Another wonderful day at Enaleni.

Well….it is now 2:10 AM Swazi time….what a day.  We have to be up in about 4 hours or so….I will make this brief.  Unfortunately the computer that has all of the team blogs from tonight is in someone’s room right now and I dare not knock on doors waking people up…so I will post it in the morning (in the middle of the night there) and you’ll have to catch up tomorrow.

We had another wonderful day at Enaleni.  The construction crew continued their work on the kitchen building the block wall up and worked very hard and strong all day in the heat.  We had such rich times with the kids.  Kelly got the kids prepared for their performance at church on Sunday.  And for me personally….Kelly and I had an awesome afternoon connecting with our little boy Lukhetfo and his sister.  Today was a bit of turning point for us….and I’ll post a blog about this later.  But for now….know that we are safe….know that the team has done an amazing job….and that we are really excited about the fun day planned with the kids from both carepoints tomorrow.

The princess party has some awesome plans and we can’t wait to see all the girls get their dresses and be celebrated.  The boys will be doing a football (soccer) day and we are so excited because there is a local football star coming to run a clinic with us there.  The newspapers will be out (so I’ve been told) and ALL the boys are so excited.

So….it has been a great April fools….I did manage to sneak in a few successful April fool gags today….and thanks again for all the support.  It was great to read out all the comments tonight.

Until tomorrow….I will leave you with some photos of the day…..more blogs coming about our day.  Stay posted.


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14 thoughts on “Another wonderful day at Enaleni.

  1. Hey Lanyse!!

    Mom’s here visiting me and we’re both thinking of you. Looks like you’re having a fantastic time and I hope to see you after you return…you are coming back right?

    p.s. those skirts look particularly fetching 😉

  2. Thanks for the update Jon. It seems like I’m peeking through the camera lens and see what you guys see. These pictures make me feel a little bit part of the Team.

  3. Hey Team! Every one of your red-faced, sweaty pictures tell us just how much of yourselves you are giving away! Thanks for representing us…and more importantly, Jesus, so well!

    Love hearing of all the relationship building, home-visits and connecting moments you are having. That’s what it’s all about! You guys are taking this WAY past missions trip… and WAY past ‘project’ as you deepen our partnership and friendship!

    Will be praying for the Princess Party and Soccer Tournament tomorrow! Way to initiate new ways of making an impact!

    Carolyn…just have your picture (with your little lion friend) up full-screen as i cook supper. i’ve avoided talking out loud to the screen…but after this i might just have a dance with you in the livingroom 🙂 Love ya!

    – Todd

  4. Hey, Steph,

    Hope all is well with you. I’m sure you’re looking forward to the Princess Party. I can only imagine how incredible it will be to see all those little girls’ faces light up when they receive their dresses and put twirl about in them for the party! Can’t wait to see the photos of those moments! Know that you are in our prayers every day!

    Love you!

    P.S. Jerrin and Grandma Thiessen were asking how you’re doing. I encouraged them to check out the blog.

  5. hi Mom it’s Kier. i am at auntie Cheryl’s right now visiting with her Uncle Ward and the dogs. A.C. didn’t know that you had made an appt. for both T.J. and Ty good thing i mentioned it haha.. T.J. is very curly he actually laid down in the bubble bath…i hope you are enjoying your time Love you lots!!!!

  6. Okay Kell I talked to Mom about putting some posts up on the blog but she reminded me that she doesn’t have the computer hooked up to internet at home so it will be hard for her. I will do my best to keep on blogging though.

    The pictures look great from Africa, and I think that reaction from Precious when you guys set up the sound system was so wonderful. In church last Sunday Todd said how things were going in our other church “Riverwood East” and it was the first time I thought of it in this perticular way, how we are building our extended church out there too and to see how God is working in all this is awesome. So cool!

    Kelly and Jon, I need to let you know the new ‘cool’ thing back here for the kids is Spider Man. They now have Spider Man socks and underwear and Conner has new Spider Man shoes. In fact the “phew, phew” sounds with ‘spidee’ hand gesture will get you incased in the sticky web trap from which there is no escape. The kids have now taken to running around and shooting this spidee web at anyone within web shot and especially at uncle Sheldon. Oh and I have to tell you something sooo funny today. Mom dropped Aiden off at my house today to play and during our time together the phone rang. I had it on speaker and thought it was Sheldon but a woman telemarketer came on and Aiden thought it was Nana. I thought it would be funny to let this play out instead of hanging up on the woman, so there was Aiden yelling “Nana, NANA, Hey Nana, We playing Nana….Nana” needless to say the woman hung up and I laughed my head off, Aiden had no idea he just couldn’t understand why Nana didn’t talk back. Oh and when I showed Aiden two new paintings I had just done he was like “you painted that?”, I said yup what do you think? “It’s good” was his reply but then he noticed the room was smelly from my oil paints and he made a face and was like “ewww” “Blugh” “Stinky” and ran out. Honest and to the point that’s the way I like it. Aiden is soo funny, oh and Conner, well as soon as Sheld came home from work we were a little shocked when Conner pulled down his pants (fast as lightening) to our relief it was to show Sheldon his new Spider man underwear. Hmmm I think I remember a story here that involves you Jon (as a kid of course) and your own special underwear….

