An interesting beginning :-) That’s how we roll….

Well…I am sitting at Jumbo & Kriek’s house right now…it is 9:40AM….as best I know the rest of the team is just about to get picked up on the side of the road and squish into one bus because one of the vehicles broke down on the side of the road….so pretty soon most of the team will be arriving at the carepoint.  I myself am going to the local Swazi airport to check with South African Airways about one team bag that has been lost.  We can’t figure out where it went missing but it could possibly still be at the airport.  Pray we find it… has some important items in it.

So….the day is going to be great….and I think that by the time I’m even finished writing this the team is probably on route again… is a HOT one out there today….can’t wait to get to the carepoint but I will be going after lunch.

Church….thanks so much for all the comments so far…it is SO incredibly encouraging to know we have such a community here with us in spirit and in “blog” reality.  We truly hope you experience things with us in a meaningful way.

Till later….hopefully with our 26th bag…..


24 thoughts on “An interesting beginning :-) That’s how we roll….

  1. Oh no…you’re waiting at the side of the road?? lol..I mean..oh darn that’s too bad. Just kidding Steph. Hope you guys find that supply bag, and i hope you have a great first day of work. Love you and thinking of all you.

  2. Oh no, being squeezed like sardines in that heat. Hopefully they have not too far to go. Jon, I hope you’ve found the bag by now. Thanks again Jon, for all your updates. I love to read how y’all are doing. BTW don’t mind my spelling errors, I’m from overseas. Yes I know, that explains a lot….. Team, I pray every day that God will protect, guide you and bless “the work of your hands”. Veel liefs.

  3. Hi guys,
    Sorry to hear of some ‘inconveniences’ today. Praying for them to be resolved and for the team to keep energized and in good spirits. I know it can be hard after a long, hot, spiritually draining day. But what I found when I was there was that God fills you back up faster than you can give it away! I know you are loving on all the kids and my little Busisiwe (Thanks Shelley, Kelly and Brenda who had direct instructions to do so!) Enjoy your evening and I look forward to hearing how your day at Enaleni went. Good for you Shelley for trying the ox tail. I laughed about the tripe!

  4. This is a special note for Miss Anna, and Miss Amy my wonderful Kidz Zone teachers: I hope you have fun playing with all the kids at the care points. I will be praying for you. Love Bailee Gill

  5. There is no way to really let boundaries down better than squeezing 24 people into a 18 person bus, on a hot day, in the middle of 4×4 country on the way to the carepoint! I think I still have Ron’s elbow imprinted on my side from last year. Good times.

    Love the way you are always able to adapt, Jon, without it letting your spirits down. I know you much prefer a strict organized time sensitive schedule. I guess Carolyn is starting to impress upon her worry-free nature. LOL. I guess thats what makes you 2 the perfect leaders. You two are the best of both worlds and the team is lucky to have you there to guide them.
    Much love….G

    p.s. Sandra I hope you had an amazing day. Can’t wait to hear about it. Need to hear your laugh soon. Need my fix…love you woman.

  6. Isn’t Anna the most wonderful person to have with you all? She’s on loan from the senior high youth. She’s missed highly. Please don’t break her and bring her home safely. 🙂

  7. Hey,Steph and Anna,

    I hope your hearts are full of big hugs and happy smiles after spending the day with “your kids”! I trust that after a full day of heat and playing you shouldn’t have any trouble sleeping tonight! Privileged to be praying for you and the team . . . I’m really wishing I could be experiencing this with you! Have a good sleep! Love you!

  8. Thank you so very much for the team photo with names!! It makes it even more fun to follow along on the blog! Despite the early hiccups to your day (talk about an understatement right??) I hope you had an AMAZING day! Stay safe and have fun as well as being the blessing to others that we know you will be!!

  9. Have a great workday #one. You are all amazing. Leslie we are praying for you and everyone. Rick I miss your amazing smile give one picture with it o.k.
    I am reading the posts to the girls everyday and they love hearing about all of you in Africa. God Bless
    All your girls miss you, love you and are cheering you all on.

  10. Wow, day number 1. Love all those kids like they are your own! And if anybody sees my little Nomphilo, give her a huge hug!!
    Bless you all and I hope day 1 is amazing!

  11. Can’t wait to hear about your day!!!!!!!!
    I, unlike many others have never met Kriek and Jumbo. I am hoping that sometime on this virtual journey we will be introduced. Looking forward to it……..
    Hope you have all had a wonderful experience today.

