Day 2 Enaleni….wow.

Well….this day can’t really be summed up.  It was truly successful though….on so many levels.

The “Kelly & the boys” team started out at 6:30 AM and rocked the foundation laying all day!  Their day began with a concrete mixer that would not start so they began mixing Swazi style….by hand.  With a couple of small engine mechanically inclined boys….they figured out that they could “push start” the mixer and got it running.  So things really got moving.

Bottom line for the construction crew is that they worked their tails off and got the entire foundation for the four room kitchen structure poured.  They really did an amazing job and pushed hard.

The time with the kids was again really rich and felt like we could stay there so much longer.  We had the chance to show the kids a video made from home that let them see snow on the ground and such and they loved it!  Also….Kelly continued teaching them their songs for Sunday and they sounded so great!  We can’t wait to see them perform.

The highlight of the day for me hands down was giving Pastor Peter and Precious their gift from the church….a new sound system!  It was an incredible experience to see how meaningful it was and how excited they were for it.  It was like we gave them pure gold…..I’m posting a video of the experience so hopefully you can catch a glimpse of how significant of a gift this was for them.  We were talking at our team meeting tonight and someone shared how impacted they were by the experience.  They said that if this system showed up at Riverwood, it would just kind of fit in and no one would notice….but for them it was revolutionary.  Jumbo wants you all to know that this means the world to Pastor Peter and that he took so much joy in seeing the pure gratefulness that Peter and Precious experienced.

Well….lots of people wrote tonight so please enjoy reading the personal experiences of the team….I’ve posted pictures below as well as the video of the new Enaleni Church sound system unveiling.

Until tomorrow….


Bob Loblaw’s Blog: AKA DTI
It was a totally exhausting day in Swaziland with +30 temps and sweat poring…pouring I mean, from our bodies like a leaky faucet. I think we each drank about 10 water bottles each. The ladies did their thing with the young ones and also participated in an awesome women’s Bible study that had music coming from it with chords from heaven. Unfortunately the men were working it out with the cement mixer and other tools. Nothing compares with the “African Way” of mixing cement, which doesn’t include any modern machinery. Fortunately, Bryan was around and able to finally get the mixer going. Praise God we were able to finish the whole concrete footing for the kitchen and it should be dry on Thursday, ready for the block work. We will be heading for the other care point tomorrow and adventures unknown. It is truly amazing, all the things that God is doing here, and we are super excited about the rest of our time here in Swaziland! Oh…I forgot to tell you about the new sound system that is now in place in Enaleni. If you get to see the videos of Pastor Peter and Precious, it will tell the whole story in a way which words could not do justice.

Thanks for all your prayers and support,

Dave I. and the Swazi team


Another full day in the gloriously hot African sun! The ladies started the day at Precious’ preschool and we were greeted with roughly 84 hugs each and lots of singing, it was so fun! From there we headed to Enaleni…it was then that I ‘noticed’ the poverty. I saw it yesterday, but it didn’t really sink in. Today I noticed it, mostly in comparison to the preschool kids who are clean and well dressed. It’s amazing how even here kids who live just a short distance away from each other live very different lives. We told the kids the Moses story at the carepoint and I had the joy of being Pharaoh…let me tell you a velvet costume in this heat is not a good idea! Our carepoint day ended with a home visit for Anna and myself. We went to Sheila’s house (mom I have so much more to tell youJ). It was an incredible experience. She invited us into her home and shared her heart with us. We were able to pray for her and her son, we left feeling speechless, but totally honoured to have had the experience. I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that we are having an incredible time…we are a diverse team, but a team that is unified and full of people that bring so much to this experience. We love hearing from you all, so keep it coming! Sending my love to you all and especially to my man and my favorite small group-have fun tonight guysJ

Continuously attempting to tame the frizz,



Lord put me where you want me and give me what I need to be a blessing there.

The last few days have been full of new experiences and emotions. The first day was full of meeting the children and giving them much needed attention.

