well….we are ready to roll….Enaleni here we come.

Great day today!  We found Steph and Lanyse….they weren’t missing in Washington (read previous comments to clarify)….Brenda’s still missing though.

Also….we celebrated Bryan’s birthday today….he had a great one….

The following are some blog entries written by the team….

Thanks to all the fantom taggers that sent me many messages on stickies throughout the day. No matter where I looked, there you were. You made me birthday very special.

Kimberley ….
Amazing  adventure, fabulous things to see, wonderful people and the team is so much fun. Safe and sound just really tired from the lonnngg  flight.

So far, everything is going great.  Had a good singing session tonight while preparing for day 1 at Enaleni.  Going in to tomorrow with no expectations and looking forward to all of it.  Be well everyone and talk to you soon!

Wow, just totally amazing so far. Very different from what I expected so far but NOT in a bad way. Little nervous about our first day in Enalani tomorrow but VERY much looking forward to it. Miss you Clare, Abby and Kylie. Love you’s!

Wow 25 hrs of flying, 5 hours of driving and we are here, can’t wait for day 1 tomorrow. So many emotions but mostly excited. Cathy and the Boys please write on the blog as we read them each night.

So excited to be here, cannot believe how beautiful it is! Very much looking forward to our first work day tomorrow at the care points. Thank you all for the good wishes, looking forward to sharing this experience with you all, talk to you soon! Much love

Erik everyone is enjoying your blog.  You took Sandra literally.  It is amazing here!  I can’t wait to meet the children as Enaleni tomorrow.  The food is not agreeing with me very much, but everyone is looking out for me.  Miss you all.  All my love.

It’s AMAZING to be back, and so fantastically HOT and humid. I have to tell you I tried Ox Tail this evening and it tasted great! I also tried Tripe this evening (cow intestine), and I gagged 3 times before it went down!! J Otherwise, the food has been fantastic! Miss and love you all! Please keep in touch!!

This trip is so awesome, its seems like it is going so fast.  Awesome team, can’t wait to get to the care points.  I will try and remember the time change when calling home.

23 thoughts on “well….we are ready to roll….Enaleni here we come.

  1. Last year, we as a team, had a hard time describing our expeiriences without using the word “awesome”. Good luck with that. I think the word that replaced it was “HARDCORE”!!! Meh…it worked for us yokols…G

  2. Hey crew,

    Safe in Swazi I see. Thats always good news! I cant begin to explain to you how much i wish i could be there. I thought for sure after being there for 2 years in a row id be making it my annual trip. That obviously didnt pan out, but im SUPER excited for you guys and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I can just see you all huddling around the computer.. or lounging around in that room we were always in at Emafini.. laughing, crying.. talking about how slow i am (those of you who were on the trip last year will understand that last one). Anyway.. I hope you guys have a crazy good time and make really good connections with new friends and old friends there at Enaleni and Bobokhazi!

    Wayne.. sorry i forgot to email you back before you left haha… we’ll connect once you get back! (bring back a scorpion for me, or we’re no longer friends)

    God Bless,


  3. I’m glad everyone is doing great. It sure looks like you are ready for Enaleni. You all are very photo-genetic; wondering why the guys are the only ones pulling goofy phases though….. Jon, that poster you made for the fund raising evening is very handy, now I can connect the names to the faces.
    I checked the website at work… yes at lunchtime… didn’t have time to comment. All of you are on my mind throughout the day, especially you know who….
    Apparently it’s just after midnight your time. Exhausted from the heat and emotions? Maybe to hyper to sleep? I can’t even imagine what you must feel after this first day. Anyway, have a good sleep and Leslie, please don’t snore to loud… well Yvonne is Yvonne you know….

  4. I’m also checking your blog often (not quite as often as last year when my nephew, Scott, was part of the team)! But I am thinking of you all often and praying for your safety and well being.
    I wish I had one of the posters that Erik mentioned. It would be fantastic if you could possibly post a team picture with names so we’d know who was being referred to in the posts!!

  5. I and the kids are checking the site often, keep up the posts. We are praying for all of you. Perry how was the cot? Have a super fantastic first day!

    Mambo sawa (life is good).
    Something we learned yesterday from the Watoto choir, they were great!

  6. Hi Bryan,
    Happy Birthday!!!! wish I could be there celebrating with you. I am glad they are taking good care of you and giving you a Birthday you will never forget. Dave Koop called to wish you Happy Birthday he said he couldn’t call you in Afica so he called me instead. Hope you had fun at the market today and found some nice things for the girls and me. Miss you tons and still waiting to hear how the flights went for you.
    Love you much. It is 0 here today, but sunny.
    Hey what did you have for your Birthday supper, I couldn’t make you Chicken crepe’s but I sure it was good what ever it was.

