Meet your 2012 Swaziteam

Brenda McAdam

I am fortunate to be traveling to Swaziland for the fourth time. When I go I will be leaving behind 3 amazing daughters. I also have a passion for working with the preschoolers in KidZone.

Deborah Koop

I am a stay at home mom of 2 children. They are ages 8 and 7 years old. I am the Church librarian and am really excited about the call God had placed on my heart to serve in Swaziland.

Stephanie Corbett

I am an 18 year old International award winning artist. I love drawing and specialize drawing wildlife and horses with graphite pencil. I entered Scholastics Art and Writing Awards in 2011. Out of 180,000 entries I won the silver medal in the drawing category. I am currently self-employed and have an internship at Po-Motion. I have never been on a plane before and am very excited to be going to Swaziland for the first time.

Bonnie Irwin

I love working with children as I work as a respite worker as well as teach in Kidzone.  God has now hand picked me to go out and love on the children and the people in Africa.  I look forward to seeing all the many ways that God wants to use, teach and stretch me.  Look out world you never know what or who i might be bringing back home to Canada with me. Thanks for all your love; thoughts prayers and support. Blessings

Allison Penner

I have been attending Riverwood and dreaming of being on the Swazi team for three years now. I am so excited to visit our care points in Swaziland and meet the people there! I live with my very supportive husband, Jordan and lots of animals.


My Name is Monica and I have a 14 year old son. I grew up as a missionary kid in Bolivia. I am very excited to be out on my own short missions trip to Swaziland

Mary Robinson

I am married and have 14 grandchildren. I worked at the Grace Hospital for 20 years. In my wildest dreams I would have never thought I would have this unbelievable opportunity to go to Swaziland.

 Amy Roebuck

Hi, I am Amy Roebuck. You may recognize me from volunteering with Epic Jr.High. I am very excited to be returning to Swaziland.

Danielle VanLeeuwen

I am 28 years old and work as an Educational Assistant in the RiverEast Transcona School Division, working with children with special needs. I am excited to be going on this trip to Swaziland.

Adam Cheadle

When not working to make our streets a safer place in MPI’s Road Safety Department, I am a husband to Riverwoods outstanding and lovely assistant to Pastor Duane, LeeAnn. We share two beautiful daughters together, Charlie and Rylie. In days going by I was also known to be a school teacher but with a lot time and therapy, I have almost managed to make a full recovery.

Carolin Bouwman

I am a single person and have been going to Riverwood for awhile. I have never been on a missions trip and I really want God to use me and change me.

Kailey Hiebert

I work at the Grace Cafe on Henderson. I love to travel, but this is my first time going to Africa. I am excited for this trip. I have been wanting to go to Swaziland for a long time!

LeeAnn Cheadle

This is my 2nd trip to Swaziland. I have a husband Adam, who is on the trip as well, and 2 daughters, Charlie,5 and Rylie,3. I have a passion to share God’s love with the children and adults of Swaziland. I can’t wait to see my “Swazi daughter” Busisiwe and friend Nancy again!

Amy Robertson

I am overjoyed to be going back to Swaziland for a second time. As a student of Human Rights and Global Studies at the U of W, I am passionate about helping others and learning about the world. Although I hate flying, the anxiety is worth every second.

Bryan Peters

When I went to Swaziland last year, I knew that experience would change me. I didn’t realize it would steal a piece of my heart. I am looking forward to going back and continuing Gods work there.

Shelley Dupuis

I am a nurse at Women’s Hospital in high risk labour and deliver ward. I have a huge passion and desire to work as a nurse in Africa. I’m praying for God’s leading his discernment and wilt o be done in my life.

Samantha Klassen

I am 21 years old and love doing Art. I am very excited to see God’s work in Swaziland.

Ryan Clement

I am very energetic individual, and always trying to learn and grow. I am looking forward to this experience, and being able to serve those in need.

Doug Rempel

I have been on this trip twice before and I am extremely excited and blessed to be a part of this mission a third time. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces.

May DeGroot

I am a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 14. As you see, God has blessed me! As I journey to Swaziland, I look forward to how God is going to stretch me and grow me and use me to bless others.

There you have it….this is your Swaziteam 2012 group!  And both Carolyn & I are privileged to lead such a wonderful and unique group of people as we represent our church once again at both Enaleni and Bhobhokazi.  We look forward to sharing our journey daily with you through blogging our stories and photos.  Follow along with us!

Carolyn Petkau                   Jon Courtney

3 thoughts on “Meet your 2012 Swaziteam

  1. Well Swazi team I thought this day would never come…but its here…good luck and God’s Blessings on each and
    everyone of you. Can’t wait to see what He has in store for you this time.

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