Rice and Beans…..

Well….for all those participating in the rice and beans challenge….way to go! We as a team wanted to participate with you…..so we all set out on a mission….we went out to buy our rice and bean supply.  You won’t believe it but we just couldn’t find ANY rice or beans anywhere in Swaziland….we looked and looked but just had no success…..so we settled with having the pizza / chicken challenge.

11 thoughts on “Rice and Beans…..

  1. Thanks guys (and especially Jon)! Three days into eating only Rice & Beans, feeling the headaches, our stomachs waking us up at 4 am because they are growling so loud, lacking the energy to function normally…and feeling pretty darn grumpy…you’ll never know just what your note meant to all of us. Feeling the solidarity folks! Feeling it deep! 🙂
    (Oh… and even a picture! You shouldn’t have. No REALLY… you SHOULDN’T have!)

    Hey…love you guys and glad you made it back from the safari in one piece!

    – T

  2. I agree with Todd, solidarity plus. Really appreciate the support, you guys are the best!!!

    Hope your last few days are magnificent and looking forward to seeing you Bren, have lots to tell you……….NOT!!looking forward to the blog tonight.
    love me

  3. I’m thinking you guys didn’t look too hard…….but no worries there is plenty here and each of your homes is probably participating so you will get home for at least one meal maybe more if you’re lucky……..I know we’ll go longer cause Lanyse will for sure be up to the challenge. Yes, thanks for the picture. The disappointment over not finding rice or beans is written all over your faces…………haha.

  4. Solidarity?? I call it cruelness. My mouth is watering.
    So, who’s gonna have the last bite of that piece of pizza?? Don’t fight over it, there must be lots…..grumble, grumble…….

  5. Wendy is right. you are all going to be blessed with rice and beans when you all arrive back home.I am preparing them myself;just to bless you all.Shelly count your Blessings. We have now all discovered the true reason why you are staying in Swaziland longer.[ha ha].Glad to hear that the safari went well.I thank God for each and everyone of you.Pastor Jon;Brenda;and [my favorite one out of you3] Carolyn.Thanks for being such amazing leaders and setting the path for the whole team.Don;t worry Brenda you do come in 2nd and Jon you are the bottom after trying to drown me just this past November. Remember that;I sure do.LoL.Blessings to you all.Jon i’m spiking your beans and rice with something really yummy.It will keep you busy and running.I will inform Todd that you will need a few extra days off of work when you get back home.Bye 4 now.

  6. Hey team,

    Wow. It’s a bit overwhelming jumping in on your experiences this late in the game(we were out of town).I just spent the better part of an hour going thru the comments and the pictures in order to catch up on all the happenings in Swazi. Amazing stuff. Way to go! Can’t wait to hear it first hand when you all get back. Oh and it looks like we missed out on the beans and rice challenge. Ahhhh.

  7. Yeah, that much have been some HUMONGOUS challenge: pizza and chicken…….Almost feel sorry for you guys…..NOT

  8. I was wondering – what am I going to eat at the end of the Rice and Beans Challenge, and we thought, since our church treated the community there to KFC that we’d have KFC to keep our thoughts on your work there. Praying for you – and looking forward to Friday evening!

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