Update….are we having fun yet?

Heh all….team is doing just fine!  They are troopers.  Here’s the scoop.  Last night we got 5 of our 24 team members (we lost one in Swaziland) onto a flight home.  They are safe and sound but without most of their bags.  Today…..well….we are having fun.  We are right now watching a flight that had 11 of our team members on it ready to go home.  However, the agent just came and said the flight is overweight….we are watching to see which of our team members are coming off the flight….

Are we having fun yet?

So….we’ll see who makes it home in a couple of hours.  The rest of have a mix between confirmed flights and standby flights.  The day has some drama left yet….we’ll keep you posted.

Seriously though…we are doing okay.  Anxious to get home but just fine.


9 thoughts on “Update….are we having fun yet?

  1. Hi Jon,
    I’m glad your in high spirit after such a long journey and loooong wait. It’s drama alright with the flights to Winnipeg. I hope you all will get home today.
    Take care of each other. God Bless

  2. well im glad you guys are all safe and in good spirits. i had a blast following the blog! wish i could have been there, but maybe next year!! great work team!


  3. Never a dull moment with this team! The mission trip is over and we still glued to the blog. Jon, you are just that GOOD!!!

  4. praying for epace that passes understanding, emotional strength and rest for frayed nerves, physical rest, quiet spots (maybe that could be a scavenger hunt) and looking up airport waiting games (but you probably are too exhausted for that anyways)…. and for flights to connect and you to be in home sweet home soon….. loving you all and know that God delights in you …. so who’s still there?

  5. I think a call into Oprah might help. She seems to have connections with American Airlines…..just say’n.
    thinking of you here in wet and flooding winnipeg.

    1. And you’re getting a ride home! … and you’re getting a ride home! ….. and you’re getting a ride home! …..

  6. Wow! the endurance of this team and the smiles that are truly heros to the rest of us Riverwooders! God never sets forth hurdles we cannot gracefully get through, another testiment to challenges that are merely temporary… Got me thinking… you are all longing to see your families and your spouces or children… yet.. it is merely only hours in site perhaps just one or two days.. you are still smiling, warm, clean and with bounties of food.. yet what you left in swazi there is no end for them in site for some of them… I think by gods grace, he will get you where you all need to be in time… You all are heros in my eyes.. keeping strong and doing it with optimism and smiley faces… Good job team! Enjoy the time you have on your journey and with one another, these are heartfelt memories that will ring for all you for a very long time.. exhausting now but what a story in the future. As it is part of gods plan! keeping you together, smiling and looking for positives like in Bohbakazi when the building was crushed.. you all found the positive insite.. and still doing that.. Can’t wait to hear your stories and continue to follow you… You can do it! I trust god will bring you all home safe, sound and when you need to get there.! Love to you all, stay strong and keep smiling! Cheers to you all! Great courage and stamina on this journey! Hugs Nadine

  7. Forgot to say one more thing.. you guys were not kidding when you said this truly was THE AMAZING RACE 2011. You hit your true roadblock* who knew* you guys would really be ralying against such forces coming home… Racing against each other to the FINISH!… Home sweet home! That is what that show is all about .For those of you who watch Amazing Race.. this is a real life experience for you! Keep going… onto the next race for the flight to winnipeg! Can’t wait to hear who gets to the podium first!

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