And then there were 10…..

So….we are now 10.  We just got Chris and Ron on a flight through Toronto.  So….5 last night….7 were able to stay on the 9:53 flight that left at noon…..and 2 through Toronto.  Now we are down to 10…..

We are now at Chili’s for lunch…..and still smiling 🙂

The good news is we now all have confirmed seats sometime today….well….all but one actually.

There is a group of 3 leaving at 3PM….we hope anyway.  We don’t trust any flight until it is in the air now.

So the 3PM ers will be Carolyn, Brenda and Mike.  The rest of us will be leaving at 8PM….fingers crossed.

We’ll keep you posted….

Hi to the rest of the team!  We miss you already.


7 thoughts on “And then there were 10…..

  1. Jon…just at your parent’s place raking the yard. Isn’t this something a ‘good son’ would be doing :). Hurry home! The sooner the better…for all of us!

  2. You are all AMAZING!!! I’m hoping all the extra hugs and love that you’re sure to get when you get home helps you stay strong.

  3. Hey Everyone,
    Home at last! I miss you guys and am praying you’re doing well as you wait for your flights. Kelly, I felt so bad watching you leave the plane. I wish I could have given you my seat.
    Take care of my dad. Wishing you safe and uneventful flights. See you all soon.
    Love, Kell

  4. Hi Everyone!
    Glad to say that we all made it safe and sound, but sad that we weren’t all together. It was especially sad when they said that the stander-bys would have to get off. Very emotional moment to say the least. Some of your luggage is already in Winnipeg so check with baggage claim when you arrive home and some of us didn’t get all of ours. I am happy to read that you all have confirmed seats but as Jon wrote we will believe you are leaving once the plane is in the air. Thank you all for the support and love you have given me over the two weeks and I will continue to pray that you are all home safe and sound today.
    With love and hugs,

  5. I’m so proud of you guys for having smiles in that picture! I’m still praying for your arrival back home! No more false hopes. Can’t wait to see your smiling faces back in Winnipeg.
    Much love,

  6. What a story! Sucks when you want to get home because that’s all you want is to get home… Waiting to hear what the story was as to why all the cancelations!

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