The second was a building day. Not only the project but team work and relations with our Swazi co-workers. We starting by learning to mix concrete Swazi style (on the ground with shovels) because the mixer would not start. Even after the pull start tore off. Together we managed to turn the barrel which turned over the motor and eventually it began to run. God blessed our willingness by stopping the clock so we could still get the whole kitchen footing poured in one day.  Tomorrow we are heading for Bhobhokasi and gearing up for the challenges there.

Thanks for your comments and prayers. They are much needed and appreciated.



Day 2 on the care point site and still amazed at the children’s enthusiasm. Getting my hugs for a life time and not even noticing the heat when there’s so much  joy in the air. Went out for dinner tonight and had wonderful food,

Almost like home.  You should see the size of the bugs here- wow.. saw a praying manitis (that actually jumped in a window in the middle of praying for a meal- ironic?) and even saw a bat fly into the church today. Had an amazing experience with the women’s bible study group here- they have such a enthusiasm and powerful  joy for the Lord. And boy can they sing!  The sound system was delivered

To the church for Pastor Peter and Precious today and we blind folded them and

Walked them in for the surprise. Their reaction was thru the roof! We all had a good

Cry , laugh and hugs as we shared their joy. It’s such a eye opener to see how much  the things that we so easily own and take for granted are so appreciated by the people here.  Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow.



Wow 31 degrees in the sun hand mixing cement on the ground who could ask for anything more.  So grateful when we finally jump started the cement mixer.  I was able to visit Tekhaya my special friend at her house and meet her four cousins , uncle and Grandmother (GoGo) that she lives with.  It is amazing that a family that has nothing is so happy and caring.  She has a smile that I will never forget.



Zach and Luke you brought me to tears when Jon read your blog. Thank you so much. Everyone looked at me and laughed when you asked about my stomach.. FYI it is doing great. I am eating very well. Sandwiches, chicken and even steak today. Care point day was really hard work. We choose to leave quite early 6:30am to work for a work day. We 9 of us mixed cement on the ground  with shovels. Then Brian and I came up with the idea to kick start the cement mixer, ok, ok God inspired a thought and made it happen. You will see some pictures soon of me looking like a ghost as I was in charge of the mixing ratio. We were able to finish the footing today. The high light was as we finished the last batch of cement some women that attended a bible study came down to say what an answer to prayer we were and that they really appreciate the love that showed through our physical labor. I never thought that pouring cement for 9 hours was love. What an awesome experience. I can’t wait to see what God has for us tomorrow.

Oh hey boys I hope you remember the parachute you help buy last year. I played with today. Your $20 has lead to blessings kids you don’t even know.

I am trying to figure out how to bring a little baby boy home with me.. Sorry Cathy I know you really want a girl. Maybe tomorrow…

Mike Hillman


What an incredible day.  We went to Precious’ preschool this morning.  As soon as we stepped off the bus, we were surrounded by children wanting to hug us.  What an overwhelming feeling.

When we presented the speakers and sound equipment to Pastor Peter and Precious, Pastor Peter ran around the church and Precious fell to her knees in thanksgiving.  I don’t think there is anything more humbling than that.

We have been here for only a few days and already prayers are being answered and changes are taking place in our hearts as a team and as well as everyone at Enaleni.   We as a team are becoming a real family and are gelling.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Thanks to all the Riverwooders who are blogging, your encouragement and support means so much to all of us



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41 thoughts on “Day 2 Enaleni….wow.

  1. I am soooo many miles away and I can’t hold back the tears…the video is so touching.WOW!!!!!!
    Hope you check the previous days comments there is one for Lanyse that will make her smile as I am sure some tears were shed today.
    I bet you guys never knew you had so much in you to give. I can feel it from here.
    Lanyse, your physical size is no indication of your heart size. I am verrrrrrrrry proud of you.

  2. Oh my, oh my! The happiness of Pastor Peter and Precious is great! I cried and smiled at the same time. Thank you for sharing it. Swazi team, I envy you in being there to experience their joy. We are praying for all of you and your ministry. Try to stay out of the sun, but enjoy it.

  3. Reuben…still a little tired from pulling an all nighter, tried to get mom to let me do another one, but she said “NO!!!” don’t miss you that much, but I hope you come home soon…

    Luke…The picture of you with your head in the cement mixer was hilarious!! I am glad to hear that you had a great time with the kids and the parachute. Hope tomorrow is another great work day. I hope that you can find a way to bring home that little baby boy.

