Swaziland! Here we are…..

Well….we have arrived safe and sound in Manzini at our guest house….we are settling in….and we made it through with all our care packages no problem.  The team is busy sorting all of our stuff and slowly making their way to bed.  They are all pretty tired after 43 hours of straight travel….but doing well.

We arrived at our guest house around 5:00 and got bags into rooms.  We then had some orientation with our wonderful leaders Mark and Allison (so great to see them again) and headed off for supper.  We gathered together to meet, go over some details, and to read the comments together.  Wow thanks for all the encouragement.  We LOVE hearing from you.  We are now sorting all of our children’s program stuff for tomorrow.


ImageSo, we’ve now had our first change of plans and we are going to be heading to Enaleni tomorrow to start off (our initial plans were to be at Bhobokazi, but this is going to work out better).  We are going to start working on the garden / irrigation / fencing for Enaleni’s own vegetable production!  So excited about this.

The team is doing great.  They are encouraged.  Pray for a good nights sleep as we calibrate to the time here.

We are very excited about tomorrow.  Can’t wait to share with you all about our day.

I’m heading off to bed….as is everyone else.

Jon & the Swaziteam.

21 thoughts on “Swaziland! Here we are…..

  1. Praise God for safe arrivals and that the care packages all got through the border! Glad all are doing well – and enjoy your sleep! Amy R – we will be praying for you specifically tonight (as well as the entire Swazi team) at small group. Eric, Karmen Neta, Odin and Emi will be joining us too – so they will be sending their love (through prayer) to you as well. Sleep well…

  2. So glad you all made it safe and you are going to get a great nights sleep!
    Can’t wait to hear how it goes tomorrow and see pictures. Will keep praying for you all!

  3. Hey team, fantastic that you made it to Manzini safe and sound. Please remember to soak up every moment of your time with the people of Swaziland. Your God and your church family are all very proud to have you represent us while you are there. God bless you all.

  4. HOORAY!!! So glad you arrived safe and sound along with all the bags. Those eyes look pretty tired and sleepy – praying for a solid night’s rest for you all. Can hardly wait to hear how your day goes tomorrow. T – love you – so proud of you… don’t forget our cane spider song – spiders are coming in the dark…. let me know if you see any 😉

  5. Hey everyone! So glad everyone and everything arrived safely…. But you forgot something back in Winnipeg- MEEEEE! Praying for you all and excited to hear what God has in store for each and everyone of you! Lean on each other, let God work through you and know you have all of us praying for you and cheering you on! Laugh lots, cry even more and soak up every moment!

    Much love to you all!

    To SwaziCans 2011- Peachy Poocha and Snicker Poocha send extra special greetings! 😉

  6. Hey Jack!

    I want to say that you are awesome and I’m praying for you and the rest of the team!

    Love Lil’ Jack

  7. Amazing how God and his people can truly reach world wide. Brings tears to my eyes thinking of the amazing chance we have to live this life and touch others for Him.

  8. a message from your friendly pharmacist….please remember to wear sunscreen when working outdoors! Glad to hear you arrived safely. Thanks for passing along the link Ryan. Andrew and I will be checking daily!

  9. so glad to hear you all arrived safe and sound. Kaylee and Danielle i hope you have a wonderful time i am praying for all of you.Elizabeth

  10. Hi to Bonnie and Carolyn , and every one else, i am glad everyone and everything made it safely. Praying for you all .

  11. awww! even though I know how exhausted you were sorting all your stuff there, I kind of wanted to be a part of that! Stephanie, I’m sorry to hear you got sick on the way down to London! I totally know how it feels so I hope the rest of the travelling was better for you. Carolyn, don’t sweat the small details with the VBS stuff! the kids are gonna love anything your team is presenting tomorrow! See if they remember our song from last year! (Oh I know that God Loves Me) Shelley, so good to see you there connected with the team. I’ve been following Facebook as best as I can to keep updated on your early African adventures! Miss you! Dougie,…you know…TEETH!:)
    To my hubby, I know you’ll have already read my email, but know that you are missed here VERY MUCH but that we understand you are needed there much more. Your leadership to our riverwood team and impact to our swazi friends are important and worth giving you up for a couple of weeks! just make sure you come home well rested cause I’m booked at the TEN spa on Monday when you come home!:) Love you all!

