Last day at Enaleni….photos

Just catching up on photos…..a few team blogs here….more blogs coming.


I know we didn’t come over here for a real safari but come on…who wouldn’t want to see any of the “big five” as they call their famous set of animals; lion, elephant, water buffalo, rhino, and leopard. I only saw 2 of the 5 but others were able to see 3. The outdoor sleep over was pretty unique. Ask any the team for exciting details. Of course, spending time at Enaleni was the real reward for all of us today. Saying good bye was not so easy but we had plenty of relationship time before that to spend together. As the sun was setting over the peaceful landscape, I couldn’t help but compare this hilly, quiet land with the land that Jesus walked on. No car noise, just natural sounds drifting across the homestead studded hills with a warm wind blowing. Natural creation has its beauty, but God is not so interested in that as with those created in His image. After all, it was all made for us and so the priority is people, and I can say that our priority here in Swaziland was the same. Our team represented our church community in such a fine way, it was an honor serving with these brothers and sisters as we reached out to our family in this part of the world.



What a great last day at the care point!! Driving up one last time and seeing all the smiling faces, just waiting to be loved on. It was a causal day of just playing with the kids and getting in all those hugs to last until the next time we come to Swaziland! I can’t believe how many pictures I took today, I wanted to remember every moment J I had a really wonderful surprise today that made my heart melt and brought me to tears. A little back story first – On our first day at the carepoint I got to revisit one of my sponsor boys home and see his aunt who is his mom now as his mom passed away 2 years ago. It was so great to reconnect and be able to bless the family with some groceries.  Today I was spending time with some of the kids when Monica came up to me and said that a Swazi lady was looking for me, I walk around the church and there was S’bongiseni aunt. She had come for the woman’s bible study and she had a gift for me, I was so touched by this and didn’t know what to say. A person who has so little and she is giving ME a gift! She had a bamboo mat in wrapping paper, Vaseline she had made from aloe vera plant, and a letter she had written to me. I hugged her and told her how much this meant to me. We had a really nice talk, she told me a little about her life and how much it means to her and S’bongiseni that I write and send pictures to them. I had actually been wondering if my sponsor boys really knew who I was and understood about me being there “special friend”. She told me that S’bongiseni has loved spending time with me at the carepoint and he loves me, WOW was it hard to hold back the tears!!! I will always treasure this moment, to be able to make a small impact in this family and how they made a huge impact in my life.



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7 thoughts on “Last day at Enaleni….photos

  1. All the pictures are awesome. I am really looking forward for you guys to come home; especially my mom, snickerpoocha! I hope you are having a great time and that you will not be too sad about leaving.
    Auntie Jack, I hope you have a great extra few days and that your throat and ankle gets better.

    I love you mom and miss you. Have a safe fly home.

    Kalena (peechapoocha for you mom)

  2. I know that I said this before, thanks for the great photos, you all look well and happy. Working hard. Thanks also for sharing on the blog. I am thankful for the technology that has allowed me to view this journey. You are all amazing and have done a fantastic job. Your planning and dedication to this trip really is a gift. I am praying for a good trip home.
    Dear Amy, I was so happy to see the photos of you. It has been hard to not talk with you about what you are experiencing but I know you are surrounded by so much love and dong just fine. So we will catch up when you are home. God bless you, much love, Mom

  3. Truly a gift to fOllow your journey through technology. Tonight at supper, (we have only rice on Wednesday nights and we read about the lives of the poor around the world) i showed the kids some of your photos that I had taken screen caps of. It really brought to life what who we have been sacrificing for these past weeks in preparing for Easter. Thanks to all who posted pictures, they have meant so much to so many!
    Bittersweet to say goodbye to those you love, though you will carry them in your hearts as you leave.
    I pray you have a peaceful trip home. God bless you.
    I love you Amy….Janet

  4. great photos, really great ones. I was so thrilled to see a picture of my special freind Nosipho, she looks so much taller.
    you guys all sound so tired, happy but tired, and now you have to face the long journey back, but you will have anxious excited people who are waiting for you at home. Our incredibly blessed and abundant homes, in a society where we have so much, and others have so little. the world isn’t fair, and I for one am so grateful for where I live.
    Looking forward to seeing all the pictures you have taken Bren, I imgagine I will restock my collage of pictures or buy another one to fill and stare at almost everyday and wonder what she is doing right now and pray for them.
    anyway it’s 10:50 pm, I have acouple more things to do, then Bren I have to have my shower. I’ve tried to go to bed early every day this week, but I have failed miserably, maybe tomorrow night.

    see you soon
    happy trails to you.
    love cheryl

  5. Thank you so much! I love the pictures, and the stories, and the personal connections that are being made. I’m especially proud of our team and how you rallied even in the face of disappointment. God is working powerfully through you, and we are so grateful to you, our ambassadors.

    {{{{HUG}}}} for Ron, it looks like you’re working lots. I hope you had time for fun too.

    For Wayne, under those shovels I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t Zach. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂 You’re fun-loving attitude is infectious through these pictures.

    Kelly, you are so beautiful we can see God shining His love through you into these children. Thank you for serving so faithfully.


  6. Thank you Swazi team. You have done a great job in bringing love, joy and laughter to these kids. Safe travels as you journey home!

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