Good Morning From Swaziland….off to Enaleni

Hello Canada!  We have all woke up having had a great rest!!  Everyone LOVED having their beds and is ready to hit the ground today.  We’ve enjoyed a wonderful breakfast….some GREAT starbucks coffee….seriously….we are stocked up with VIAS (thanks Ron) and are now boarding the bus to head off to Enaleni.


Oh….and for who was asking…’s the proof of Bonnie in a skirt.  Enjoy.


Well….we are off.  Thanks for your prayers as you wake up.  We look forward to sharing the experience of our first day later on!  Thanks God for getting us here….we are ready!

Jon & the Swaziteam

18 thoughts on “Good Morning From Swaziland….off to Enaleni

  1. My heart is achy right now. I’ve got some serious jealousy issues to work through right now:) Apparently having a baby doesn’t curb the strong desire I have to be there! Which reminds me…someone needs to learn how to tie a baby to their backs so you can teach me! Also, praying that today is/was amazing! I keep trying to picture what you guys are doing based on what time it is there and since it’s 4am here I’ll bet you guys are on that super bumpy road and Shelley’s in the front as to not barf and you’re almost there!!!! What an incredible team God has put together, can’t wait to see pics and read more.

    ps. Give my love to little Sphesihle (and if someone can learn how to pronounce her name that would be great)
    pps. I hope Julie doesn’t tell Wayne that she posted on the FIRST day. Ouch!

  2. Oh, Asante. I can taste the toast, pb, and VIA coffee right now…..le sigh. Can’t wait to hear how the first day went. Will pray that you have an incredible first day!!
    ps: Bonnie – get ready: you may catch yourself browsing for skirts when you get home! 🙂

  3. Hope you have a great day!
    Bonnie, you look good in a skirt.
    I’ll continue to pray for good heatlth & safety!
    Love ya!

  4. Jon, Carolyn, Brenda, Amy (1), Shelley, LeeAnn, and Dougie, this is for you…..


    Okay, it’s out of my system!

    Waiting excitedly to hear about your first day at Enaleni, team, as I look over photos from the last two trips! Praying for an absolutley amazing day for you all!

    Much love!

  5. Great skirt Bonnie!!!! I love it!!!! Give Danielle a big hug for me. Have a fantastic day as you serve at the Enaleni carepoint.

  6. Hey gang,

    Glad everything went so well with the flight and the Swazi border. I guess a bed never felt sooo good! I, like Haley, have to deal with some serious jealousy issues. This is going to be a very emotional 2 weeks for me. I wasn’t going to look at the blog, but just couldn’t resist. Asante, all those memories. Anyway hope you have/had a very blessed day with everyone at Enaleni. Enjoy the children and say hi to everyone for me including the adults.
    I know you are going to have a blast.

    Love ya.

  7. Wow, you all look great for having traveled so far! I am praying that whatever sleep you get will be very, very effective so that you can do all you need to do in your day. Bonnie, you look fantastic – who knew frou-frou pink was your colour. 🙂 And someone give Amy an extra hug today – that’s from me.

    Marilyn Rudge

  8. Hey Swazis,
    Following along and seeing all these photos is making me nostalgic, missing the children and Swaziland so much! Happy that you all made it there safe and sound, praying for a fruitful day at Enaleni. Please give extra hugs to all the children for me, especially Sibahle at Bohbohkazi (when you get there). Missing you Amy R, small group just isn’t the same without your hearty laughter! Shelley, missing my Zumba buddy, hope you have the chance to dance! 😉
    Much love,
    Natalie A-T

  9. May your time in Swaziland be fun and laughter-filled! Everyone looks amazing for having been travelling for 2 days! I look forward to reading your posts everyday!

  10. Hey, you all look great, I suspect these wonderful smiles will get brighter as your days enfold. Your passion is contagious. God bless you in your mission there.
    Hi Honey (Amy R.) you look happy happy, spread the joy. Love you forever, Mom

  11. Hi Team and especially Stephanie.

    Sittong here on this side of the pond anxiously waiting for news – anything that lets us know how things are going. The age of instant information makes me very impatient. Now that instant information is the norm, hours of waiting seems a long time. It is so nice to have this blog to keep us informed.

    Stephanie, you are going to miss Truth Project tonight. Not that you’lI miss it, but I will miss you. Maybe you can get a mini truth summary from Adam and Leanne – if they have time.

    Looking forward to hearing how your first day went.

    God bless! I’m praying for all of you.

  12. Wow, Bonnie in a skirt! I never thought I would see that and pink to boot! I’m enjoying your adventure with you. Thank you so much for the updates and pictures. Bonnie and Carolyn know that we are praying for you. Enjoy this adventure and savour each moment. Swazi 2012 team, please know your church goes with you as you minister there in Swazi. Hug a few kids for me!

  13. Wow, it is so good to see the journey that you have all already started. Carolyn I am glad to see that you made it in one piece! I am praying for you my friend and of course for all of you. Johnny I sort of figure Kelly could also use all the prayers she can get as well. Man i wish i could be there especially as I saw that you are at Enaleni today! If anyone sees one of the girls named Noncedo please let her know how much I wish I could be there. Although I could not come along I am so glad to embark on this missions trip vicariously through all of you. Shelley it sounds like you have had some amazing experiences!

  14. Amazing…That’s all I can say after seeing Bonnie in a pink skirt…You go girl!!!! Don’t let anyone tease
    you you look great. Hi to everyone I know May, Bonnie, Carolyn, Deborah, Doug, Jon, Carolyn P., Shelly,
    and everyone else..just know that I am with you guys every step of the way & you are in my prayers.
    Have a great day…looking forward to hearing about it later.


  15. Bonnie- you inspire me to get brave- maybe we’ll go skirt shopping together! Love the smiles on all of you – I have a smile 10ft wide right now. The amazing miracle of community partnering across the miels and Riverwood in person over there right now ;0 I can’t wait to see what God has in store for each of you, as you reach out in HIS LOVE, and allow yoru eharts to be broken, stirred up, inspired by, and cheered on by the people and children out there! EVERYBODY wear your sunscreen, so you arn’t grounded over this side of the pond next time! blessings! Praying fro strength, continued team unity and grace, and loads of laughter – and for tears from the richness and depth of the experience! KEEP ROCKIN! STarbucks Via- who would have imagined! 🙂 My internet at home is down so have been going crazy waiting to read updates!

  16. Hi guys and girls, we are all back here at home wishing that we could be there with you guys. Especially those of us that have experienced Swaziland before. I can almost hear Dougie playing guitar and all the gang worshipping God ,sharing your experiences of the day,and just enjoying each others company.I am glad that you are enjoying the starbucks vias.Just remember to soak up every moment that you are there,and give all you’ve got out in the carepoints. We know that you are going to have a great 2 weeks there,but remember they are going to go by way too fast. Untill next time, Ron

  17. HI Bonnie and Carolyn Blessings to you both , Ioved the picture of you both with your little girl , Bonnie you look good in your skirt. My Prayers are with you both and the whole team .

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