On our way to London! Maybe soon?

Well….we made it Chicago about an hour late after being stuck on the Tarmac due to lightning. We originally had 1 hour to connect. Yikes! Thankfully our next flight was also a bit delayed but needless to say we ran from terminal 3 to 1 with no pee stops and even more sadly no Starbucks visit. A few got a quick snack But we are just very grateful to have made our connection after the delay. Now boarding and in line so…..see you in London. Well send a picture having tea and crumpets with her majesty.



10 thoughts on “On our way to London! Maybe soon?

  1. Hey Swazi-team,
    I am so excited to follow along with you as you travel and serve in Swaziland. Although I can’t be with you this year, I am praying for you all every day.

  2. Atleast you got to RUN through Chicago and not stay for days:) Praying for safe travels!

    Say hi to the queen for me.

  3. Hello Swazi team 2012!! Praying for a safe journey today and tomorrow!! It’s St. George’s day in England when you are there so make sure to wave your St. George’s flags would sure love to see pictures of the Canadians waving the St. George’s flag!! Can not wait to journey with you all again this year! I don’t know you all but I am praying for you just the same!


  4. Hello Swazi team,
    Glad to hear you made your flight. Looking forward to hearing you made it to London.
    I’m praying for you all.
    May God bless you richly and deepen your ability to profoundly trust Him as you serve Him in Swaziland.

  5. WTG Team SWAZI! Safe journeys and many prayers, can’t wait to follow you, cry with you and pray for your impact on our care points! Have a safe trip, many blessings from the ‘Peg!!!!!

  6. The whole body, joined and knit together…..causes growth of the body for edifying of itself in love.
    Ephesians 4:16
    God bless you all

  7. Hi Carolyn! Didn’t get a chance to say goodbye! Have an awesome trip! By the way – Todd is already miserable….great….this is gonna be a fun two weeks of work. 🙂 Love ya!

  8. great photos of the first bit of the adventure. blessings on you all as you make connections with our church family! I have my prayer card in my office as a great reminder to pray (thanks for this!). cheers! steve

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