Day 2 – further reflections…..

As promised….here are a few reflections from team members…..but before I post those, you must see the amazing artwork that Stephanie (our team artist) created at our BBQ tonight….

Sawabona from Africa.We were all blessed again today playing with the children. So many smiles; cuddles;hugs and giggles. I never dreamt that i could be having so much fun anywhere on this side of heaven. Adam did an amazing job of story telling; the games out of this world and the crafts was about sending candles; matches and soup mix home through all the bushes with the 100 or more kids. Brenda took off on us to go shopping all day today; don’t know what she bought but she did spend all the money. Praise God all the rest of us are doing ok and being well fed. We might all be POOR but God is good. Still not getting used to looking girly. Loe ya all gotta go as PJ [pastor Jon] is always on my case about something or another and i’m doing my best to always be on my BEST BEHAVIOUR.Pray for ME. So I don’t don’t miss anyone except my kidzone kids.


Greetings from Swaziland. The time is flying by so fast. We had our last day of work at Enaleni and it was a good one. We got a jack-hammer to help dig the trench. It was great to have some power after digging with bent shovels and spinny scraper things. There was also a small problem with a water line that crossed the trench and met the jack-hammer. “I didn’t do it”.

The term “many hands make light work” is so true. There was a pair of hands for every shovel and we finished just after lunch today, For the last two days I have been taking pictures of kids doing different things at our daily program. We have been telling the children stories from the Bible and we will use the pictures of them to create a picture story. I can’t wit to see the faces of the kids as they realize they are the stars of the show. I’ve had fun talking to the kids as I take their pictures. The older ones love to ask question about where we live. I have fun telling them about all the snow and freezing cold.

Tomorrow is another day and our first at Bhobokazi. I hope my “special friend” will be there. Apparently there will also be a lot of bricks that need to be laid and I need to call it a night. Till later
Bryan P


Hello from Swaziland. Got up early today to be part of the work crew that went to the care point early. Of course when we got there we didn’t go straight to work but, were able to get in a few hugs first from the kids and I got to play about 20 rounds of ring around the rosey with the pre-schoolers. The jack-hammer made the work go faster and we didn’t have to dig as much through the very hard mud. I even got to use the jack-hammer!!! but… once I dug down was unable to pull the jack-hammer back up…oops! 🙂 One of my favourite part of the day was when I realized that I had my small group leader’s (Char & Jason Ryan) special friend in my group for games and activities in the afternoon. He is super cute and was smiling lots! Another favourite thing was at the end of the day when the children sang one of their songs for us. Such beautiful voices. It was a humbling moment, children with so little blessing us with so much. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings in Bhobokazi.
Danielle VL.


Well it was a pretty great day today at Enaleni. I got to spend some more time with my boy Lungekonke (pronounced loon-gay-konk-ay). He’s pretty shy with new environments etc so it can be interesting with conversation since him and i share that talent (yes, talent).. but it was still very cool none the less. I was also very privileged to visit his home and his mother/brother again. The last year I went in 2010 some of us got to go on home visits with our sponsored children and we able to bring supplies home for the families. I blessed to be able to present these home supplies to Lunge’s Mother. Seems like we’ve been here for so long, but it also seems like the end is coming quickly. Im really happy to see the progress being made with the irrigation project at Enaleni and im excited to see Bhobokazi again, but ive been especially happy to be spending time with all the kids coming through the gates! Looking forward to more!-

18 thoughts on “Day 2 – further reflections…..

  1. I am sitting here reading this after a long day and thinking back to my days in Africa and longing for those days back in 1998 and all of a sudden I don’t feel so tired. What a blessing it is to be there with all the children pouring God’s love into them and having God’s love being poured into your hearts from them. You will never be the same having had the experience of being in Africa and ministering to those children. You are such a blessing to all of us that have been left behind. God bless you for being such willing servants. Praying for your continued protection and growth. Nancy

  2. Hi Bryan –nice to hear from you personally today. Sound like you’re pretty busy. Hope you get to meet your boy.
    Love & prayers, Mom

  3. BONNIEEEE!!! I can imagine that is ringing throughout the days and evenings in each setting, and i am sure you will forever be remembered with all the kids and families you encounter… I can also here you.saying…” oh ok pastor john”… aka PJ LOL.. you make me laugh” … . You bring such joy to so many people you are missed here as well, but ministering your laughter, your kind heart, I am sure you are making such sweet memories and heart moments for these kids and families….. Till next time my friend! keep safe and keep smilin! Blessings Nadine!


  4. Hi Allison! Just sending a shout out letting you know that your small group is reading the blog and thinking of you. We are even eating sushi tonight… Craving some??
    Love love.

  5. Hi again Swazi Team…Just wondering if you guys lost May….Haven’t seen her in any pictures since
    London…if she’s with you give her a big hug for me and from the rest of our small group…sure miss you guys
    but love hereing and seeing all the wonderful things you are doing with God’s help…praying for each
    & everyone of you…can’t wait to here what day 3 brings.

    Lot’s of Love

  6. Hi Allison, Jordan was here for dinner tonight, thursday in Wpg, and showed us a few of the pics you sent him. Love them!! Glad you’re well and enjoying your time there. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and by the posts and pictures I can tell God is doing a great work in and through you guys!! I look forward to the updates each day.