    Zach…I am glad that your stomach is holding up and that you are eating food that you like. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. PS Mom finished the last level in world 8, and is now working on level 9, the Golden Temple, in Donkey Kong.

    Signing off with hugs and kisses.

  4. That video made my tears roll. After reading the blogs, I watched it again and yep….., the tears were there again. Very moving. Thanks to all the Riverwooders(?) who made this possible. And of course the Swazi-team, being there. All of you are amazing!!
    A synonym for the concrete mixer came to mind: frustration. That’s what the pictures tell me. Mike, you are suppose to keep your mouth closed when you mix concrete, so you don’t get it on your teeth, Ha, ha. But seriously, “Kelly & The Boys” you did a great job. Can anyone take a picture of the end result?
    I love the pictures of the kids. Those big eyes are just stunning.
    Dave, Haley, Bryan, Kim, Perry & Yvonne thank you so much for your vision, feelings and input. You are terrific people.

    Yvonne, thanks for the phone call. ‘T was good to hear your voice. What you told me was lots of food for thought. Talking about food, I made orange rice today, enough for 3 days left-over and enough cheese to plug-up something….
    I pray that your upset stomach will soon be okay. Lovyalots.

    Team, keep up the good work! God Bless

  5. Wow what a great day. I cried when I saw the video of the sound system. What great pictures of the people mixing cement and working so very hard. Bryan I am soooo proud of you, as usual. I knew God would use you and your many talents!! Those kids are so adorable I could keep them all. Not sure they would let any any on the plane with you though.
    I am at your mom’s Bryan had a great supper yet again. it did not contain any bugs though. Tim joined us for a little bit but is now on his way. You mom had been reading the blog and I gave her her card today.
    It is great to see some pictures of you.
    So glad you got the cement mixer working, or it would have been a even longer day.
    Can’t wait to her about the next carepoint tomorrow. Give those kids hugs for me as well.
    Love you much and take care of each other.
    I will contiue to pray for all of you!

  6. Very excited to hear about another successful day!!! Your hard work and everything you’re doing for the people is so inspiring.

    I miss you so much Steph. You and the team are constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

  7. Hi Amy, Dad & I came home from work and looked at the images of your day’s experience, loved them all. You look happy. The video in the church was very moving & emotional. We are touched by the work that you and the Swazi group are involved in. Keep up the great work. We are just fine, the snow banks in Winnipeg are getting smaller & smaller (Yeah!!) Maybe all the snow will be gone by the time you return home?
    We miss you and love you. XOXO Mom & Dad.
    Our best to everyone, you are an amazing group.

  8. Wow! That video was great!! I had to watch it a couple times. I’m sure you guys enjoyed that moment. It’s great to see you finally at work 🙂 haha. Love all the pictures. Remember your sunscreen!

  9. Chris and Kelly,
    We are following the blog from Mexico. The pictures of the kids and all of you are incredible! The children are so beautiful! We are so proud of all of you and pray that you might impact the kids in a special way.
    We pray for your health, safety and strength as you go about making a positive difference in the lives of all that you meet and help there.
    We are praying for you and may God continue to Bless all of you!!

  10. Well, still getting pretty choked up when I read the blogs but I literally broke down when I watched the video of Prescious falling to her knees. What an incredible experience and I am so thankful to be a part of a community that provided the possibilities to Enaleni.
    Peechypoocha says “Hi snickerpoocha”. She has taken to wearing your shirt to bed so that you can still be close. Luci is still waiting by the door…Doo!
    Had a great night at nonna’s tonight with all the kids. I’d like to tell you that I am now Rhea’s favorite zio but no. Close second tho I think.
    I remember last year I struggled with trying to figure out why God blessed me and placed me on that team. There were so many answers at the end that I’m still confused. But I do see the same thing with this crew. You really look like you have an incredible crew there, some that I have had the opportunity to know quite well, and its awesome when it all comes together for His plan. So incredible. Thanks for allowing yourselves to be used.

