We are through security

Well. We are all here. Bags are packed and checked and we are through security waiting for our flight. Our plane is delayed by 30 min or so but they have assured us they will hold our plane to London until we get to Chicago. Team is very excited and a bit nervous. Now we are off for two days without showers and sitting in a small seat getting sick of watching movies 🙂

Can’t wait to let you know when we arrive in Swaziland. Probably won’t have time to post in Chicago as we will be running like mad to make our connection. So…..if you don’t hear from us later tonight it means we are flying over the pond.

Till later. Jon


6 thoughts on “We are through security

  1. SO PROUD of everyone of you! We’ll be praying you right into South Africa and then over to Swaziland. i can’t even begin to tell you how excited i am for your team and the difference you will be making in the lives of some very precious people. Thanks for leading us as a church in this compassion mission! Especially proud of you Carolyn (…and this probably sounds sappy…but i’m missing you already!) Love you so much! Go give it everything you’ve got team! – Todd

  2. Traveling along with you through the blog! Thanks for the post with the update….and the photo! Blessings on you all and a special shout out to Amy R from our small group!

  3. So excited to be following the blog; I am looking forward to hearing how God will be working in and through each of you as you give it all you’ve got, and then some 🙂 Thank you for being His hands and feets. Praying for safe travels, wonderful bonding moments, energy, hearts to be transformed and sleep for the weary travelers!

  4. A year sure goes fast. Seems like yesterday you were just there. Bren, praying you are able to get some sleep or at least rest. You want to be awake enough to enjoy London.
    Talk to you later
    Love Cheryl

  5. Allison Penner, we pray that you get there safely, and enjoy your work with your friends in

    Swaziland, how exciting! IF you can , keep in touch—Luv you, Poppa

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