  7. Hey Steph!!! Nice pic..you look great. Have a great time. How did you cope on the flights and what are you eating?

  8. Please don’t forget to spend time with the kids, d-team, Pastor Peter and Precious, and don’t forget my other buddies Lelo and Elliot! The project will get done either way but there won’t be another you for them to see God’s love through. And besides if you work to hard you’ll make me look bad!!! haha

  9. And just a friendly reminder to all those that read the posts from the Swazi team. They really really look forward to your posts from friends and families so don’t just read, encourage them on their journey!So Jon, Haley, Shelley, Kelly, Perry, Ron, Sandra, Carolyn, Kelly2 and each and every one of you this is me cheering you on! I may not know your name but I still wish you a great experience!

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Sounds like you are having a blast and the excitement is keeping you awake. I’m sure you must be exhausted but running on emotions.
    Bren, I just talked to Kier and she has decided on BP for her 21st birthday supper, I told her to tell her sisters and Jordan they were invited too. Should be fun, will be weird for you to be away from her on her birthday. I won’t be you, but will try to make it special for her.
    How did you guys do at the market, get lots of goodies?
    Love Cher

  11. Wow Shelley! I don’t know if I would have pegged you as an oxtail-and-tripe type! Love it! Kelly I was sad to hear about your motion sickness but glad to see you smiling again once you got on the ground again. Jon, great job keeping us all in the know about what’s going on over there! Greetings and encouragement to the whole team!

  12. Hi Everyone!
    You guys look great and ready to take on anything… impressive after such a long flight! Jon you’re doing a fabulous job at keeping us updated… thanks for the pictures and comments… a highlight of our day is to catch up with what’s happening over there. We would love to be there with you! Kelly… so glad to hear that you’re feeling better…can’t imagine what it was like to feel so sick and be stuck in a plane for that long! 😦 Shelley… Ox Tail – really?? Wow – impressive! The reaction to the Tripe, now that I can understand! 🙂

    We are praying for all of you and trusting that God will give you strength, energy, good health and that you’ll continue to build those important relationships! Please give Andile a big hug from us if you get a chance. (and take a picture please 🙂 )

    All the best as you go to the Care Points… hopefully you won’t lose anyone else on the way – lol!

    Rena (& Rod & Jayden)

  13. Thank-you so very much Jon. All your hard work is very much appreciated by me and I am sure MANY more………
    You are all making a huge difference to so many starting today(as I know you are sleeping soundly and won’t read this tonight). Be proud of yourselves because each of you has someone that is busting at the seams because we are SO VERY PROUD!!!!
    Lisa T.guess you got the answer to your question?

  14. As we head off to bed here in Winnipeg (I’m heading to bed, not the kids!)- everyone there will be getting up to begin their first day at Enaleni – can’t even imagine the excitement you must be feeling. Praying for each one of you as you share God’s love in many different ways. What a difference you will all make in lives today.
    *David – my day trip with the girls was a HUGE success – no problems at the border:)

  15. Ok I left a comment yesterday but I guess I messed it up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I am so glad u all arrived safe, sorry to hear about those who had motion sickness. Last year Shelly had these amazing magic pills that were very effective. They were Little blue pills…….. oh wait…..Thats the other magic.

    Can’t wait to hear about your time at the care points. Oh how I wish I was there! Send my love to jumbo, kriek and baby; pastor Peter, precious and kids, the mahges, d-team, all those precious kids and especially my kholiwe!

    Soak up and enjoy every minute.

    Sandra, don’t worry about Gino, chris will take him f’coff!
    ( coffee )

    Love and prayers,
    Les and family.

  16. Ox tail eh? Yummy. Amy might be able to pick up a few pointers on how best to prepare and serve ox tail as we haven’t had it before.
    Everyone sounds quite upbeat, supportive and full of energy. Enjoy your visit with the folks in Enaleni, hugs to all. We had beautiful sunshine and a gorgeous blue sky today and was wondering how your day was. Love to you Amy, God bless, Mom.

  17. Congrats on a safe arrival everyone! Monica, I hope we can hear some of those new mad singing skills when we see you next time! Shall I prepare the Funk clan for a recital at the gathering? Blessings on all of you.

  18. Hey Steph, glad you made it safe and sound. Please don’t make me jealous by going on and on about the warm weather! Just stick to describing the work! LOL!!

  19. Hi Shelley; We’ve been sitting and looking at a skype screen for three days,I quess we should have followed the blog. Hope everybodys having a good time. Shelley,when you get home we will go down Louis Dorges and get some fresh buffalo tail. lol Temps been about 32f. melting slowly Looking foreward for more pictures.
    Take care everyone LOVE MOM/ARNIE/GRIZZ

  20. Hey franczyks…Glad to hear you guys are doing great, and we wish we could have seen the moon walk..I mean moron walk….love michelle P.S- your dogs are fine!
    Hi chris and kelly!! It was great seeing all the pictures of everyone and the kids. Kelly you look like you are working hard and getting back into the swing of it, you must take after your mother!! Chris, I would have found a rock had I been there, but as long as the kids enjoyed it..thats all that matters…Keep up the good work! love mom and wife

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