    Much love. G & K

  11. Hi, Steph,

    I wonder how many of those precious little ones you will try to bring home with you?! As my Mom would say, “I could just squeeze the stuffins’ out of them, they’re so cute!”

    I can only imagine how you are changed already in such a short time . . . God is moving . . .

  12. Thanks for the beautiful slide show, it gives a feel for the Spirit present. I especially enjoyed the parachute photos-what fun! Keeping you all and your ministry in my prayers. I love you Amy….

  13. Hey Team! It’s almost 5 am your time (10 pm here) so i hope at this very moment you are all getting a great night’s sleep and will awake tomorrow refreshed and ready for Bhobhokazi!

    Thanks for all your blog entries and for taking the time to take us with you! It is so incredibly special! Loved the video…but was too choked up the first time watching it to actually see it all.

    This morning i was reminded, once again, why we are in Swaziland. Maybe you already knew this, but the Life Expectancy in Canada has gone up over the last few years and is now sitting at 81.2 years. We’re ranked #11 in the world! In Swaziland, the Life Expectancy is just 31.8 years and has been dropping in the last few years. Swaziland is rated #194 … out of 194 nations!

    Team, your efforts are directly working to reverse the devestating effects of poverty and disease! Keep up the good work!

    Finally, Carolyn…i love watching you in action! You are a tremendously gifted leader who makes it look easy…but we both know it’s not. Way to risk, put yourself way out there and inspire us to do the same! So incredibly proud of you! L.t.b.i.l.w.m.b.f!!!!

    – Todd

  14. What a great day you’ve all had. The sound system surprise was priceless. How different things could have been for anyone of us had we been born in another country without the privileges we enjoy here. I read your facebook message Steph…I understand what you’re saying, and I’m not surprised. Regardless of where you feel at home, you’re home is always where your mom is…no matter where you or I end up. Enjoy this expereince. I love you. So…What are you eating over there? lol…but really..what?

  15. Sounds like you guys are having an incredible impact. There is pure joy on the faces of every child, every adult in every picture & video, from Enalani & from every team member. How blessed and privledged you all must feel.
    Bren, was that boy you were with in the picture your new special friend? I suspect it is.
    Oh you are going to be so proud of me, Kier phoned tonight to ask how many tablespoons there were in a 1/2 cup. I looked to my trusty cheat sheet and ascertained that since there were 4 tbsp in a 1/4 cup, I proudly announced to Kier that therefore that meant that there must be 8 tbsp in 1/2 cup. She was so grateful,and dare I say impressed. anyway, thought you should know that, in case you were worried that any of your girls were having math problems, you need not worry any longer, just focus on the task at hand.
    Seriously though, keep up the wonderful work and don’t get heat stroke.

    Lover Cheryl

  16. Dear Mom (Kim),
    Pippin really misses her grandma as does the rest of the family. Gwen and Nana have been calling (almost) every day. Hope you are having fun and staying out of the water.
    Love, Kristen and Jenny.
    p.s- Are you tan yet?

  17. Rebecca- Hey daddy (: I am so glad you’re having fun. We all really miss you, kiwi is saying hi.. as I speak haha love you and keep working hard ❤

    Hi, future father-in-law – clever name for your blog! I loved seeing all the pictures. – Jade

    Thanks so much for sending the video – we (Riverwood) are so blessed to have such a great team working/sharing God's love with our Swazi family. Sunday will be so exciting with the new sound system, music and all your voices worshipping together.
    God is so good! Lois
    *David – XO

  18. Happy Birthday Rachel! I’m not sure if I’m early or late with the time difference 🙂 What a memorable birthday! Blessings, LeeAnn

  19. Dad,
    It sounds like you really MacGyver’d that situation. Proud of you! Glad you’re doing well, can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂


  20. Hey you guys are awesome. I have appreciated reading your updates of your struggles and joys so far. It is amazing to think of what God is capable of. The pictures are amazing and the video was very touching. I will be praying for you guys, and I am very proud to be known to go to the same church as your group.

