And we’re off….

Just about to board our flight to Washington in Johannesburg….had a good day of travel and we are NOT ready to sit on a plane for 18 hours…but alas…that is the obstacle between us and home.  Here we go!  We’re doing great….good spirits and excited to get home.


16 thoughts on “And we’re off….

  1. Hey, Steph!

    I’m sure your heart is full – aching and happy all at the same time . . . Looking forward to your return and all the wonderful stories you will have to tell us over time.

    Praying for a safe return and a smooth transition back into life as you know it at home . . .

    Love you!


  2. Yay Kelly C is on her way home! It has been so amazing watching your experience through these unbelievable photos. You are so far away but we can feel like we are there with you….Travel safe and Taylor can’t wait for “Miss Kim” to come back too! (She sends her big hugs!)

  3. Thank you for all the updates it made me feel at times I was there and other times (mostly) that I wanted to be there! You guys did a great job of sharing your journey now I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! So hurry up and get home! Ror some beans and rice of course!

  4. Lots of hugs waiting for you Lanyse. Fly safely with God and enjoy some time to reflect before the questions and excitement overwhelm you. Knowing you’re on your way home makes the beans and rice that much easier……….only 1 more day!!!! Thanks everyone for everything, it’s been great.

  5. Kelly I can’t wait to see you. We will be praying for a better travel time back, unlike the crazy sick that was on the way there. I miss you guys though, I really miss you!

  6. are you guys back home yet?whats taking ya’s so long to get here?Pastor Jon your beans and rice are getting cold.see you all soon.

  7. Hope the return trip is safe and uneventful in a good way. Thank you for taking us along on your journey through the blogs and pics.

  8. Hey Sandra- Just wanted to wish you a safe trip home to you and your team! I’m sure that you all have mixed feelings about leaving. I’m sure you are excited to get home and see your loved ones and yet sad to leave this amazing experience you have just had. There has been some great blogs and pictures we will never forget Thank you to all of you for sharing with us! Safe travels! I know we have 2 little girls that are excited to know Zia Sandra is coming home! Hugs and Kisses!

  9. Dear Lord,
    You are the great one true God who is in control of all things, including travel.

    I pray for a safe trip home for the team and that no luggage gets lost or damaged. Please give them strength and energy and not too much jet lag.
    thank you Jesus.


    Love Cheryl

  10. hey – for anyone who knows…. have they landed safley in Wpg yet? I image all you team are exhausted/ excited/ full of tears at being home (of joy I mean), and of being touched and used profoundly by God in Swaziland…. get rested….. we want to hug ya on Sunday!

  11. So, the team landed safely in Chicago today just after 1:00 pm but that’s really as far as they have gotten. There are some delays in Chi-town and it looks like the flight they were scheduled in on got cancelled. We are not privy to an explanation yet but seeing as the weather in Chicago was quite nice, I am guessing it was a mechanical issue.
    Jon and Carolyn have been feverishly working towards getting our team home but we have succumb to the idea that it wont be tonight and there is a possibilty that it might not be tomorrow; Depends on flight availability. All is well in that I believe in the team leadership and trust that God will bring them home when He is finished using them on this trip.

    Thats what i told my daughter tonight when she asked about Mommy; God is not done with using Mommy on this trip yet so we don’t argue with the Big Guy. It really never goes well!
    All is good. I don’t think anyone misses their wife as much as I do (except for maybe Todd) but I am secure in the fact that my gal will be home soon. Even though I have to vacuum every time the dogs go outside for a pee as all they seem to do is bring “stuff” in on my nice clean floors (sheesh), I am ready for her return.
    Hurry home babe!

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