thinking of you often. I am so glad you met your special friend. Tony and I are praying for you and the whole group, and all the kids! Thank you Jon for frequently updating this blog and adding so many photos.

  19. Oh my word! I can’t believe how adorable these kids are! I can’t wait until I’ll be able to go to Swaziland! Their smiles just melt my heart! ❤ Blessings to you all! I'm so glad that you're being touched by the trip! 😀

  20. Hey team, just read through your posts and must say “way to go and Yay God!” And I think the Quads and tire track is a fab idea, Jon! We have a kid-sized quad at the farm and my 8 yr. old grandson lived on it for a week when they visited last summer! Bryan, hope you were able to hug Mcolisi for us at Bhobhokasi. Good job, Bonnie, keep on keepin’ on- we’re praying fir you! Love to all, Pam & Vic

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