We’re back in the world of internet :-)

Had an awesome couple of days and a great time at our safari / overnight in the middle of the jungle with no electricity and obviously no internet.  I literally only have moments on the internet before we head back for our one last day at Enaleni and give out all the care packages….we will post a large blog tonight for the last couple of days.  We’ll talk to you soon!


8 thoughts on “We’re back in the world of internet :-)

  1. Finally………… I missed my fix yesterday, what am I going to do when this is over???????? Does anyone know of some good blogs I can participate in????? I have looked so forward to reading and taking part in my only little way. It has been quite an adventure. Sure makes you think……and hopefully take action. Glad you had fun on the safari, enjoy your last full day at Enaleni. Give lots of love and hugs and you will definately be replenished when you return home.

  2. I agree with Wendy, I missed an update too. I checked a couple of times….but no dice. 🙂
    I’m glad you are back safely. Enjoy handing out the care packages and strength to you with the farewell of Enaleni and Swaziland.

    Yvonne, that’s a great picture with you, Senel’ siwe and her brother (I assume), showing a couple days ago. I watched the pictures again last night (cause there was no update……) and the light bulb went on: that must be her twin brother. They sure are built differently. Lovyalots.
    May God continue to bless you all.

  3. Hi Bryan, so you survived the safari night.Can’t wait to hear all about it. The day you say goodbye & leave will likely be quite difficult,am praying for you all as you cope with the emotions involved. Love, Mom

  4. I believe that you have created some blog addicts! We may need to debrief when you return:) I love “living” through your comments and pictures, but at some point I may just have to end up at the other end for some hands on experiences of my own.
    I trust that you enjoyed the safari… overnight? Looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Hugs to all as you say your goodbyes there,as I’m sure that will be done with many tears.
    Carolyn,if you see our little man please give him an extra squeeze from us and tell him that we love him.
    Praying for safe travels home:)

  5. Swazi team you are amazing!! We’re so overwhelmed by the passion that you are pursuing relationships there! God is truly working through you and giving you strength to look beyond destroyed buildings and focus on what he values the most…his people. Your ability to pull together as a team, encourage each other and look for ways to continue to make an impact is a true testament to the work God is doing…fantastic!! I am amazed again and again how connected I feel to what is going on over there…having personal stories to read from each of your individual perspectives, the leadership overview and the pictures paint a very real picture.

    Looking forward to when you get back to hear more about this journey. Jon and Kelly we’re excited to have you back soon! Shelley, we trust that the next part of your journey will continue to be filled with blessings and are excited to hear about your extended part of the trip! Will you have access to the Internet at all?

    We know that you have had many emotional and incredible moments throughout the past days. We also understand that coming home will be filled with its own unique mix of emotions as you say goodbye to relationships that have deepened, look forward to seeing your family and friends, getting rest, yet having bittersweet feelings of closing this particular journey in time…may God give you peace, faith that what you started there will continue, and strength to say good bye. We know that you’ll be greeted with lots of hugs, smiles and probably lots of kleenex when you get home! 🙂

    love and prayers,
    Rena, Rod & Jayden

    Praying for safe travels and lots of deserved rest when you get home!!

  6. Hello from Lethbridge, Alberta! It is amazing to read your blog and see pictures of what you are doing in Africa-the ways God is using you and impacting you as you serve him. May God bless you and continue to protect and sustain you.

    Shelley, we will continue to pray for you as you head off into “Part 2” of your mission trip. You are loved.
    Dave, Connie and Family (plus one dog:))

  7. Looking at the clock at the wall and adding 7 hours tells me that you have left Enaleni for the last time this trip. I remember that feeling. It was a pretty quiet ride back to Emafini that day. Looking at it from a bystander this year, I just want to congratulate you for what you have done in the last two weeks…you have made a difference in so many people lives, but probably mostly in your own. You are now part of a minority of people that actually cares enough to do something about social injustice. Now the debate in your hearts will be how soon you can come back…I know it did for me. But talking to some fellow Swazi team members from last year, there is something comforting in knowing that if you can’t go on the trip, then you can support those that do. Todd commented to me last year as we returned that its incredible to be part of the alumni, the 40 that have gone in the past, and to support the next 20-25 people that go. Didn’t understand it at the time but watching your team this year has been incredible. I am so thankful that you picked up where our team had left off, just as we had done the previous year. You have left Swaziland a better place if by nothing else, just by loving the people that you met. We really are so proud of you all and can’t wait for your safe return.

    Can’t wait to see you and hold you again, Snickerpoocha! Whataya want for supper? xxx


  8. Hi Steph,
    Can’t believe your time there has come to an end. I know you’re probably wanting to go back already. Sue, Paul, Laura and I went to see Katrina today and we put up a few decorations in her room. Feels a little cheerier now. Love you and miss you. Fly calmly, and I’ll see you at the airport on Friday.

    Love Mom…xoxoxoxoxo

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