  12. Hey team! Right now, you are all (hopefully) slumbering peacefully, getting ready to see all of those beautiful faces at the carepoint! As I type this, I can feel the love and joy from that first hug swarm! My devotional today made me think of you guys, so I thought I would share it: Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. – Ephesians 5:1-2
    Amy – next time you see Sheila, please give her a hello hug from me and, of course, many hugs to Kholiwe. 🙂
    Shelley – Lindsay says hi and is enjoying the updates of your journey I am passing on to her!

  13. Hi Carolyn (and team).

    I have ‘changed my ways’ and want to blog to you RIGHT AWAY instead of waiting for the second week!

    Wayne and I are praying for all of you and look forward to the flow of stories and pictures. A big hello to our friends on the team!


  14. Hi Bryan, glad you got there safe and sound. Hope you get a good night’s sleep before you on to all the exciting adventures. God bless you all! Love, Mom

  15. So glad to hear you all made safe and sound. I heard a shout out to Johannesburg in a song I downloaded today. Kinda random, but made me think of all of you and I said a quick prayer (eyes were open cause I was driving, but still counts!) I’m proud to have you all representing Riverwood and The Kingdom there in Swaziland. Allison I miss you tons, but am so excited that you get to be there. Love you lots! (The house is still standing… for now ; D ) – Jordan

  16. Hi, just a quick note Bren before I go to bed @ 10:45!!! Hope you and everyone is resting well ready to start your day tomorrow. ( On 2nd thought you’ve probably already started your day).
    I’ve connected with the girls, and looks like we will celebrate Britt’s birthday on Saturday or Sunday at Boston Pizza. A week early is better than not at all I think..
    nighty night.
    Love C

  17. Thanks be to God for a safe arrival. Hope you all got some sleep and are ready for an exciting first day. May you all be blessed and I can’t wait to read all about it.
    Hey LeeAnn looks like you didn’t have to wait for Enaleni after all. : )

  18. As it’s midnight here in Winnipeg I am assuming that you are all headed to Enalani for your first day! I pray that the journey there will be smooth and that the children will be open to receiving all the love not only from you who are physically there but also from every one of us Riverwooders!! Make sure you drink tonnes of the Gatorade. I CAN NOT wait to see pictures! You know I have missed reading the posts and learning about the children. I wonder if it would be possible to have any updates throught the year and not just when our Teams go out there? Just a thought!
    Be Blessed you are all in my prayers xo

  19. Hey Team! So happy to hear that you’re all doing well (except for maybe some sleep deprivation right now 🙂 and that you’ve finally arrived after such a long time of travel! We’re so excited to hear how God is going to work in you and through you during this time in Swazi! Soak in every moment! I’m excited to be following the blog and so much wish I was there with you so thanks for sharing and allowing us to ‘experience’ your adventure with you, we’re thrilled to be able to read the updates and know how you’re all doing. Blessings to all of you! Shelley, the girls met last night and prayed for you and shared/talked about your updates that you’ve been giving us…you sound like you’ve been having an incredible experience and we’re so happy for you…I miss ya! Doug, it was great to see the pic of you playing guitar in the airport…doing what you do, it’s fantastic to see that you’re part of the team!

    Hope you all get some much needed rest and that you’re day tomorrow goes really well!!

  20. Dear “Aunty Shelley” and “Uncle Jon”,
    We have been looking at the pictures and have been praying for you for health and that you’re happy and for lots of fun!
    ~Noah and Caleb, in their words

    It’s awesome to see your happy faces in the pictures-you both look like you’re glowing! I know everyone is seeing the light of Jesus in you…
    Bless you (I know He is) and see you soon,
    Love Maria

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