London in an hour… prob!

heh all!

We have made it successfully to London and hired a bus to take us downtown.  we managed to get a one hour tour in after a few delays in the airport.  We saw the Palace….had tea with the queen….said a quick hello to Big Ben….and now we are getting in line to board our flight to Johannesburg….all in all successful.

Really got to go to make sure our team doesn’t leave London without one of their leaders but here’s a few quick photos of london.  See you all in Swaziland!!

Thanks for all the comments.  We love hearing from you.


18 thoughts on “London in an hour… prob!

  1. Loved the ‘play-by-play’ of the team getting there….felt completely ‘in the moment’ and could visualize you all running through the airport in Chicago…..most likely on the edge of your seats as you were taxi-ing to your gate. The picture updates are a bonus 🙂 Well Amy R, Vancouver lost last night so Erik is sad, and there is no score to report (yet) today on the Senators – but I’m sure that will be a win (wink wink). Hope your ‘notes’ are finding you well encouraged along the way! Windy and +3 here today. Love you and take care!

  2. Hi to all the Riverwood Swazi team!! You are all so awesome and beautiful examples of faith and love in action. Safe travels, good to see the pics and have the updates. Looking forward to more…
    Hi Amy, missing you already, but so very proud of how you accept the work that God has placed before you, with a trusting and loving heart. You will be so excited to see those sweet little faces again. Praying for you and all the team. Love you, Mom + Dad, Meow, WOOF & woof

  3. Great to see everyone so energized, I wonder when jet lag is going to hit. Praying for safety and that you all have a blessed trip.

  4. Woohoo!! You made it to jolly ol’ London! I bet you all can’t WAIT until you get to SA and finally Swaziland. Hopefully it’s a direct flight so you don’t have to stopover somewhere and they do that weird deodorizing thing. As your journey continues, I pray that He keeps you safe, energized, and healthy!

  5. How much fun must that have been. Was her majesty happy to see you? I myself am living it up watching dancing with the stars. I may have missed my calling, wouldn’t you agree Bren?
    I know you still have some tough travelling ahead of you, praying that you arrive safely, happy and healthy. looking forward to the next installment.
    Love Cheryl

  6. Hey crew – thinking about you (especially Kailey) looks like you had a whirlwind of a time in London. Hope you can all catch up on some sleep and be ready to go. Love you lots T. Looking forward to the next update.

  7. Hi all!!

    None of you know me except Allison, but I will be checking in on you all daily!!! Looks like you are all having a blast :0)

    Be safe and Godspeed


  8. Hi All
    Looks like you are having a blast, I am so excited for you, just waiting to see and hear all the God has planned for you, so glad that you made it safely across the ocean. What an adventure you are on!!!

  9. Hey Team!

    Right now you are 31 hours into travel and you’ve got about 11 hours to go. Keep going! There really is a bed and shower waiting for you at the other end. Drink in every moment…and give my sweetheart a hug for me. Love you Carolyn!

  10. So glad you got to spend some time in London! Can’t wait to see pictures of Big Ben! Can’t wait to see and hear all about Swaziland!
    Bryan all is fine here my friends are taking great care of me! But I do miss you already! Praying for you often!
    Cheryl Peters

  11. Hey Adam and Leanne

    Nice pic. London looks good on you. Just remember your not on a honey moon. Ha ha. But seriously my prayer tonight is that you are safe and that you find the strength to hit the ground running after a long journey.

    God bless
    Cheers. Dave

  12. Wow!!! What an adventure already….but….the best it yet to come. So glad you all made it across the big blue
    & hope tea with her Magestiy was amazing. Hope you all arrive healthy & rested for the next adventure God
    has planned for you. Looking forward to more great pics and Jon take some of everyone nodding off as you
    come to the end of your 45 hour travel into Swazi. My prayers are with you all, so untill next time.

    Blessings to All
    Debbie Pook

  13. Hey team , hope everyone is fairing well with the heat there. I know it can be challenging. I love seeing the happy faces and love that you all enjoyed their awesome church service. I took my flag out and looked at it one more time today remembering my experience there. Jon, sorry to hear about your emotional news out there, may God help you thru the tough stuff. Brian,, hope you get a chance to paint some more while you’re out there. How has the mural from last year stood up to the elements? Has the paint faded? Hugs all around, keep up the great work. Give Precious and the D-team a hug for me!

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