    Haley, dont get too excited this isn’t your husband or your parents…its your favorite younger brother. Way to go being Pharaoh it sounds like you are having a great time! I know you are great with those kids and im sure you want to take one home. I hope the rest of your time there gets even better. You will have to skype me an update when you get back.
    …and I don’t think a velvet costume in any temperature is a good idea…

    Jon, one of many things I have always appreciated about you, and im sure your team will agree is how you lead a team. You are such a great leader because you care so much about the people you lead, and the people you are serving. I appreciate how you represent God’s love with all those you encounter. Hopefully I will see you this summer!


  21. It’s just after midnight, that ##@!~%%^&# ceiling in the basement is a disaster. No wall is straight or parallel.
    Gonna be a challenge to have it finished before you come home.
    Yvo, I forgot something to say before: Hopefully you’ll meet Senel’siwe at Bhobhokazi today. Give her a big hug from me. Or have you met her already?
    Hey Team, let God’s Spirit shine though you, lighting all the children and whoever you’ll meet. V-e-e-l L-i-e-f-s (spelled out for you, Jon)

  22. We have been praying for you months ago-before you began this journey. Praying Isaiah 50:4,5 for the team –
    “The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious; I have not drawn back.”
    We pray that you will all “listen like one being taught.” Each day you are partnering with God in what He has already wanted accomplished by using each one of you. Your lives will be forever changed by this journey – embrace all that is before you.

    Hello and prayers daily for Wayne,Anna,Rick,Carolyn,Jon and Kelly. We cheer you on from Tanzania – we know what you are experiencing – we are living it here every single day.
    Brenda- there is a shot of you with a boy – that used to be our sponsor child – Scel’mphilo. Choked me up to see him smiling. He is that same child you all saw up on the screen for weeks and weeks with the green shirt and torn pants with a sad face when the church first started the Swaziland adventures. How wonderful to see that smile – your hug to him was in part my hug too.
    Wayne, love that sheik look with towel under your hat so your neck won’t get burnt – Darryl does that daily and it made me smile.
    Great shots Jon of the kids and work there – great leadership as always with you & Carolyn! Continue Blessing the people of Swaziland – we are with you in heart and spirit – love Shirl & Darryl too

  23. Hello Kim
    It sounds like you and the team are having a amazzing
    time , remember the bugs are more scared of you .
    I miss you love hubby .
    Jon thanks for the daily blogs , i look forward to
    reading them each morning .God Bless You ALL .

  24. Haley you look totally fullfilled! What wonderful work you are all doing over there. Ulrich and I are wondering how many of those sweet little angels you are going to try to pack into your suitcase? Keep up the good work team and we are looking forward to hearing all about it when you get home Haley. Good Bless you all and we are praying for you all.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL! What a way to spend it, right? It looks and sounds like everyone is being so blessed by the kids – would love to feel some of those hugs. I hope you have a really good day and feel a little special – miss you. Love Mom and Dad. P.S. Max is still sitting by the door crying for you 🙂 ha, ha.

  26. What an emotional moment to experience. We could all feel this from the video so I can’t imagine what it felt like to actually be there! Monica I saw you in the video and at that moment when Precious knelt down… I just cried. Elliot and Allegra came over and watched the video. They didn’t understand why there were so excited and why Precious was kneeling. As a parent, I didn’t know how to explain to my children who are truly blessed how significant this experience is for a community. If anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them because I want to raise my kids to be justice fighters. They love seeing their Aunty Monica in Swaziland and send their love to you. Allegra noticed you in the video and then the questions started – so you will have to schedule some time with them when you get back because they want to hear all about it!….hehe!! I Can’t wait to hear all the stories either!!Love those babies for me.
    Praying for you always!
    Keri xx

  27. Seeing the excitment & joy from Pastor Peter & Precious just made my day 🙂 Great video & great pictures (yet again!)

    Glad you guys are having an awesome time so far!!

  28. Hi Bryan, I’ve been following your blog & seeing your pictures. Looks like you’re pretty happy to be there, & I’m glad for you. Like I promised, I’m praying for you daily. Had a good visit with Cheryl last night.
    Love, Mom

  29. Way to go guys!!!! That concrete did not look easy in the heat. Thank God for sending the right people for the job! Better luck with the equipment in future jobs! If your stuck for pure mindless grunt work, Wayne has told me he loves it!!!
    Jon, take it easy on the videos, they seem to get my ‘allergies’ acting up. JK, that was such a beautiful moment at the church… thanks for sharing it with us.
    Haley, I am so proud of you and realize more each day that you are made for this kind of service. Just keep ‘doin what you do’. I love you.
    P.S. Your hair looks great!

