Safari Post….

Heh all….here are the team posts from last night (while in the jungle with no electricity / internet)….also at the bottom is our slideshow from the safari.  Keep in mind that other animals were spotted but no pictures on here….missing in the photos are the giraffes and hippos some of the team got to meet.

More posts coming….stay tuned.


Yesterday started out to be a sad day when we arrived to find the shelter for Bhobokazi flattened from the evening storm. But as the day went on it became an amazing turn around. A couple of the guys on our team went to buy paint and Brian came up with the idea of painting a mural on the care point cooking house. It became an amazing thing, I was asked to do drawings of children on the building and once I got started I soon realized that this was part of my purpose for coming here! I was working on the mural when my “special” boy came to sit with me and watch me painting. I said to him, “when I go home I’m going to take the picture that you drew for me and put it up were I can look at it everyday and think about you” . “Then when you come to the Bhobokazi every day you can look at the painting and think of me and remember how much I love you “I feel like even though I can’t stay here I feel like I’m leaving a little of myself behind til I come back! God is so good.



Not too excited about the cold, drizzling rain, soggy-no-roof-bumpy jeep ride into the wild jungle for a short “safari” trip to see a giraffe. We all huddled together in the 3 jeeps with huge brown ponchos on (which didn’t really keep us dry) and kind of looked like sardines packed into a small tin can, trying to blink away the rain wetting our eyes. No one was very happy…kind of nervous…until we began quietly singing (more to reassure ourselves) “today is my favorite day?” I’m sure the whole experience will be very memorable as we continue to get stretched. Lots of laughs by the end though!

p.s. I love this team!!!

Kelly C.


In my conversations with Jon we discussed how cool it is to be on the journey and watch the progress here with our Swaziland family. I have truly felt privileged to have been on each team and see the changes each year. There are many things that I could share but I will tell you that last Friday I was thrilled to discover that my special friend is friends with Marlene McNabb’s special friend. I had a blast taking pictures of them and goofing around with them. It blessed my heart to know that Marlene and I are friends and our special friends in Swaziland share a relationship. I have also been able to connect with each of the special friends of family members. Thanks to our amazing leaders and each member of the team for another year of great memories!



Well…here I am writing to you at Mkhaya Game Park on the team’s second last night in Swaziland L It has been a fantastic time for me this year, as I was able to connect and form a relationship with my sponsor child, as well as her mom (who works at the Enaleni CarePoint), and her grandmother (whom I met when I went on a home visit). I can’t wait to give my sponsor girl her care package I put together, tomorrow!! We connected well as a team, had a ton of laughs, some tears were shed, and new relationships built! This is bittersweet for me, as the team will be heading back to Canada Thursday morning, and I will be staying by myself in Swaziland for another 10 days to work with The Luke Commission (a mobile medical unit offering free medical services to people who cannot afford it, and who are unable to get into a city or town). I’m very excited to be staying here to work with some of the Swazi people, to put my nursing skills to good use, and hopefully build new relationships that I will take back to Canada!! Please pray for me as I will be in Swaziland until the 17th, and shall return on the 18th. Pray for my safety, as well as my health, as I have been fighting somewhat of a sore throat, losing my voice, and I slightly strained my ankle this evening! L I miss you my family and friends, (including my lovely co-workers)!  “May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine toward you and give you peace.” See you in a couple of weeks!


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5 thoughts on “Safari Post….

  1. Hi Amy, Thinking of you and all the Swazi team there, in so many ways this time has gone by so very quickly and yet it feels as though you have been away for ever!!! Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug or two. the pictures from the safari are beautiful, looking forward to more. Dad & I often ask each other, what time is it now in Swaziland and what is happening there? See you soon. We wish everyone safe uneventful travels home. You are all in our thoughts, much love Mom & Dad XOXO

  2. Shelly! Finally a blog from you! Glad to hear you are having such a good time (i am so jealous!)

    You will be in my prayers as you stay out there longer!

    xoxo bre

  3. Hi Shelley,
    Looking forward to when you are back home safe and sound. We are certainly praying for your safety and good health for the duration of your time with the Luke Commission. Take care, we miss you!
    Dad and Carole

  4. Hey Shelley I don’t know if you’ll get this love all the pics.good luck with your new journey.I hope your throat and ankle feels better soon.stay safe try and get some you and safe trip for all.We’re praying you and your team.

  5. Thank you so much ladies for your input. It’s such a pleasure to read about your days with the joyful and even the sad moments. It gives a real view of what’s going on. Every day I looked forward to reading the blogs.
    Shelly, your last line and prayer always gives me goosebumps, knowing that the Lord is watching over us.
    I pray that He will be watching over you during your extended stay. May you be God’s Light and bring healing in His Name.

    As usual, beautiful pictures. Thank you all so much for sharing.

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