    Lot’s of love
    Mom (Erna)

  7. Stehpanie, saw the sketch. You must be really desperate for your drawing instruments.

    Nice job, looks great. Just goes to show if you have talent it doesn’t matter what tools you have, your talent still shows.

    Love ya, Dad

  8. Hi Allison from Mom and Dad! You wouldn’t believe it but Nana and Papa had to tell me how to post on here! Your adventure there is amazing, and we are so glad to be able to share in it a little in this way. A BIG thank you to those responsible for putting this together. Not many blogs could be this interesting, and even fewer would have such good pictures! We will keep praying for you and your team; the two things that come to mind for me all the time are safety and unity. We are off to see Nicole and Tony tomorrow, and will no doubt be looking in on you again, with them.
    With love and pride, Mom and Dad

  9. Daneille glad to hear that you are doing some amazing work.I am praying for you and Kailey as well as the rest of the team. stay safe and keep loving those kids, they need all the loving they can get.

  10. Good morning Swazi Team! Sounds like you are all having your heart strings plucked and played deeply by the children we have all come to love from a distance. Our family has so much fun looking at your pictures this year and hearing our daughter Layla say, “I know exactly where they are building that garden! I love all those faces! Their voices are so sweet and priceless when they sing, I just want to hug them all right now!” Having returned from Swazi and South Africa only 9 days ago she has “the bug” to return and I can hear in your write-ups that many of you will also be coming face to face with “the bug”. Praying that you all remain healthy and the only bug that you catch will be ” the love bug”!
    Carolyn~ Hope that you are sleeping well… Dr. Oz said the other day that Rooibus tea works well to put one to sleep, and the Rooibos tea in Africa is soo much better than our tea here! Thinking about you, and praying for super-natural energy. Love the picture of you playing with the children and the parachute!

  11. Good Friday morning (for us),

    Getting ready to head off to work. Yeah it’s Friday. I read that Brenda was doing some shopping yesterday. You couldn’t pick a better person to shop. She not only has a calculator implanted somewhere her brain, she will let the cashier know if the cash register got it wrong, she will get everything you need and want and then some things you didn’t know you needed or wanted, but turns out you did need/want them.
    Bren, if you go to the market, turns out Sheree would really love one of those magnetic colorful bracelets like I have, if you have the time.
    Have a blessed evening and I pray you all have a restful sleep, one that repairs and restores your bodies.. Especially for you Carolyn if you have trouble sleeping. Will pray specifically for that.

    Love Cheryl

  12. How very exciting to see first hand how your very presence can affect a community!!!! I simply cannot wait to hear your stories first hand Allison…………seems a lifetime till you return. Also very glad to know your SPICY CHICKEN WINGS will be put to good use!!!! Happy trench digging ;0) and i will leave it at that so every one will ask you “spicy wings…whaaaaat?” LOL!!!!
    Fantastic about the nail polish, and great the boys like it too!!!! Love that!!!

    chat soon!!!

    Mary anne says HI!!!


    ps the seminar was a humungous success!! 67 people on saturday and most who only registered for saturday stayed for sunday too!!!

  13. Hi Danielle,

    Glad to hear that you are doing well and having fun. Andrea is enjoying your car very much. The girls all say hi to you and we are very excited to hear all about your stories. Happy digging, miss you and love you.

    Auntie Vicky

  14. Hi Danielle, Pat Medgyes says hello and to let you know that she is praying for you and the team. Anne Westerik also says hello and sends her love. It was good to read about your day…but even better when we chatted. Looking forward to reading about your adventures today. Love you and Miss you, HUGS!!!! Give Bonnie & Carolyn a hug from me as well!!!
    Love Mom

  15. Thank you for the pictures, and your great testimonies. Please continue to press into God, and obediently love these children for us. We are so blessed that you are there being serving hands and feet, yet you continue to serve by blogging, and posting pictures. !!How great it is to see a bit of what you’re doing. It livens up prayer time for sure! I love to see the pictures of team members interacting with their friends the most. We will never know the whole impact that’s being made, so if all we are seeing is the tip of the iceberg – I’m liking what I see. And I’m going to ask when I get there [Heaven] for God to show me the full effects of what He’s been doing these past few years in Swaziland.

    Way to go team. Be blessed, and healthy, and have fun!!!

  16. Hi Amy
    I have seen the pictures,they are AWSOME. Some are so sweet,like that on of you hugging a child.I hope your having fun. We have a special friend in Bhobhokazi, Lihle Tfwlala, could you please tell him a special hello from my family and that we love him.I really missed you at epic but I’m glad that those kids in Swaziland get to meet you.Im sure its very special to them to have you there. Stay safe and have lots of fun.
    Love Emily Kirouac

  17. Unlike some of the others reading this blog, I have no desire to be in Africa! But I absolutely delight in seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of what you all are doing there. I will be praying for quick healing of sore muscles and extra energy to keep up with all the adorably cute kids. Keep making a difference on behalf of all of us!

    Marilyn Rudge

  18. Dear Amy Elizabeth, we are missing you. We are happy to hear that all is going so well in Enaleni, continued good works.
    Got a huge bear hug tonight from Pepere that I am sharing with you:) He is so strong.
    Had a great surprise visit with Beau (you are a blessing).
    Stripes looks great!
    We love you and look forward to hearing more and seeing more pics of all those beautiful happy people.
    Love Mom. XO

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