  30. Fantastic! So cool getting to be with you for those 2 minutes and a few seconds. Continually proud and know that heat, long days and really physical labour can take it’s toll so we will continue to pray for grace, strength and stellarness (yes, that’s my word). You’re all rad and would someone please say “HI!” to Wayne from me 🙂

  31. hey steph, miss you and love you!
    Vancouvers good, hangin with mark has been goin’ great! workin with the youth skaters here is pretty awesome too! i love you, and am prayin that you are having a wonderful time!!
    from your most favorite person in the whole world!!!

  32. It is great to journey along with the team by reading your posts and seeing the pictures. We check the site daily. The kids love to see if they can spot Dad (Perry) and Tekhaya in the pictures. It really helps them to connect to where he is and where/how Tekhaya lives. Thanks for keeping us connected. We pray for you all every night before the kids go to bed. Stay safe, healthy and press onward! Way to go Team!

  33. Hi Bryan,
    It was soooo good to chat with you of FB last night. Can’t wait to hear how your day was at the next care point. Love ya much.

  34. Once again great pictures guys, love the video. Rick be extra careful tomorrow. Leslie I can’t see you anywhere! Have you heard anything more about Khetsiwe?
    Stans been fishing for info about the trip, so I gave him a haircut and we talked about you guys the hole time. He seem a little better now, but you can tell he misses you (Rick).
    love yous

  35. Hey Kelly you look great working the cement mixer. I am sure you are working really hard. All my thoughts prayers are with you and the team. Keep up the good work.

  36. Shell, I’m proud of you for gagging down the tripe! First step, tripe, next step, sashimi? When you get home, of course:) I loved watching the video of Precious and Peter. You might be surprised to hear that a rock like me shed a few tears! Great work, gang! Keep spreading the love! Thanks for representing!
    Love G

  37. Hi Zia Sandra,
    We were very happy to see pictures of you and your smile. It looked like you were having fun with the parachute! Miss you lots! Ella and Rhea

    Hey Sandra,
    Just wanted to send you our love and know we are always thinking of you. We have been reading the blog everyday! love, Rosanna and Geoff

  38. What a joy to see all of you in action!!! I boo-hoo’d my way through the video…..then boo-hoo’d my way through it again. Very touching and humbling. The pictures of the kids are so inspiring. I see faith in action, with the whole team, boots-on-the-ground in Swaziland. When I see the the eyes of the children in the awesome pictures, I see hope for their future. When I see the video of Peter and Precious, accepting the gift of the sound equipment, I see that love is a verb.

    But now remains
    faith hope and love,

    these three;

    but the greatest of these is love.

    The Swaziland team is love!!!!

    Brenda, when I finally see you in a picture, you are hugging a child. How so very appropriate!! I’m so proud of you and thinking of you everyday!

    Counting the days ’till I see you again,
    Love Terry

  39. Hi Dad and Kelly!!!

    Great pictures!! You both look like you have been working hard!!!

    Dad your write up was really funny! Matt and I had a good laugh at the Pepto part of it.

    Im not surprised that you can get the click. you are good with language! Make sure you say hi to Cynthia for us! Tell her we miss her and the boys!!!

    Also say hi to pastor Peter and Precious! Tell them that we think of them often and would like to have her peanut stew again sometime!

    mexico is going great and the wedding was beautiful!

    Love you guys!!!

    Amanda and Matt

    1. Hey Shelley hows it going?I hope you get this?This is my 4th comment but haven’t heard from you.Arnie’s been sending them so let me know if you’re getting them.I’m enjoying all the pictures and letters.What a hard working team.The video was great when they turned on the speakers it was priceless.Well take care and stay hydrated as much as you can.I wish I could send you some of our weather.By for now Im praying for all of you.Love and hugs mom Dawn And Arnie

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