And then there were…..


We are now officially all home and reunited with our families!  I’m so grateful that we have made it home today….another night in Chicago would not have been great….but heh…we rolled with it.  Thanks to everyone for their words and prayers as we pushed through these last couple of days.

To all the Swazitrip team….you did an amazing job staying patient, fun loving, and committed right to the end.  What a great team!  What a great trip!  We have all been truly changed.

Until soon….and good night from my own house at last,


4 thoughts on “And then there were…..

  1. So glad to hear that everyone is home safe and sound!! Jon, thank you so much for your patience and hard work to get the team home! We truly could not have done it (or had so many laughs during it) without you! You showed us compassion, love and understanding at a very difficult time for all of us. So again, thank you for your commitment to the team! Have a wonderful weekend reconnecting with your family and loving on Connor and Aidan!
    Leslie #15

  2. I’m SO glad you all made it home. I can’t imagine what everyone must have gone through in that last day in Chicago. What a crazy ending to the trip, but I’m sure we’re all grateful it ended that way and not started that way. Jon and Carolyn you guys did an incredible job of leading our team…you make a great balance for eachother:) I can’t describe how grateful I am to have been apart of such an amazing team and experience. Can’t wait to see all you Swazi-Canadians again

  3. Welcome home all and well done! Great job to Jon and Carolyn for such a strong support. I cannot wait to see you guys and hug each and every one of you strong and courageous people! Have a great weekend with your families as you so deserve it! Love and hugs to you all!Thank you jon and the rest of the team for making this swazi trip so emotional, powerful and unforgettable. I truly enjoyed journeying with each of you. God bless you all!

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