    Love, Ash and Sheld

  7. I’m completely absorbed in the pictures, video and blogs you post. What amazing work you are all doing.

    Jon you mentioned that the trip took a turn. Last year on our trip, we faced many highs and lows. We are praying for the team, and the challenges you will face. We pray for everyone at enalani and bobokhazi. My heart is there with you.

    Shelly, Ron, Sandra……can u please keep your eyes open for my kholiwe dlamini at enalani. Ive been so worried about her since you mentioned some kids are Ill. I would really appreciate it.

    What an awesome hard core team you are!

    Wish u all a fabulous day tomorrow!

  8. Yup, it worked Jon……you have me so curious about this turning point that I may stay up all night just for the continuation. I said a lot of prayers last night after reading the blog and the comments……I wish I could do more……I prayed for the health of the children and their caregivers and also for strength for all of you. The task you have taken on is not an easy one, emotionally very draining. You were chosen for this trip for a reason…..each of you has a talent or a purpose. Trust and have faith that Jesus will guide you and give you strength.
    I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about the Princess party and the soccer game. I am sure that the team will make every child feel very special. Keep up the fabulous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each of you there has somebody here that is very proud of you and your efforts.

  9. Hey honey,

    Kalena had a wonderful visit with Lauren today as I sat and drank tea with Gary and Karen. Missed you tons but we went thru all the pics and blogs together as they had a ton of questions. It was a good time amongst the crying and laughing. Kalena stole one of your shirts to sleep with again tonight (a different one) and we had a talk about “borrowing” your clothes without asking you or me. I think we’ll be okay for now but soon I think soon she is going to wear a lot of your tops!
    Thinking of you tonight as the countdown to your arrival has started. I told K that God needs you there in Swaziland more than we need you home right now. That didn’t go over as well as I had hoped but I think she did understand in the end.
    So thankful that all is well with the team. It is thru His grace that the team was put together so its great that you are His hands and feet working together for our Swazi kids.
    Thanks to each of you for each role that you all are playing for Him.
    Much love…G

  10. Hi Bren & the rest of the swazi team

    Kier left a little after 11 pm. Ward and her were laughing like crazy at one of their stupid shows. sheesh. BUt I was glad she came, I prayed a bit with her. I remembered about the grooming, but didn’t realize you had a chance to make the appt, THANKS
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the princess party, should be a gala affair. Yes I saw the beautiful picture of Anna and the sleeping child, it is a beautiful picture, one that is worth blowing up and framing. Anna is a beautiful girl. Well done Wayne. And tell Kelly she is a very photogenic girl, beautiful in every photo, that goes for both the kelly’s.I think it’s the glow from the beautiful children and Christ’s light that is shining in all of you that makes you all look so darn good, even that one of Wayne, where I wasn’t sure if he was sleeping or unconcious.
    Hope you all had a wonderful, restorative sleep, ready to take on the busy, fun filled day you are going to have. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Sure missed your blogs. Bren, Kier and I are waiting for yours.
    better get to bed, Kier will be coming early in the morning, by 8:30.
    Lord, bless this group of people, give them strength, energy, stamina and health and safety. Meet with them in that place, grow them and stretch them as they bring You to the children and people of Enalani and Bobakazi(sp).


  11. Hi Anna & Wayne,

    My heart melts when I look at the faces of those kids so I can only imagine what it must be like to be there with them. I look forward to hearing your stories that go along with the pictures. By the way, you both look great in your stylin’ hats 🙂
    You are in my prayers. Love you….kris

  12. The photos are great. Nice to see that connections are being made with the kids. I pray for health and energy for you all.

    Bryan, I was suprised you were not balancing the bowls on your head.

    Stay well, God bless!


  13. Reuben… Basketball hasnt started yet because we dont have a coach. but Im not going to be on a basketball team because mom pulled me and zach out because of all the disorganization. hope to see you soon.

    Luke… Heey waz up Big D ya it looks like fun to play with all those kids. My bowling scores were 78, 89, 100 miss you xoxoxo

    Zach… bowling was good my scores were 102, 124, 154. sorry to here about your stomach take some medicine. miss you see you soon… xoxoxoxoxo

    Going to boppa’s for supper talk to you later over and out…

  14. Bryan:
    The skyblue color is fabulous for that building. As happy and peaceful as ever.Liked the decorations too.

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