4 thoughts on “Tuesday Pictures….Enaleni and Bhobokazi

  1. As usual………..fantabulous pictures. I pray that you all have a safe and restful journey home to your loved ones. Thank-you for all that you have done. It has been a privilege to travel with you via this blog. Where does this blog go when the journey is over????? How do we keep it forever?????

  2. WOW! These pictures were amazing. The smiling faces on the kids and on the team brought smiles to all of us here. We can honestly say … YES! It was worth the time/planning/sacrifice for each of you to go to Swaziland – a difference was made for eternity.
    Not that I want to be a downer but … glad you enjoyed your “vacation” David – work/school begins on Monday morning and the students are anxious for you to get back. Chris, Andy’s ready to hand over your bus keys! Can hardly wait to see you.

  3. So much joy and fun are in those pictures. Not sure about Rick though, he might have some issues :-).
    Just Great these slide shows, it’s hard to move away from them. Thank you!!

  4. steph and anna !
    it brightens my heart to see the joy in your faces in these photos 🙂
    can’t wait to see you both, lots of love ❤

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