And now 7…..

Well….we got 3 people on board at 4:00 and they are now in the air….they are due to the airport at 6:20…..

So now we have 7 people left….and 6 confirmed seats on the 8:00 flight.  I just hope I packed a bathing suit 🙂

We are all in good spirits.  Thanks for all the support back home.  Can’t wait to be reunited.


7 thoughts on “And now 7…..

  1. you should call up oprah – you’r in her hometown, right?
    praying for ya… so now who’s left….. want a picture of the eats you’re having……. Chicago deep dish pizza, anyone?

  2. oh, right…. besides restraunt updates…. I AM praying for you…. and Jon I hope you get standby all of a sudden…!

  3. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!! My Mom is back!!! I hope that the rest of you guys get back safely!!!!! BYE!

    Monica, your face in that picture is weird!!LOL

  4. and by “wierd” she means funny. Remind me to set up a parental password on my computer…

    Hope it all works out tonight for you guys.

    Praying…much love…G

  5. Is Jon the last one coming home, Gee Jon, you are just like the captain of a ship or a commanding officer
    who is the last to get out of Dodge. I think I will start calling you Captain Jon. Hee Hee.
    I’m glad you all are slowly, very very slowly, coming home. Maybe God wanted you all as witnesses in the airport???
    I would imagine my friend Brenda is on Wpg soil by now, signing off now,, over and out.


  6. I miss you guys so much. It is very strange to be without my Swazi family. I saw a pic of Senel’siwe on my fridge and burst into tears. They are always right on the surface and when I think of you guys still not home they start to fall. I will continue to pray for you all until we are all home safe and sound.

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