  12. Hey Team!!

    So glad that you got there safely! Was reading the blog before work this morning and missed my bus 🙂 Sorry to hear that you broke down on the road, but hopefully you’ll have the great bus with the leopard print seat covers and “booming” stereo system to pump you up as you head into the care-point. Don’t worry too much about squeezing in…you should see how many kids they get in there 🙂
    Have a wonderful day with the kids…give out so many hugs that your arms hurt. Much love to you all, and I can’t wait to miss a few more buses reading all about the journey.

  13. CAROLYN!!!
    Well, your office is empty and it’s very quiet here today…HOWEVER we had our usual Tues AM prayer/staff time and your lovely Hubbie said one word at the end…”STARBUCKS” so we went on a quick coffee run. You were missed.

    Tip of the Day: If Jon is getting out of line I give you permission to hit him with a Nib or any other candy like objec that you can find in Swazi. Kelly is there to remind him to brush his teeth so not to worry about that.

    Hope you sleep well.
    and I told you I would write you a special note so here it is. YOU ARE SPECIAL.
    Stay in the shade and oh yeh…we had a saying on my wilderness course “Hydrate or Die” so drink lots of H2O YO! That goes for all of you!

    Have a SWAZI-RIFIC day there.

    Epically yours,
    Mandy star.

    PPS Haley you of course are missed too here. Don’t worry, I got a Venti starbucks so I will drink this and remember you…and pray for you too! 🙂

  14. Hi Bryan,
    Hope you are having and amazing day! Remember to hug those kids for me. Are you one of the ones that got stranded on the side of the road? It was nice to chat with you on FB only if it was only for a couple of mins. Tell me what you did today. I want to know.
    Love you much
    I am going to the Olive Garden with Jen and Dalrne tonight so looking forward to that.
    Talk soon.

  15. Just wanted to let our “cottage cheese perogie ” gal know that we are praying for her:) Trusting that your day was filled with many rich moments Lanyse. Can’t wait to see pictures of the children. Always a highlight…thanks Jon!

  16. My lunchbreak is getting to short to read all the comments. Greetings to all in hot Swazi.

    Hey Yvo, starting to miss your Kleenex box yet? I told you to bring one….. Luvya

  17. Hey Team! We here are proud of you all!

    I have been thinking that you should all send Carolyn home early. I know she’s great and you want her around and the kids love her but this Todd-sobbing-all-day is getting real old. He’s like a lost puppy. He stares blankly into space repeating over and over, “just a bit longer, just a bit longer…” It’s quite sad.
    Other than that, we’re just real stoked on having great representatives from Riverwood.



  18. Hey Monica!! This post reminded me of your little Monsi car that you had back in high school and we would all cramp into it just to see how many people we could squish in. I hope that you all made it safely to the care point and that you had a wonderful day hugging all of those beautiful children!

    Bryan- I know that you want to get on with the construction but it’s ok to want to bring a baby home. I am sure that Cheryl would love it lots and lots hahaha!! Shhhhh don’t tell her I said that 🙂

    You all look like you have bonded great and are having lots of laughs. Can’t wait to hear about your first day. Miss you loads Moni! If you get a chance, shoot me off a quick email. I hope that jet lag has not affected you all so much and I hope that none of you are sick now that you are on the ground. Praying that your journey back to where you are staying is less eventful and that you all get really good rest.

    Thinking of you (even though I am supposed to be working!!) Lots of love,
    Keri x

  19. Hey Shelley! Oxtail soup is my favourite soup from childhood. I recently made a whole batch when I found oxtails on sale – so if you liked it, you’re invited to my place for lunch sometime. You can eat soup, and tell stories of your adventures. Sound like a plan? 🙂


  20. Glad to see some pics Matthew enjoys seeing mom on the computer.We’ll pray for the lost bag ,and wait for more news.We miss you lots but are still having alot of fun especially on the rides.With LOTS of LOVE!!
    Sean & Matthew

  21. Hi Rachie, I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow! Did you do your dental demonstration yet? How was the home visit? Which of your boys did you visit? Love you and am praying for you. Mom

  22. What an amazing sounding trip. Glad to see Bryan got some Happy Birthday wishes. What a birthday to remember. (one of a kind) Praying for you.

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