We have landed!

Well….we made it to Johannesburg!  We are all in one piece and partially awake.  We had a long 11 hour flight from London and a few got some sleep.  We arrived around 7AM and are now just waiting for our ride to pick us up around 10:30 AM.  All of our bags made it except for one.  One of the bags with care packages was left in London….but it is being sent on its way and will be flown straight to Manzini for us.  Hooray.  Not bad United.

Team is doing great….a bit groggy but eager to get settled in and very eager for a flat bed.  Health has been all good now…..no sickness on this last flight.  We now have a 5 hour drive ahead to Manzini and then we’ll be settling in.  Very very excited to get to the care point tomorrow at Bhobokazi.  You’ll start hearing from more than just me by tomorrow too 🙂

We would love your prayers as we cross into Swaziland as there are some new rules about bringing stuff in and we have all the care packages to get across the border.  Hopefully this will happen without incident.

Can’t wait to start sharing some pictures and stories from our care points.  We are all well….I miss my family already….I hope my wife is surviving with the 3 little ones 🙂

Oh….and I forgot to share this photo from London but this was a real highlight for Adam and LeeAnn….just our luck to run into someone famous in London!  And poor Carolyn didn’t get to see them.

Till later!!

Jon & a ready to roll Swaziteam!

16 thoughts on “We have landed!

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! I check the site immediately every morning when I wake up, and then again throughout the day. Praying for you! Also, hilarious photo.

  2. So glad you made it one piece!!! The KidZone kids were so excited to know that their offering was going to the care points. Praying for safe travel over the border as well as great rest once you arrive.

  3. Glad to hear you guys have made it to JoBurg and are en route to Manzini. Will pray all of those care packages are allowed through. Can’t wait to read about the visits to the carepoint! Continuing to pray for the team. Be well, everyone! 🙂

  4. So glad that you all made it there safe and sound less one bag. I think that’s awesome! I will continue to pray your good health & safety, and for no problems getting into Swaziland!
    Looking forward for more postings.

  5. What an adventure already!! It’s 8am in Winnipeg so I’m thinking that you guys should be on your bus and nearly there. I pray that the care packages made it in to the care points! I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures but really really really want to see a picture of Bonnie in a skirt!! I pray that you will all continue to bond as a team and that God fills you up with love that is overflowing so that the children, D-Team, Gogo’s can have a renewing to their souls while you are there! Be blessed can’t wait to hear more!

  6. Good morning! Continued prayers for safe travels and the easy entry of all the care packages. Good to see that Will & Kate are looking so well. Cheers to all.
    Amy, you are in my thoughts and my heart, close as always, love Mom. You go girl!!:)

  7. Happy to hear that eveyome made it safely. Praying for a safe drive and that everything goes great at the boarder. We miss you guys already! Cant wait to see pictures from the carepoints.

  8. Good “afternoon” to you all! If I’m calculating things correctly – you will just be arriving in Manzini right now. So glad for the good news story of all bags, except for one – but happy to know they are going to ‘deliver’ the other. Have been praying that all care packages make it across the border and will be happy to know the ‘praise report’ later! Thanks for the ‘newsy’ updates. ps – Amy R, sorry the Senators took a loss last night 😦

  9. So glad to hear that you have arrived safe and sound with all but one bag! Praying that customs went well and that you will arrive feeling rested and ready to serve! Looking forward to hearing more stories and seeing more pictures from your time!

  10. I’m loving the blog already. Thank you to the Cheadles for posing – I’m living vicariously through you for that awesome moment. (big William & Kate fan) I guess I should thank the sharp eyed person who spotted them, and took the photo as well. 🙂

    As you go to Bhobhokazi, each teammember is surrounded with prayers. Thank you for taking us with you. I for one, am delighted to pray for you, and with you. {{{{{HUG}}}}


  11. so glad to get your update and that your trip is near to the destination. Love you all and will keep praying. you are all very special people. Sue Jon–love you–no house. Mom

  12. Glad to hear you made it there without major incident. Mom (Brenda), we are doing well but I for one miss you already! I’ll be praying that you all have an amazing and safe trip. Talk to you soon.

  13. Love this photo Adam and LeeAnn! (Even without the “guests” this is a great photo of you two! Glad things are going so well. Praying for you.

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